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TWO TNT = HOT (Part 1)

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
A Trey Songz Fiction Series
Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Man my twin brother Trevor is my best friend. I can’t say enough how I’m grateful for him. He saved my life. When we were younger our parents took us to the beach over the summer. We was bout ten this particular time. I just knew I was invincible. My moms kept telling me to keep my life jacket on. Man I was hot so that’s why I kept taking it off but she kept telling me if I wanted to stay in the water I had to keep it on. Well she was too busy talking to a friend of hers and took her eyes off of us for a moment. Trevor told me I better put it back on. I laughed at him. The next thing I know a wave came crashing in and knocked my ass under. Trevor saw it and was able to pull me inland before I was carried away.


When I came too my mom snapped. You would’ve thought a brutha woulda got some sympathy and happy her son didn’t drown. Shid! She was the complete opposite. First she whipped my ass for not listening then she punished me. I didn’t think I was ever gonna get off. I was thankful to my brutha doe. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t of been here. He clowned me big time after that. We tight as can be doe. People that grew up wit us don’t even call us by our names sometimes, we’re referred to as T squared. You wouldn’t see Trev without seeing me. It’s gotten a little tougher since we’ve gotten older with working ‘n shit but we still try to make some time to hang. It helps too that we got a place together now, so even though sometimes we may not get to kick it we still get to see each other.


The only issues we have with that is the ladies. Sometimes when I answer the door at first notice they think I’m Trev and sometimes me him. I have to admit we do exemplify the word identical. In looks only. I got more tats then Trev but with sleeves on you wouldn’t notice the difference. Me and Trev’s personalities are pretty close, but believe me we different. For instance he’s a sloppy mofucker. I be feeling like Benson n’ shit wit this nigga. But I got my flaws too. I hate doing laundry. Can’t sit still long enough to take the time to do it. I been done  brought some new shit before I washed something. I’m always eating up his food he bring in here too. He always getting free food from some of his bitches and bringing it in the house. He should know how I am by now wit dat. But that’s my nigga doe. I love ‘em to death. I’ll do anything for dat cat just like he’ll do for me and has done for me. We’ll always have each other’s back no matter what. No broads, no niggas, and no bullshit has come between us to this day and I hope it’ll always remain that way. I’m sure it will doe we have too much fun for it not too. Tonight’s gonna be one of those nights where both of us will be having dates. Man…here we go again.


Trev: “Trey man what time Cocoa gone be here?”


Trey: “She on her way. What about Dawn?”


Trev: “She suppose to be on her way too.”


Trey: “Trev…tell me you cleaned the bathroom man.”


Trev: “I did. Nigga go look at it you so concerned.”


Trey: “I’ll do dat. Does she know you got an identical twin this time? I‘m tired of ya girls lookin at me all goofy n’shit.”


Trev: “No. I didn’t get a chance to tell her. Man we weren’t even talking that in depth at the time. Shit you talkin bout me Cocoa know?”


Trey: “Yeah but she ain‘t believe me. I made a bet wit her too so don‘t come knocking on my door tonight.”


Then there was a knock on the door. I got up to answer it. It was my date Cocoa. I invited her in. Trev must’ve went in the kitchen or somewhere because he wasn’t around anymore. Cocoa was a girl I met one day when I was at the mall. She was sitting at one of the tables in the food court with her friends but it was her that I wanted. I was about to get in line to get some food when I noticed her going to dump her trash away. I decided to make my presence felt and talk to her. She tried to play hard to get and like she wasn’t interested at first but when she saw how I wasn’t gonna take no for an answer she gave in to me. Now I got her coming over. I gave her a nice lil hug and a kiss after she came in. I was definitely ready to get the nights festivities started.


Cocoa: “Damn it’s cold out there.”


Trey: “Baby that’s why I’m here to warm you up.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around me.


Cocoa: “Well start now because my body is so cold.” Suddenly Trevor comes walking out of the kitchen. Cocoa notices him. “Oh my God! You weren’t lying!”


Trey: “I told yo ass! That’s my brother Trevor.” She let me go and walked over to him staring him in his face.


Trev: “Yo girl whatchu doing?” Trevor ended up moving away from her.


Cocoa: “Oh my God! You sound just like him too.”


Trev: “Nah he sounds like me. I’m older.”


Trey: “Nigga by ten seconds.”


Cocoa: “Damn! I can’t stop looking at either one of you.”


Trey: “Yo ass better. You came here to see me not him. We may have the same features but best believe he ain‘t me.”


Cocoa: “I’m sorry Trey. I mean I thought you were attractive already but then for it to be two of you…I’m sorry I’m just…I feel like I’m in a fucking fantasy.”


Now me and Trevor looking at each other knowing she’ll fuck both of us. Once Dawn arrived she did the same thing. It never surprises me anymore how the ladies react once they find out it’s two of us. Sometimes it’s a gift and a curse. His girls be tryna push up on me and mine him. Sometimes it’s even at the same time, but we don’t roll like dat. That was stuff we use to do as kids but now that we’re older we want our own girls. Our taste in women ain’t the same anymore anyway. Until this particular time. Trev was due to go on a date but called me up.


Trev: “Yo Trey!”


Trey: “What’s up?”


Trev: “I need you to do me a favor man.”


Trey: “What?”


Trev: “I’m suppose to be meetin up wit this honey named Michelle tonight but I’ma be late. She spose to be coming by the crib. I need you to be there to let her in and just tell her I’ll be on my way.”


Trey: “Alright man. What time she coming through?”


Trev: “I told her I should be home around 11:00 pm so probably around that time.”


Trey: “Alright nigga she better be here by then because I got my own plans tonight so I’m not gone sit around here long.”


Trev: “Just do dat for me. I left her a message letting her know it’s a possibility that she might get there before me but my brother will be there to let her in so…”


Trey: “Oh so you already knew I was gone say yeah.”


Trev: “I know whatchu gone say sometimes before you do.”


Trey: “Yeah ight nigga. Hurry up and bring yo ass home. I ain’t waiting all night.”




It was 11:10 and this girl or Trev wasn’t here yet. That was it for me. I was bout to go. As soon as I opened up the door this vision of beauty was standing in the doorway. Her eyes were the first thing to catch my attention. They were gray. Then when she smiled happy to see me thinking I was Trev obviously, that was the next thing that got me. Beautiful teeth shining through accompanied with some enticing lips.


Michelle: “I see you made it home before I got here after all.” Then she touches the leather flap on my jacket. “Don’t you look handsome tonight.”


I didn’t even know what to say to her. She was thinking I was Trevor. Part of me wanted to tell her who I was but the man in me didn’t wanna say a word.


Trey: Thanks! You look like fire right now. I’m scared to get too close.”


Michelle: “Well are you going to invite me in?”


Trey: “Oh I’m sorry.”


I moved to the side so she could come in. I watched her body as she walked by me. It was so sexy. She was making me sweat. Her fragrance was compelling, her body was banging. Just enough of everything in all the right places. She had legs for days. All I could imagine was them up on my neck and me in between them. That’s just how this girl had me feeling. The funny thing is me and Trev’s taste in women haven’t been the same in a long time. But tonight after seeing her…I couldn’t believe I was actually digging my brothers girl…