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Heart Attack – Part 1

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

A Trey Songz Story

Written By: Shay (Shay_Bae89)

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Madison (M): “I love you.. And I want to make this work!”


Her words echoed over and over again in his head as he

contemplated telling the woman he loved that he’d



Trey (T): “I want the same… but there’s something I need

to get off my chest…”


M: “What is it Trey?”


As Madison stood there with concern, worry, and

heartache exuding from her eyes Trey was at a loss for

words. He couldn’t bring himself to tell the woman that

he loved that he’d been unfaithful.


T: “…. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for being an ass

and letting my ego get in the way of our relationship.

Baby I never wanna feel the pain I’ve felt these past

couple of days again. I’m lost without you…”


As he grasped her face into his hands tears fell from her

eyes. Trey kissed her tears away and embraced her in

his arms tightly until her sobs subsided…


M: “Trey you know I love and care about you deeply, but

from now on baby we have to be honest with each other.

Trust and communication is everything ok? Promise me.”


A bullet to the head would’ve been alot less painful than

the words that came out of Madison’s mouth at that

point in time. Trey’s heart sunk to the depths of his soul

as he conjured up a response to her plea.


T: “I agree baby… Trust, communication, and honesty.”


M: “Pinky promise…” *holds her pinky out*


T: “It’s a promise…” *locks pinky with hers*


Trey felt like a bigger asshole than Kanye West… He

couldn’t take it any longer, he had to tell Madison the



T: “Ummmm… Madison… I…”


M: “Shhhhhh! *places her finger on his lips* We have a

lot of making up to do boo.” *naughty grin*


As Madison led the way Trey couldn’t shake the guilt

from his backsliding moment with Desireé. She wasted

no time ripping his clothes off and kissing him

passionately. He was stunned as she hopped into his

arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. As she

sucked and bit on his neck he let all inhibitions go as he

carried her into the bathroom. Trey sat Madison on the

bathroom counter and slowly slipped her dress off

revealing her bra but no panties…


T: “So you just knew things were gon go yo way huh?”



M: “Yes… I was hoping.” *winks*


Trey snapped her bra off with one magic touch as it fell

to the floor. He stepped back to admire the beauty of

this woman, he was in awe.


T: “Baby your body is a blessing…” *bites lip*


M: “Quoting your songs I see…” *smirks*


T: *laughs* “But I’m serious though… You’re beautiful.”


M: *blushes* “Thank you…”


As her cheeks turned rosy and her head lowered Trey

tilted her chin up and savored her bottom lip. He slowly

pushed his tongue in deep to explore hers. As their lips

and tongues intertwined they were lost in an abyss of

passion. She let out a slight moan as his kisses moved

from her lips to her neck. The nibbling and sucking began

to drive her crazy as she gripped her legs tightly around

his waist. Trey moved his trail of kisses down to her

breasts, stomach, pelvic bone, to the inside of her thighs.

Madison gasped as the heat from his breath and tongue

explored her love. As she rubbed the back of his head

Trey’s agenda was to make up for all his dirt.


Before she reached her climax he stopped and picked

her up off the counter. As he put her inside the shower

he finished removing his jeans and Ralph Laurens before

turning on the water. Water cascades over Madison’s

body as Trey climbs into the shower holding her in his

arms. He grabs her face and kisses her deeply before

turning her around and bending her over. Madison had

no time to react as Trey plunged into her ocean. His

thrusts were slow and deep, fast and quick; her body

was pleading for more. Just as she was about to explode

Trey pulled out, picked her up, and plunged back inside

her. As her legs gripped his waist and back she threw

her head back in pleasure. Water splashed all over their

bodies as they moved in unison. Slow, deep… Fast… quick,

the rhythm continued til Madison exploded in a pool of

passion. Watching her sent Trey over the edge as he

pulled out and released his pleasure.


After a long hot shower there they laid… As Trey watched

Madison sleep in his arms he couldn’t help but think of

everything that led up to this point. Even after all the

bullshit, all the women, all the fuck ups he was more in

love with her than ever before. What he felt making love

to Madison he never felt with Desireé, even when they

were together. But the problem still loomed that he

slept with D, now he had to deal with it. He took a mental

note and made a decision that he would have a talk with

Madison. Trey planted a kiss on her forehead and began

drifting off to sleep but a incoming text hindered that…


*Message from Desireé*


D: “We need to talk!”


T: *under his breath* “Fuck!”