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2TNT=2HOT (Part 5)

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Take Me Back

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Today I was going to be meeting up with Tracy after work so we could talk. I told Michelle this and she wanted to know where I was going to see her. I wasn’t really sure at the time so I told her I wouldn’t know until I spoke to her again once I got off. I don’t think it really mattered where it was as far as she was concerned. She didn’t want me nowhere near her truthfully, but she knew this was coming so she didn’t give me a hard time about it. I told her I would come over her house afterwards so to be expecting me. I called Tracy to find out where she was once I was done. She had given me her number when I walked her to her car the night she came to the shop. She told me she was at her crib and asked me if I could just come there. Once I got there this girl came to the door in a black teddy with a short silk robe on. Then she poses in the doorway.


Tracy: “You like?”


Trey: “Girl what’s wrong witchu?” I closed her robe and eased her out of the doorway. Then I shut the door.


Tracy: “Don’t act like you never saw this body before Trey.”


Trey: “I’m still tryna figure out why you showing it.” I’m steady staring at her. Her body has always been beautiful, but now was not the time to be putting it out on display. “I can’t talk to you while you dressed like this. I’ma need you to put some clothes on or something.”


Tracy: “Are you serious?”


I looked around and noticed she had the lighting dim with candles lit and soft music playing.


Trey: “Tracy this is not why I came over here and you know it. I really am here just so we can talk so uh if you want that to happen baby you gone hafta cover up or I’ma hafta go.”


She grabs on my body pulling me into her rubbing on me and tryna kiss my face. I moved it away.


Trey: “Tracy don’t do this to yaself.” She freezes and looks at me. I thought she was gonna listen for a minute since my expression was serious and my body language wasn’t feeling her. I was wrong. She continuted to grab a hold of my shirt pulling herself into me pleading as she held on.


Tracy: “Trey please take me back. I love you so much and I wanna prove it to you. Give me another chance. Just let me make love to you. Don’t you wanna remember how we use to feel to each other? How we…”


She looks at my hands since I interrupt her ranting by gripping her arms pulling her away from my body, but still holding her in front of me.


Trey: “Nah…I can’t…look can you stop?” I finally have her attention. “I really need for you to stop this and listen to what I came over here to say to you.”


Tracylong pause while she stares at me “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be doing this to you.” I let her go. She gathers herself and slowly walks to take a seat on her couch. I sat in the chair beside it.


Trey: “I been thinking and I just want you to know that this is not an easy thing for me to say to you.”


Tracy: “Then let me go first. Trey I have lived with regret when it comes to you for a long time. These feelings that I’ve been carrying around for you have been eating me alive. I can’t sleep like I use to or concentrate on the things that I should be concentrating on without thoughts of you entering my mind. I was so foolish. I don‘t know what I was so afraid of when we were together. You were the best boyfriend turned fiancée that a girl could of asked for. I mean you were different for me. Things were easy something I wasn‘t use to from a guy and…”


I had to interrupt.


Trey: “Yet I still wasn’t good enough.”


Tracy: “You were good enough Trey.”


Trey: “No…I wasn’t, because if I was you would be my wife right now. You had me waiting for something that you knew was never gonna happen. Why?”


Tracy: “Trey you gotta believe me when I say that I never planned on not marrying you at all. I’ve never felt for any other man in my life the way I feel about you. When you asked me to marry you at the time I said yes because it was what I really wanted. It felt right. Things were going so good between us. You were so sure about our future that I believed in it too. Then doors started opening as far as my acting and things were starting to move along bit by bit. I started to wonder how was I gonna plan a wedding and be your wife when I’m just learning the art of my craft. I guess I panicked and after some time said I couldn’t.”


Trey: “Right! Because you couldn’t possibly share your love for your career and be a wife to me too. That’s just impossible for a person to do. I guess whatchu were feeling for me started to become an inconvenience cause it damn sure wasn’t love.”


Tracy: “I just didn’t know how I was going to balance it all at that time Trey. When I said I couldn’t I didn’t mean not ever it just meant not right now, but you didn’t want to hear that. I had every intention of being your wife but every time you would question me about setting a date early on I felt like I was being pressured when you already knew that you had me.”


Trey: “Did I really have you Tracy? You may have been there physically but you damn sure weren’t there emotionally like I thought you were. Things always sounded good doe saying shit like “Baby I love you and I can’t wait to be your wife or baby I want our wedding day to be so perfect. Give me a little more time to set a date” so I waited…I waited and waited…then it always would be something else to wait for. I realized you were just making up excuses and the only reason that I could come up with was that you really didn’t love me.”


Tracy: “Trey that’s not true! I loved you the best I knew how. To me what I was showing you was love, but the truth of the matter is I was so blinded by my own insecurities and struggles with love that I really didn’t know how to love. How to love hard and with so much passion like you do, but I really cared. I cared about you so much. I knew my life was better because you were apart of it, but I didn’t know how to still be there for you and the demands of my career. Things may have started to become a bit much, but Trey I never stopped caring about you. I just never realized what I had with you until it was too late. Until you had gone because of my stupidity in letting you go, which left me with nothing but this empty space. One that hasn’t been filled since you’ve been gone. I’m so sorry that I never really knew what I had with you Trey. I mean I knew what we had was good, but what I should of saw was what we had was great, but now I do. I can see that now. You’ve taught me what it is to love and it’s a lesson I seem to be learning the hard way.”


Trey: “I guess that’s too bad then because I’m actually with someone who knows what she has with me Tracy and I know what I have with her. I’m really sorry you couldn’t see that, but you’re right it’s too late.” I stood up. “I wish you all the best with your career and your move to LA, but I’m sorry to tell you it’s gonna have to be without me. I can’t come back.”


In that instant she put her hand over her mouth and broke down and cried. I sat down beside her and tried to comfort her the best I could. She let me put my arms around her but she never embraced me back. She just cried in my arms. I really didn’t know what else to say to her especially since I couldn’t tell her what she wanted to hear. After a few minutes she got herself together. She got up, grabbed some tissues and started drying her face off. Then once she was straight she came over to me. I stood back up.


Tracy: “I really wish things could of been different between us. I know you’re gonna make her very happy…tears fall again…because you did that for me. I just want you to know Trey that I may not have known how to love you then, but I do love you now with all my heart and I will never forget what we had together. Michelle is really a lucky woman. I only hope to be that lucky again someday.” As she’s looking at me she leans in slowly lifting her head till finally her lips lightly touch mine for a kiss. I stood in place. I let her kiss me, but it would be for the last time. I gave Tracy a hug, told her goodbye and left.




Trev was on his way home from work when he received another text message. It read: Just give me the green light and I’ll make sure all your wildest fantasies become a realitycum to me babycum to me…When he read it this time he knew exactly who it was from. He decided to make a quick stop. He walked up to her house and knocked on the door. When she opened it he collard her up right in her doorway walking her backwards until he was inside and kicked the door shut. He stood by it with her body strung up in his hands looking her dead in the face.


Trev: “You know how much shit you could of caused me sending all this bullshit?”


Sheena: “Get off me!” Sheena tries to escape his hold.


Trev: “Fuck no! You been getting a kick out of playing around on my phone haven’t you?”


Sheena: “Trevor let me go!” She still tries to wiggle loose.


Trev: “You didn’t think I was gonna figure it out though did you?”


Sheena: “I don’t know what you’re talking about…she screams…let me go!”


Trev: “I’ma tell you for that last time to quit fucking wit me. It’s over! I don’t want nothing else to do wit ya ass you got it?”


Sheena: “But why? What did I do?” Trev shoves her up against the wall.


Trev: “Oh so you tryna act like you ain’t the one that’s been sending that shit to me?”


Sheena: “Okay! It was me! I did it! I just miss having sex with you. I miss you Trevor.” He finally let her go.


Trev: “You think after you done showed ya ass that I would still want anything to do witchu?”


Sheena: “I know what I did was wrong but you were with that girl. You were suppose to be with me that night.”


Trev: “I was suppose to do what? I wasn’t suppose to be wit nobody.”


Sheena: “Okay but I really wanted to be with you. I still do. Please Trevor! It don’t have to be anything serious between us I just want to continue having sex with you. I don’t care if you don’t want me just don’t completely cut me off.” She grabs his arm. “I really miss you.” Trev yanks it away.


Trev: “Sheena you’d be the last person I’d think about fucking again…points…You fucked up. That’s it. I’m done.”


Sheena: “But I’m sorry! You can’t forget about it this one time and reconsider? Trevor please! I’m begging you. I’ve paid long enough. I wanna see you again.” She touches him once more leaning into him and cupping his dick through his pants getting in a few rubs. He watched her for a minute. “I want you. Let me make you feel good baby. You can‘t tell me as I’m touching you right now that you don‘t miss this.”


Trev pushed her away from him. Her body flung back up against the wall.


Trev: “Lose my number. You text my phone again that’s ya ass and that’s a promise.”


Then Trev left. He really hoped Sheena would take heed and leave him alone. He felt bad that he had to be so harsh wit her but he knew dealing wit her he couldn’t be any other way if he wanted her to listen. As he was driving he decided to go talk to Michelle. He felt it was time to get what he needed to say to her off his chest. After dealing with Sheena he was ready to tackle what ever it was he had been feeling for her. Little did he know I was on my way over there too. Michelle was surprised to see Trev at her door. She was home alone at the time since Myah had went to the store.


Michelle: “Trevor what are you doing here? Please tell me Trey’s alright?”


Trev: “Yeah Trey’s fine.”


Michelle: “Oh thank God. Come in.”


Trev: “I just needed to talk to you about something. Are we alone?”


Michelle: “Yeah Myah’s at the grocery store but she’ll be back shortly. What‘s up?”


They both have a seat.


Trev: “I can’t stop thinking about you Michelle.” She was completely caught off guard.


Michelle: “Huh?” Then she puts her hand up. “Wait a minute Trevor let me stop you right there…”


Trev: “No man I needa…” She cuts him off.


Michelle: “NO!” She stands up. “I won’t let you do this to your brother. Whatever this is you think you’re feeling for me let it go. You have Chante and a baby on the way so I suggest you walk out of here and act like none of this ever happened.”


Trev: “Maybe I can’t just let it go. If I could do you think I would be here?”


Michelle: “What good do you think coming here and telling me any of this is gonna do? I love Trey. You’re with Chante.”


Trev: “Then why am I wanting you?” That question made Michelle sit back down and really talk to him.


Michelle: “Did it ever occur to you that maybe all of this is because of the way things happened with me, you and your brother? Trevor I’m really sorry that I didn’t know it wasn’t you that night. I never meant for any of that to happen that way, but if you think about it, it all worked out for all of us. I don’t know if I would have been able to handle finding out that you were going to be a father if things had worked out for us. We also might not have ended up being friends like we’re trying to be right now. I don’t know Chante too well, but that day I opened up my mouth about Myah I could tell that really hurt her, which means she really loves you. She has to if you two are still seeing each other and then as upset as you were with me that day you gotta love her too. Don’t do this to her Trevor or Trey. Just go home.”


Trev: “So it’s like dat? You just gone put a nigga out after he done expressed his feelings n’shit?”


Michelle: “I am if you’re here to sabotage what you have with Chante and what I have with Trey. For Gods sake you and Trey are back on track with your relationship. Don’t you even care about that?”


Trev: “Of course I care, but lately it’s not easy being around you. It’s not like I wanna be thinking about my brothers girl. I don’t know what da fucks goin on. I was good up until I had that dream about you.”


Michelle: “See! That’s all it is just something that brought up old emotions that were never resolved with us. Maybe now it is.”


Trev: “Yeah…maybe…chuckles…Now that I sit here and think about it I do feel kinda foolish for even saying shit, but you’re right. I don’t really wanna stir  up nothing again.”


Michelle: “Good.”


Trev: “But you really wouldn’t of been able to handle it if we were together and I told you I just found out I had a baby on the way?”


Michelle: “No! And Lord knows I better not find out that ya brother has some hidden children somewhere. A fiancée was bad enough.” Trev laughs then Michelle smiles. “So we’ll keep this between us?”


Trev: “Yeah…thanks. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable wit all this.”


Michelle: “Aye…I’m fine. No harm done.”


Trev: “A’ight cool. I guess I better go.”


Michelle and Trev got up and gave each other a hug. I walked in on it staring at the two of them wondering what the fucks goin on…