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Forever Yours

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Forever Yours

A Trey Songz Story

Written by Tricia (@GimmeUnusual)

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I stood in the doorway with my hip propped up against the frame and my arms folded across my chest watching him move. And boy did I love the way he moved. A Picasso in motion. He had two red wine glasses strategically placed between the fingers of one hand as the other hand lifted the bottle of Merlot and filled the base of the glasses.


My lips began to crease at the corners. He made me feel like a teenager, all giddy and lively. Often times I found myself blushing just from the way he looked at me. And he was warm…his best feature by far.


He turned on his heels to head back into the bedroom when he spotted me.


“Whatchu doin’ outta bed?” he asked with a seductive smile.


I parted my lips to answer but his mouth seized my lips rendering me speechless. I took his face in my hands and kissed him passionately in return. When our lips parted, he left his forehead connected to mine as we locked eyes. We had only been seeing each other for a month but every time we came together, it was as though we were rolling around in a field of dandelions, lip-locked while doves floated above our heads making heart-shaped silhouettes. He was what dreams were made of. He heightened each and every one of my senses…his taste…his smell…his touch…his voice…and the chemical reaction that formed in my body whenever I laid eyes on him…C7H5N3O6…KABOOM!!! EXPLOSIVE!


He pulled his forehead away and held up a glass for me to take. I took it and allowed him to guide me by the small of my back into the bedroom. When we got near the bed I turned around to face him. He held his glass up in the air to make a toast and I mimicked his action. “To tonight and making it just as beautiful as my girl.”


SHIT! I tried but I couldn’t conceal the big ass smile that pulled at the seams of my lips. It spread across my entire face, so much so that I could feel the narrowing of my eyes.  HE CLAIMED ME! YES!!! I put the glass up to my mouth to hide my wide smile but it was unmistakable.


He chuckled and tried to tap his glass to mine while I had it up to my lips. It was just the momentary reprieve I needed to pull myself together. We clanked glasses and sipped.


He made me giggle when he pulled me close and rocked me side to side as he hummed a tune. I took his glass and set both of our glasses on the nightstand. I needed both his arms around me and he granted me my wish immediately. His hands came around to my back, rubbing, grabbing, and squeezing me tightly. I placed my head against his naked chest, listening to the drumming of his heartbeat. He unexpectedly pushed me away by my right hip and twirled me around. Then he pulled me back in and dipped me low. He held me down and nibbled on my neck. His beard tickled my neck making me laugh and squirm in his arms.


When we both stood back up and made eye contact again, his smile had melted away. His fiery eyes were smoldering. He had me entrenched, ready to dive into the flames.


I took a step back and his arms unraveled around me. He took a step back too…looking me up and down like he was king lion and I was the antelope. Then he cocked that crooked smile at me.


“Whatchu gone do? Buss a move,” he grinned.


I moved my hand to my pussy and made a circular motion over it, and then I lightly tapped on the center of it…Bullseye. “This here got your name on it,” I grinned.

“Might be forged, let me read the fine print,” he said as he lifted my night shirt to look at my bare pussy. “Says THEY on it,” he laughed.

“Get the fuck outta here. It says TREY nigga!” I refuted as I pushed his face from near me. “It’s a collector’s piece, and you won it but now I’m wondering if you deserve it or not.”

“Well Imma need to hear the specs on it to see if I even want it. You might can keep it!”

I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted, “It’s barely used, almost new, a classic, timeless piece…you don’t have…”

“Oh so you admit that it’s old huh?”

“Shut up Trey!” we both laughed but then I went right back to pouting. “It’s not that much older than you,” I retorted. I didn’t have a good comeback for that.


He put his arms back around my waist. “Girl, you know you got that bomb shit that bomb shit,” he sang. Then he rocked back and forth, swerving up and down all up in my face as he hugged my hips and sang. I just stood there with my arms folded, slightly amused.


“I love your pussy,” he said. “And since you put my name on it that means it’s mine. So you bet not ever give my good lovin’ away or Imma go ape shit in this bitch.”


He unfolded my arms and I let them fall to the center of his chest.


“I won’t,” I said.

“It’s mines?”

“It’s yours.”

“Forever mines?”

“Forever yours.”


In one swift move he lifted me straight up from the ground and tossed me on the bed. My night shirt flew up in the midst, uncovering my naked pussy. I began to pull it down but he moved my hands and then lifted my thighs in the air. I immediately felt his wet, warm tongue begin to bathe my pussy. His tongue stroked me up and down. I loved how it maneuvered in between all my spaces, leaving me moist. I wished I could have his tongue on all my spaces at once. Every inch he moved, the place he left behind longed for another licking.


His fingers replaced his tongue. I glanced down at him and he was looking back at me.


“How dat feel?” he asked as his hands continued to manipulate my clit.

He was moving his hand so fast that I couldn’t catch my breath long enough to respond. I let my head fall back on the bed as I let out a heavy breath coupled with a long groan.

“AHHHHHH!” I screamed as my ass lifted off the bed. My legs began to tremble and before I knew it I was cumming in his face.


While my ass was raised he had the opportunity to palm my ass. With no free hands as I rested my backside down, he was forced to grub again. He licked my cum up…pushing his tongue inside my pussy…slurping…and eating it up. He made my pelvis rock…the waves to my boat. He had me going under. In a split second I was cumming again…this time so hard that I backed away from him.


When I opened my eyes he was wiping my juices from around his mouth. He pulled down his boxer-briefs and like a spring his iron pipe popped out. He was already ready for me. He reached for a condom on the nightstand, ripping it open with his teeth and applying it. I laid there out of breath just watching him. Mmmm the way he moved…


He looked at me…watching me as I watched him before he let go a smile. I smiled a naughty smile in return.


“I already know how you like it but tonight I want you to tell me how you want me to stroke it,” he said. “Should I breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, doggy paddle, or do you want me to just dive in it? Whatchu want girl?”


I couldn’t wrap my mind around him. I covered my mouth as I giggled like a school kid. The shit that came out his mouth sometimes befuddled me. He just looked at me…waiting for a response.

“You better tell me fast before you be digging me out ya ass.”

I hit him on the chest, “Ewww Trey!”

He laughed but then quickly turned serious again…waiting.

“I want you to freestyle,” I finally said with a grin.

“Cheatin’ ass,” he said as he slowly filled me. My eyes closed simultaneously as my pussy closed around his dick. He slowly stroked it in…and out. In and out. With each entrance he dove a little bit further. He was trying to dig me out. I tried to put my legs down so I could lesson the length of his pipe but he shoved them back up, placing them on his shoulders.


The car alarm that was going off in the background was a low hum in comparison to my moans. Trey was working all the kinks out.


He took the leg resting on his left shoulder and moved it to his right shoulder beside my other leg. He groaned, tilting his head to the side as he readjusted to the feeling of my pussy closing tighter around him. I made sure in that moment I squeezed my pussy muscles just a little tighter.


His face scrunched up and he eased his eyes open to look at me. My grin gave me away. “Barely used…see.”


He burst out laughing. “Well you can get ready to put a lemon sign on it because I’m bout to make ya shit backfire and clunk out.” As he said it, he pumped me hard enough to cause some slight discomfort.


“Oww Trey…don’t hurt me.”

“Aight…I’m sorry. You good?”


I remained silent, looking at him. He spread my legs back apart, letting them fall to the side as he lied flat on top of me. He kissed my lips softly and then moved over and down to my neck. He began to move again, circling warmly inside of me. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and drew him in. Being that close to him made me so high. I wanted to intravenously shoot him up…take him to the head…inhale him…I had it bad. He took my body to heights no one else ever could. Vandalizing and punishing me with addiction…I was on the verge of overdosing.


My body rocked violently as I began to build up a strong tolerance for his love. The throaty shrills that came from my mouth was enough to cause worry. He slowed but I was already there. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I shuddered and came.


It took a moment before I opened my eyes and when I did all I saw was his panic-stricken face.


“Damn girl. Fuck the neighbors…does Ecuador know my name?”

“I couldn’t help it. You did that.”

“Mmm yea. Well can I get my nut in shit? You hoggin up all the ‘nuts’ float’n round here. Can I get one?”

“I need a minute.”

“Aw hell naw. You just got 3 nuts in…and I didn’t make you wait for either of em.”

“I got something for you.”


I rolled him over onto his back and shimmied down to his waist. “Now Imma put my name on it.”


I removed the condom and took him into my mouth. I licked around the head and then went up and down his long shaft. I made sure I wet up his entire dick, running my tongue all around it. Then I went back to the head and began to etch my name on it. K-E-L-L-Y. After I traced it in, I sucked on the tip of his dick for a bit. And just in case it was missed by any of these stumbling hoes out here, I had to write it on his shaft too…this time more specific…K-E-L-L-Y   T-R-E-N-E   R-O-W-L-A-N-D. No mistaking whose it is now. When I was done, I notarized that shit…sealing it with a kiss. I went back to sucking on it and soon Trey was grabbing my hair and pulling on it. His body was stiffening, preparing to explode. He groaned as I worked his dick with my mouth and his balls with my hand. The force of his grip tightened…


“UUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he yelled as he sprung up and leaked it all out. He jerked and dribbled.


I lied on his stomach, giving him a minute to catch his breath. He lied with his eyes closed, beginning to breathe regularly. Finally he opened his eyes to look at my smiling face.

“Did you put your name on it?” he asked.

“I sure did.”

“I know…spelt that shit all the way out. So what you think it’s yours or somethin?”

“Hell yea. Ain’t it mine?,” I asked as I held up my balled up fist.

He laughed. “Hmmm…I’ll think about it.”

“What??? Don’t make me Lorena Bobbit you!”

“Aye girl…dat shit ain’t funny.”

“Well I’m calling rank…as your girl, I demand for it to be mine.”

Trey looked at me with smiling eyes.

“I see you caught that.”

“Tell me it’s mines baby.”

He kissed me on the tip of my nose, “Its yours.”

“Forever mine?”

“Forever yours.”