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Flatline – Part 1 ( Every Year Every Christmas)

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

A Trey Songz Story

Written By AJ (LadyAJ03)

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 Christmas Eve was always their time of year and Trey couldn’t see this year being any different. TJ turned 5 and the twins, Kayla and Kaya, were on their way to 4. They all smiled while walking toward Mumma April’s door all dressed in red and black like he was, matching dresses for the girls and matching suits for him and his little man.

Mumma April: Stop! I want to get all four of you outside! So cute!

Trey: Mumma it’s cold tho!

Mumma: Boy hush and smile! *snaps three photos* How are my little divas and my handsome man!

TJ: Grumma I bought you a present!

Mumma April: well lets get inside so I can see what it is!

Trey: Naw…you know the rule…no opening presents until Christmas.

Mumma April: (Laughs) See…you got me caught!

Everything seemed do busy inside. TJ and the girls ran off to find the tree and aunts, uncles, and cousins seemed to flash from room to room while Trey stared out the window at the snow that had fallen that morning. It looked like a beautiful, pure, untouched quilt covering the back yard. Memories of TJ’s first snowball fight made him smile. He could still see Alyssa’s face when she decided to team up and take him down and the way she made him surrender to TJ and make a snow angel for protection.

Mumma April: Tremaine…I’m proud of you.

Trey: For what?

Mumma April: For holding it together with them…

Trey: Yeah…well I have to go for a minute I’ll be back.

Mumma April: Where do you think you are going? We have so many people coming in…now is not the time for a disappearing act.

Trey: I’ll be back I promise…I just have to go do something.

Kissing her cheek, Trey headed back toward his car, still staring at the winter wonderland that surrounded him. Alyssa was all he could think about. They made a promise so he had to hold up his end.

Reaching for his car door he forced another smile as Buggz walked over to him after exiting his own vehicle.

Buggz: Wassup?

Trey: I’m gon be back.

Buggz: Where you going? Do you need me to come with you?

Trey: I’m good. I’ll be right back.

Buggz: You sure you cool man?

Trey’s head turned as we opened the car door and hopped inside pretending not to hear the question he didn’t have an answer to. Turning the music up he pulled off and headed for the spot where she promised to see him again.

The beach house was empty. The usual holiday cheer was absent because Trey refused to decorate without her. The memory book she made for him was still on the desk of his study where she left it, he never found it. The pages were filled with their love story…letters they wrote…photos and even a rose she saved from their wedding day. They were soulmates still and she longed to see him walk through the door looking for her. It had been exactly a year since they were together, alone, at the beach house. Every year they spent Christmas Eve together and she hoped that he planned to keep that promise, even with things being so different. She couldn’t wait for him to open the book, hoping that he would find it this time.

Trey walked in and nearly fell to the floor. His heart hurt. He remembered. This was where they said “See you later” because they couldn’t say goodbye. The tears fell and he moved from room to room remembering moments they shared, waiting to feel her embrace again. The door turned behind him and he jumped out of his skin only to see Buggz in the doorway.

Buggz: I followed you.

Trey: I told you I would be back. I need to be here first.

Buggz: I knew you wasn’t good…man I’m here…

Trey: I’m good…

Buggz: You been my nigga way too long….I know you ain’t good…

Trey: I made a promise…

Buggz: To who?

Trey: To Alyssa…I told her I would be here…she’ll be here…

Buggz: We both know she can’t be here anymore…

Trey: Look…you were not there…so I don’t expect you to understand…

Buggz: (Grabbing him into a hug) She’s not coming back dog… She’s gone…

Trey: You my nigga but I need to to leave me…this is something I have to do.

Buggz: I promised you I would have your back…that’s why I’m here…

Trey: I need you to leave…that’s how you have my back…

Buggz: I’ll just wait here with you then.

Trey: Go to my Mumma’s where you belong. Be there with them…with TJ and my girls…I need to be with her…

Buggz: Now I really don’t want to go…you not sounding right…it’s only been a year you shouldn’t be alone…

Trey: Kenny.

Buggz: Trey…I gotta look out…

Trey: Kenny. I’m not crazy. I was here a year ago…it was around this time of the day and I was with her. She was in my arms right over there by the fireplace.

Buggz: Trey…

Trey:  We laughed so hard and we cried. She told me I was her soulmate and I told her she will always be the love of my life. She was made just for me…

Buggz: I miss her too…

Trey: *Pouring a drink*  We couldn’t say goodbye. We said see you next year right here. She said it will be like I never left you and I believe her. *Handing a glass to Buggz* Drink with me

Buggz: You don’t need to be fucked up today…The kids…

Trey: Its just one…let me teach  you something…True love will never come back void and love can conquer anything…nothing can separate it…you understand?

Buggz: So you just want to be alone and you promise to come back. I’m not going to have to explain where you are to the kids?

Trey: I’ll be there later but right now I’m where I need to be.

Trey hugged his best friend and watched the door close behind him before heading over to the fireplace where Alyssa took her last breath. Swallowing down what was left in his glass and closing his eyes, he fought hard but the tears began to fall.

Trey: I promised. So I’m here.

Alyssa felt Trey’s heart like she always did. The love connected them. The day she physically left him began to replay in his mind all she could do was watch him and wish he could hear her voice.

Trey: I held you and you just went to sleep so peacefully…I kissed you wishing for you to wake up. I begged you to wake up. I bathed you before I let them take you and I held your hand until I couldn’t anymore. I still love you. I know you are somewhere near because I feel you in my heart. You were always my heartbeat baby. *Pours another drink, takes a sip, and pulls the latest family photo from his pocket* The hardest thing Ive done was take winter family pictures without you. TJ is so smart. He’s teaching the girls how to tie shoes already. I look at the three of them and all I see is you. It’s so hard without you. He says he dreams about you like you are still here…I wish I could dream about you too but then I’d never want to wake up.

Alyssa: Trey…I wish you could hear me.

A cold wind brushed past Trey’s ear that caused him to jump.

Trey: Alyssa

Alyssa: Trey

The cold wind returned bringing him to his feet.  Walking toward the kitchen he stared at the counter and remembered making love to her there and the way he put her on the counter every morning to steal a kiss.

Trey: I miss you….

Walking through the kitchen to the hallway leading to his study he smiled when he opened the door.

Trey: I never go in here. I think we came in here once.

Alyssa: Go inside…

The cold air tickled his ear again and the turned office chair peaked his interest. Throwing his body down onto the chair, Trey looked up and took in a deep breath.

Trey: Everyone says “She’s gone,” but I still feel you with me…maybe it’s because I don’t want to let you go. I never will. As long as I’m here you will be with me. Spinning the chair around he spotted a book in front of him.

Trey:  For Trey…where did this come from?

Picking up the book, Trey noticed a letter slip out of it onto the desk and began to read aloud.

Trey: Tremaine. My soulmate. Merry Christmas baby. It’s so hard to get you a gift so I made this for you. Our story. Our love. We are a gift to each other that will last forever. These pages capture our moments.  Cancer may be taking me physically but nothing will ever separate our souls. If I’m gone before you find this promise me you will never forget that.

Trey closed his eyes before crying out Alyssa’s name. She was there. He felt it.

Trey: *continuing to read* I know the twins are going to make you crazy and TJ reminds me so much of you! You are an amazing father…don’t worry…and when you do…call mom! We’ve survived so much that you should never doubt that we can conquer whatever lies ahead. No matter what I’ll always be with you. Remember everything…cherish the memories…and know that I love you.
Forever and always, Alyssa.

Alyssa smiled. Perfect timing.

Trey: I knew you wouldn’t have me here waiting without showing up. I’m gon leave this book right here in my study and just like I promised I’ll be here…every year. *Blowing a kiss* catch that baby.

Alyssa: Caught it…

Standing to his feet, Trey made his way out, grabbed his coat and started driving. Thinking about how she dressed for Christmas and the way she would kiss his neck as he drove made him smile from ear to ear. She was with him. Pulling up to his Mumma house he headed for the door to announce his return only to be stopped by Buggz again.

Buggz: You still good?

Trey: (Smiling) I’m better than good…Merry Christmas!

Mumma April: You really came back?

Trey: Why wouldn’t I? Merry Christmas Mumma! *Hugs her tightly*

Mumma April: Well you are just in time…your son was getting ready to start off the family tradition. *Leading him to the family circle*

Trey: Go head man…

TJ: Christmas is the day we celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus for coming here for us. We don’t see him but we know he is there just like my mommy and I am greatful for my family.

Kaya: I greatful for Grumma and her necklaces.

Kayla: I greatful for daddy and mommy because she taught me how to paint.

Trey: I’m greatful for life and love. I’m grateful for everybody that is with me in every way and of course we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Christmas.

After everyone in the circle took turns and said grace everyone  lined up to be served dinner and the doorbell rang.

Trey: I thought everybody was here…

Mumma April: Everyone is…

Trey: I’ll get it…

Turning the door handle  Trey pulled back the door and his eyes widened.

Natalie: Great I got the right house. Merry Christmas! Where is my sister?

Trey: Natalie.

Natalie: We had our talk and I understood so I disappeared…but then I lost contact with Mom and I decided enough was enough. Mom ignores my calls but I know Alyssa will forgive me for being so absent and you will just have to deal. Hello? Trey? Where is she?

Trey: We have to talk.