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What’s A Man To Do – Part 2

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Hot Tottie

An Usher Raymond Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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1 year later




“Hey Ursher! Nigga you supposed to be walking in the direction of over there. Man what is you doing?”


“Tip man I’m coming. I had a few distractions along the way, ya know what I‘m saying?”


“Well by all means do ya thang then.  I’ma mind my business and go on back to the table and get us a few bottles going.”


“It’s cool man. I’m coming now. It’s just that I had this lil hottie eyeing me hard a few minutes ago.”


“Then why you ain‘t talking to her?”


“Nah man I’m chillin.”


“Yeah you say that now. Let that lil hottie approach you after you had a few drinks in ya. I bet you won’t be chillin then.”


He had a point. Me, him and Luda had just come from an event in Atlanta that I had for my “Usher’s New Look Foundation.” Having had these guys support meant so much to me. I was so appreciative of their time and willingness to be there for me, tonight was kind of about that; us hanging out with the expenses on me. Luda was already in the mix of things. I noticed when me and Tip got over to the table he was already occupied. The honey he was kicking it with was sweet too. She damn sure caught my eyes. I hollered at my boy interrupting his screening session for a bit then I sat and chilled. This past year with me and Leslie going our separate ways I have to admit it took a toll on my heart. I now have a fuck love attitude; wasn’t interested no more.

It was time for me to just have fun and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’d spend some time with the ladies, skeet a couple off with a chosen few and called it a night. Tonight wasn’t going to be any different…if you were the chosen one. I went ahead and poured myself some “Grey Goose” that was on the table. Our area started getting surrounded with more and more women. I had a few chillin around me. Then I saw her again. The beauty that was eyeing me earlier, but this time she managed to make her way over to our section. She got in. She came and squeezed herself right beside me and had a look like she wished somebody had a problem with it. She crosses her legs and puts her hand on my shoulder.


“Why do I get the feeling that you’re scared of me Usher Raymond?”


“Now why would you think I’d be scared of a pretty lil thing such as yourself?”


“Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’ve been trying to get your complete attention, but you seem to be giving me the cold shoulder.”


smirks “So that’s what you think I’m doing?”


“Then if not, why did it take me coming over and talking to you instead of you coming over to me? I wasn’t trying to be subtle about anything that I’ve done towards you. I wanted your attention.” She puts her lips closely to my ear. “Do you not like what you see?”


“Oh I have a great deal of likeness for what I’m seeing. What’s your name sweetheart?”


“Porsha Reynolds.”


“Well it’s nice to officially meet you Porsha. Would you like a drink?”


“Sure if it’s you.”


chuckles “Ah ha!…okay! I like that. I‘m flattered that I‘m your drink of choice. I see you have good taste.” She seductively whispers in my ear.


“I bet you have a good taste…mmm.” She licks her lips. “Can I experience it?”


This chick was bold, but I liked her forwardness. I needed to feel her out some more. See what else she was talking.


“You wanna know how I taste?”


“How you taste, how you feel, how you fuck, the whole experience of being touched by you.”


“Now why should I give you that experience?”


“Because I promise you‘ll equally enjoy it just as much as I know I would.”


“What makes you so sure I would enjoy it? I mean what could you do to me that would be so different from what any other woman could do to me?”


“For starters I’m not any other woman. I’m Porsha Reynolds a woman you ain’t never had. I’m also a woman who knows what she wants and what you’ll like. You may have just met me, but I feel like I’ve known you most of my life. I want you Usher. I want you to take this Porsha for a ride. Give me a test drive. If I’m not to your liking you don’t have to take a spin with me again. So what do you say? Leave with me.”


“Hmm…sounds tempting, but I on’t know. I think I’m gonna need a little more convincing.”


This chick sticks her leg out and then slowly lifts it up in the air with her toes pointed. Her dress falls scrunching up in her lap. She brings her leg closer to her face, but makes sure it’s in close eye view to me. Talk about being flexible. She takes my hand and drags it down her leg arousing me from her soft smooth skin then landing at her thigh. Then she inches it between them making me touch the outside of her panties. She was wet. She caught everybody’s attention when she did that, but she only cared about mine. When she spoke she mouthed her words very slowly and clearly.


“Again, I want to feel your hands all over me…Porsha.” It was only one thing left for me to do.


“Meet me in the lobby in about 10 minutes.”


I think that whole section knew what was up when they saw me getting up to take care of the bill. I said my goodbyes to Tip and Luda and thanked them again for their support.


“You guys be safe. I’ll talk to ya’ll later.”


“Nigga it looks like you need to be safe. Damn!” Joked Tip.


I was out. When I got to the lobby Porsha was there waiting. Once we hooked back up she followed me to a hotel. She said she’d rather drive anyway because by morning I was going to be the one that wanted to follow her home. I let her talk her shit. It’s only a matter of time before I find out if she’s all that she says she is anyway. I got us a nice little suite. Porsha came in and immediately said she admired my choice of hotels. She also loved the room. I watched her as her eyes roamed all around it. I was taking my jacket off when she swooped in and helped me. Then she threw it on the couch and wraps her arms around me speaking inches from my face.


“Your taste so far has been everything that I’ve expected from you. I can’t wait to experience more.”


She lets me go and walks in the bathroom. I decided to go sit on the bed and start getting comfortable. I took everything off except for my boxers. Porsha still hadn’t come out of the bathroom yet. I figured she was still using it. Then I heard the faint sound of water. I’m thinking she’s at the sink that’s in front of the bathroom and about to come join me, but I still didn’t see her for a minute. I got up and walked over to the door. She didn’t have it shut all the way. I put my hand on it slowly pushing it back.


“Yo!” I see her silhouette through the glass from the shower. “How come I wasn’t invited in?”


She turns off the water and gets out. No towel to cover her. She’s showing all her mocha colored skin. Baby was a hot tottie. I was in awe as I watched the beads of water continuously drip down her body. Her hair was wet. I followed this one particular bead as it dropped from her hair onto her shoulder then down to her breast. She walks over to me and presses her body to mine and rubs her breast up against my chest. Her slippery soft pillows slid on me with ease making her hard nipples tickle my skin. She did this a few times cupping the back of my neck as she French kissed me. My hands grabbed her ass and pushed her pelvis into me letting her feel how hard my dick was from her constant rubbing. Yeah he was ready. I picked her up and carried her over to the bed. She got down before I could lay her body on it. Instead she pushed me on the bed and started pulling off my boxers. I folded my arms behind my head and watched her as she got a good look at what she was working with.


“Don’t fall off.”


“Baby this Porsha can handle riding on mountains. Watch how fast I shift this stick, so you Mr. Raymond just enjoy my ride…”