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Not A Moment Too Soon – Part 3

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

A Trey Songz Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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I sat on the side of the bed with my feet propped up on the bedrail. With my elbows on my knees, I rested my face in the palms of my hands. I laughed out loud recalling the glare in his eyes. I blushed at the thought of his eyes unapologetically ogling at my backside. He had a snide grin that exuded confidence and a slyness to even dare; I was drawn to him. A magnetism that made me crave for more.


Between the warmth in his eyes, the charm behind his smile, and his undeniable attractiveness, he ignited thoughts and fantasies that would make a porn star blush. I liked everything about him…down to his country accent. He was a manly man, the kind played in every country western movie. I bet he could build a fire with two twigs, lasso a bull, and shoot a man in the blink of an eye with the two pistols hanging from his side holsters. Rugged, scruffy, filthy strong hands from working in the field. Five o’clock shadow…sucking on a toothpick…


My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door…


“Sabra, I hope I didn’t make ya feel uncomfortable. I apologize.”

“I’m okay. It’s okay.”

I heard him lean against the door, “It’s just…”


He paused, gathering his thoughts.


He continued, “It’s been a long time since a woman’s been in this house…well and…” He cleared his throat, “Ya purty. Sowry.”

I helplessly smiled, “It’s okay. I…I don’t mind being noticed.” I heard him chuckle. “How long has it been since she passed away?” I asked.

“Foe years come Augus. Ya wanna get dressed an’ help mey ride da last two horses?”


It didn’t take me long to realize whenever he didn’t want to talk about something that he would quickly change the subject, so I didn’t push it. I opened the door and smiled at him.


“I don’t know how to ride a horse.”

“I’ll teach ya.”

“I don’t have anything to wear.”

“I’m not oppose ta ya wearin’ my t-shirt there…looks betta on ya than me.”


I grinned and he smiled back. He turned from my doorway without saying a word and crossed into his room. I watched him pull out a drawer from his chest and take out some jeans and a pink t-shirt. He walked back over to me.


“This shud fit ya,” he said as he handed me the clothes. “I’ll be by the horses.”


He walked away leaving me perplexed. Pink shirt, fitted jeans…I knew they must have belonged to his wife. After almost four years he still had her belonging. I was torn about wearing them. It was obvious that he still ached over the loss and I didn’t want to disrespect his memories of her in her clothing. I couldn’t figure him out. One moment he’s shutting me out, changing the subject and the next he’s spilling out his guts, flirting with me, and handing me her clothes. He was something of a jigsaw puzzle. He intrigued me and while I didn’t have time to uncover the entire story, I was determined to reveal as much of the picture as possible.




I walked outside and Harold met me at the front door, jumping up on me. I rubbed him and he followed behind me to the barn. When I got to the barn, Trey was scooping horse manure into a bucket. He had removed his cowboy hat and polo shirt, and was wearing a tank instead. He heard me approaching, looked me once over, and then greeted me with that knee-weakening smile.


“Glad it fit. Ya look nice,” he said.

“Yes and thank you. Geeze it stinks out here,” I said as I covered my nose.

“Ya get used ta it. It’ll smell like flowas befoe ya know it!” he laughed.

“Oh God your sense of smell is all jacked up then.”


He laughed again while scooping another load into the bucket.


“Ya ready?” he asked.

“Yep. I’m nervous though.”

“Don’t be nervous.” He walked over to an all-black horse. “This is Raven. She’s a young, mild-tempered horse. She’ll be good fa ya,” he said as he caressed her neck. “I’ve saddled her up fa ya already. Come rub ha neck so she can get familiar witcha.”


I did as instructed, rubbing the black beauty’s neck. Her hair was the color of night and she was magnificent in every way.


“Lemme get ya on top. I’ll guide ya as we go. You a good listener?”

“I’d like to think so.”

“Well we’ll find out,” he grinned. “Hold both reins and put ya left foot in the stirrup. Bring ya right leg ova…be careful not ta kick da horse.”


I accomplished it. I sat nervously aboard the horse. I took the reins in both hands.


“Sit up straight. Ya can hold the reins like that but I usually hold em both in one hand. Its only a few basic steps. Pull gently left ta make her go left, pull gently right ta make her go right. Pull back ta make her stop but don’t pull too hard. She’s well trained.”
“How do I make her walk?”

“I’m gettin’s ta that. Ta make her go, squeeze ya heels in her side. Not too hard though. With any instruction, squeeze ya heels. Ta make her speed up, squeeze ya heel.”

“I won’t be needing that.”

He laughed, “Well if ya do, you can always slow her down by slightly tugging back on the reins. Each tug will slow her down to the next level. Keep tuggin’ gently ta bring her ta a complete stop, then stop squeezing ya heel to let her know ya finished instructing her. Ya got it?”

“I think so. Geeze I’m scared.”

“Look I don’t wanna force ya ta do anythang too scary fa ya but I believe you’ll be just fine. I won’t let nothing happen ta ya.”

“Okay, I’m gonna do it.”


He climbed on top of a beautiful dark-brown horse with a strip of white hair stretching from his forehead down to his muzzle. He made it look effortless.


“Give it a lil’ squeeze,” he said.


Raven began to walk. I felt myself getting off balance.


“Sit in the pocket of the saddle and straighten up ya back,” he instructed. “That’ll give ya mo’ stability.”

“Ohhh…woahhh…” I groaned.

“Ya doing good. Now if you’d wipe dat constipated look off ya face, you’d look like a natural.”


I laughed and then smacked my lips at him.


We walked the horses across the field which led into a dirt trail. After about 15 minutes I felt comfortable. Raven seemed to follow my lead.


“Ya wanna speed up a bit?” Trey asked.

“I don’t know Trey. What if it takes off? I’m not trying to die!”

“Well aren’t we dramatic!” he sarcastically said.

“I’m serious.”

“Ya not gone die. I’m not tryna have ya galloping across the field but I do need my horses ta stretch they legs a lil bit. If we can get them to a trot or canta, that’ll be good for em. You’ll only speed up a lil bit and I’ll be right beside ya. Squeeze ya heels into her side a lil bit.”


I let out a heavy sigh before I reluctantly squeezed. Raven sped up and I panicked, digging my heels further into her side. She began to speed up faster and I let out a gut-wrenching scream as she took off.


“SABRA PULL DA REINS!” Trey yelled.


I was so scared that I bent over and held onto her neck while screaming and crying. Trey came to the side of me, trying to grab the reins but they were buried beneath me.





I felt his hand rub against my breasts as it went underneath my body to grab hold of the reins. His hand moved underneath my body and I quickly felt the horse slow down until it came to a stop. I was so shaken that I couldn’t move. I held on to her neck as tears ran down my face.


“I’m sowry. I thought ya cud handle goin’ fasta. You’re alright now. C’mon,” he said as he tried to release my grip from around the horse’s neck.


My body trembled emphatically. He lifted me from the horse and I collapsed in his arms.


“Ya were doing good. Ya shud get back up there so ya won’t have a complex bout horses,” he said.


I let him go and gave him the dirtiest look. “You couldn’t pay me to get back up there. That horse is possessed!”

“She’s not! She followed ya instructions.”

“I didn’t tell her to run!”

“Yes ya did. Ya kept pushin’ ya heels in her.”

“That horse is stupid!”
“Hey, I kno’ ya was frightened but my horse ain’t stupid!”


I walked off, back into the direction I came from.
“Where ya going?” he asked.

“Back to the house.”

“Ya gone walk it?”

“Yes. I told you I’m not getting back on top of that stup…that horse.”

“Well we a long way from da house, specially since ya felt the need ta make a mad dash fa it! Guess I’ll see ya back at the house sometime tonight.”


He got on his horse with Raven in tow and jotted off towards the house.


I ran after him, “WAIT! WAIT! DON’T LEAVE ME!”


He stopped, making me walk about a 150 feet to catch up to him. I came on the side of him.


“I don’t want to get back on that horse. I can’t. I almost peed on myself.” He laughed. “I’m for real. I’m really scared,” I said.

“Face ya fears,” he nonchalantly argued.


I shook my head in the negative.


“Well fine. Ya don’t have to ride Raven back to the house but you’ll have to trust me and Bailey.”

“That’s her name?”
“His name.”


He stretched out his hand for me to take. I reached for it and he pulled me up on the horse with him.
“Hold on tight.”
I laid my head against his shoulder and held him around his waist. He smelled of sweat, soap, and wild animals. I closed my eyes an inhaled.


When we made it back to the farm, he climbed down and then lifted me from Bailey. I loved how easily he handled me.


“I got sum chores I need ta finish befoe I start on ya car. I hope ya don’t mind, but they’re on a schedule” he said as his hand waved across the different animals.

“No, of course not. I’m on your schedule. Can I help with anything?”

“Yep, ya sure can. I gotta get all the animals fed and the enclosures cleaned.”

“I’ll feed them…you can clean their cages,” I volunteered.

He laughed, “Alrighty then. Lemme get ya some rubber boots. Don’t want ya steppin’ in anythan’.”


He ran in the house and was back out in the blink of an eye. He handed me the boots and I put them on.


“What should I feed first?” I inquired

“I’m gonna have ya let out the cattle into the field so they can graze. Now if ya can’t do this then Imma have ya go inside and take a nap,” he joked.


I folded my arms across my chest and gave him a side eye.



He chuckled, “When ya open da gate, they not just gone run out. Ya gotta give em’ a slight shove ta make em’ move. Give em a good push in the side and they’ll move forward. Ya got that?”



I walked over to the next barn and opened the door. He had about 9 cows in there. As I approached the gate, apprehension set upon me. Although I couldn’t remember cows ever being threatening, the oversized animals still intimidated me. Nevertheless, after the horse thing, there was no way I was backing down so I sucked it up and entered their stable. I felt like a pro after I got the second cow out the barn and into the field. It made me welcome the challenge with the pigs.


After I was done, I walked back over to the barn where Trey was. He had tied the horses to a post outside and was hosing down the barnyard floors.


“How’d it go?” he asked as I was approaching him.

“Fine. They’re all out into the field,” I boastfully said.

“Good girl! Was spectin’ ya ta come crawlin back wit ya tale between ya legs.”


I proudly lifted my head and turned away from him. He laughed at me.


“I gotta hose down that barn now, so if ya want, ya can feed the pigs fa me. Afterwards, we can start on ya car.”

“I’m up for it.”

“They’re vegetarians. It’s a bushel of grain right over there and some pellets fa feedin’ em right next ta it. Spread ‘bout 10 cups of pellets on the ground for em. Don’t have ta be neat…just throw it out there.”

“Okay. Do you need to clean their pen?”

“Naw…not now. I do it ‘bout once a week.”

“What about the sheep?”

“They’re grazing. They fine.”


It was about 10 in the morning when we got everything done and I was ready for a long, hot shower and breakfast, but he was ready to get started on my car.


He drove his pick-up truck to my car and I waited inside his truck with Harold while he jacked up the car and crawled underneath.


With his tools in his hand, he began dismantling my car. Piece after piece laid spread out around him. I laid my head back against the headrest and closed my eyes. Harold put his head in my lap and I rubbed him until his eyes closed also.


Harold and I jumped and our eyes snapped open when the truck door suddenly opened.
“It’s just me. Its ya starter like I thought. Imma take ya up ta Alec’s Auto Parts so ya can get ya anotha one.”



He climbed in and started up the truck.


“Don’t be spoilin’ my dog now. We keep ta ourselves. When ya leave I don’t need him beggin’ fa a lot of attention. Ain’t got time fa that.”

“Awww, you said he was getting old. He needs a little attention. Look at that face.”

He looked at me and laughed. “Ya spoil him ya takin’ him wit ya!”

“Fine by me!”

“Yeah right. Ya ain’t takin’ my dog nowhere!”

“I know. You would probably cry.”

“Well I dunno ‘bout all that but I wud miss him. He’s been my partna fa a long, long time now,” he said as he patted Harold on the head. “Ya got any pets?”



It didn’t seem like it took us 25 minutes to get there. He had me laughing the entire time.


“We here. C’mon,” he said as he turned off the engine and climbed out.


When we got into Alec’s Auto Parts, it was so comedic that my amusement immediately showed. The room had to be no bigger that a 10×10 space. Motor oil, washer fluid, anti-freeze, coolant, light bulbs, brake parts, and window wipers were just about all he had.


“What’s up Trey?” the clerk said.

“Sup Danny? Ya Pop’s off today?”

“Yep. What’s so funny ma’am?”

“Sabra…nothing. I’m sorry.”

“No apologies necessary. What can I get fa ya Trey? That tractor messing up on ya again?”

“Naw, this young lady made her way ta my doorstep cuz her old car clunked out on her. She needs a starter.”

“What kinda car is it?”

“It’s a 2009 Volkswagon Jetta,” I answered.

“Well darling I hate ta tell ya this but not too many people round here drive Volkswagons. I don’t have those parts in stock. I’d have ta order it.”

“How long will it take ta get here?” Trey asked.

“Bout two ta three weeks I reckon.”

“Oh my God!” I said. “I can’t stay two or three weeks. I have to get to work.”

“It’s no otha auto parts store out here,” Trey said.”


“What ya wanna do?” Trey asked.

“I have no choice. I need my car. I can’t leave it here. I guess we’ll have to order it.”


The clerk began to key some things into the computer before looking up at me and quoting me a price of $118. I handed him my credit card.


“Ya have my number. Call me the moment it arrives,” Trey said.

“I showl will.”


Trey looked at me smiling the whole time as we walked back to the truck.


“You knew that shithole wasn’t gone have my parts there didn’t you?”

He let out the laugh that was building up, “I figured so. We’re farmers ‘round here. Mostly got Chevys, Rams, and Fords round here. We have no otha option though. Can’t even tell ya where another sto’ at. Don’t worry tho, Danny’ll get da parts fa ya.”


I growled and climbed into the truck.


“Guess I gotcha fa a lil longer huh? See if I can turn ya into a cowgirl after all,” Trey winked and smiled.