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Girl On Girl – Part 8

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Where Will You Go

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Dasia was so overwhelmed at this point that she couldn’t accept what Trey was offering.


(D) “You can’t possibly want me or this baby…no!”


(T) “I’m sayin’ what I’m sayin’ to you. How you gone tell me what I want? Listen to me, and I want you to listen good. I know we been kick’n it from time to time with no expectations from each other, but I want that to change. Dasia, I wanna have you in my life. I think we should do this and keep the baby.” Dasia tries to get up like she was escaping, but Trey pulls her back down. “Why you always tryna run from me? Sit here so we can talk.”


(D) “You’re only saying this because of the baby. You don’t really want me. You want what you can get from me.”


(T) “You think if it’s anything that I wanted I couldn’t get it from anybody else besides you? If that were true? Come on now Dasia, I can have sex wit anybody. I can have a baby  wit any female out here too, if it’s about get’n what I want. But it’s not about dat and it didn’t happen with them. It happened with you, someone I’ve grown to care about and love.”


(D) “Trey, I am in no position to be anyone’s mother. I wouldn’t make a good parent like you. You have everything to offer. Even with you traveling the way that you do, you’re still more stable than I am. I have nothing! I’m not ready for this.”


(T) “You wouldn’t be doing this alone. I’m gonna be with you, every step of the way.”


(D) “Why? Why do you even care? There are so many women that are much better for you than I am. Why do you love me?”


(T) “Because, you showed me something in you that’s worth loving. Yeah, it is a lot of women that I could be with right now, but none of them are you. It’s you I want.”


(D) “There are so many reasons why this would never work. We don’t belong together Trey. I don’t want to keep this baby! I’m not ready for kids. I’m not even ready for a relationship. I can’t give you what you would need from me. I’m incapable!”


(T) “And why is that?”


(D) “Because I have no trust in men.”


(T) “What have I ever done to you for you to doubt me and what I stand for when it comes to you?”


Dasia gets up and walks a few steps away stroking her temples. Her back was to Trey for a bit and then she turned around.


(D) “None of this was supposed to happen. We were only supposed to be friends with benefits. That’s it! It wasn’t about you and it wasn’t supposed to be about me. It was only supposed to be about sex.”


Trey walks and stands in front of her.


(T) “Well, to me it stopped being about only sex. My interest became more about you. I’m not saying that sex wasn’t a part of it, but that wasn’t the only reason why I wanted to see you. I enjoyed the time we spent together. You did too, so I’m not gonna stand here and let you tell me that I didn’t start to matter to you, because we’d both know you’d be lying.”


(D) “I think you’ve forgotten one major detail. I’m into women now.”


(T) chuckles “How long you gone keep up wit this charade? THAT’S SOME BULLSHIT!” He shouts in her face.


(D) “No it isn’t! I really do want to be with women.”


(T) “That’s what ya mouth say. Ya actions on some other type a time. I on’t give a fuck how much you try to say you into women, you’s a lying ass if you think I’ma believe that shit.”


(D) “Well it doesn’t matter what you believe. It’s the truth.”


(T) “Had ya first female experience and now you all into women…dat’s fuckin’ bullshit man! You ain’t into no women like that Dasia. Believe me, I done been around real lesbians and they ain’t fuckin’ wit no man no matter how good they could be fucked.”


(D) “They’re not me either. You can’t speak for me Trey! UGH!!! I gotta get out of here. I need some air. I’ll be back.”


She walks to the door.


(T) “Hold up! You ain’t leaving outta here by yaself. Hold on for a minute.”


Trey called his driver to come so he and Dasia could go out for a while together. As soon as they got down to the lobby Jojo was down there. She had been wanting to see Dasia, but had no way of finding out where she was or even gaining any access to talk to Trey. She was just about to leave when she saw them walk off the elevator. Dasia was scared straight when she saw her. Trey was surprised she was there. She folds her arms and looks at Dasia as she approaches.


(J) “Going to Washington, DC huh?”


(D) “Jojo what are you doing here? How’d you…”


(J) puts hand up “Save it!”


Now she looks at Trey.


(J) “It’s not enough that you have millions of fans that throw themselves at you all the time, but you just had to take my girl too huh?”


(T) “Look man, I ain’t gone stand here and argue wit a female over no girl…looks at Dasia…handle ya friend before I have her ass put out of here.”


(J) “You don’t run this building. I just wanna know why? Why’d you have to have what’s mine? You can’t find ya own bomb ass pussy?”


Trey grins shaking his head. Dasia interrupts.


(D) “Jojo that’s enough!”


(T) “I’ll be in the car.” He looks at Jojo. “You got one more time to say something sideways to me, before Imake yo ass shut the fuck up.”


Trey starts heading for the rotating doors. As he did this, Jojo runs up on him and jumps on his back. She wraps her arm around Trey’s neck trying to choke him. He grabs her arm trying to get her to move off of him, before he moved her. Dasia follows behind her trying to pull her off of him as Jojo’s smacking and hitting on Trey with her free arm. He was telling her she better get off him before he seriously drops her. She’s yelling all kinds of obscenities to him. She wanted him to do something to make her shut the fuck up, but Trey really didn’t want to hurt her. Since he told Buggzi he was going for a quick ride with Dasia, he told him he didn’t need to come. Luckily hotel security was near. They quickly reacted and grabbed her off, also pulling Dasia out of the way. Trey raises his hand pointing to security.


(T) “Yo man, y’all betta hold her. She come near me again I’ma fuck her ass up…crazy bitch!”




(T) “Man get her the fuck outta here!” Trey yelled to security, since they were holding her letting her talk instead of throwing her out.


(D) “Trey are you okay?”


He looks at Dasia as if to say why wouldn’t he be.


(T) “That girl can’t do shit to me. She lucky I didn’t wanna knock her the fuck off me and drop kick her ass, tryna come at me like dat…man fuck diss shit! I’m going back up to the room. You still need some air, the car is right there. If not, tell the driver never mind for me.” Dasia decides to tell him never mind and goes back up to the room with Trey. “Whatchu doing gettin’ involved anyway, knowing yo ass pregnant. She could’ve kicked you or something by accident. I had her handled.”


(D) “I just reacted! She was nowhere near my stomach anyway. She was too busy hitting you than paying attention to me.”


(T) “She keep thinking she can fight a man, her ass betta be ready to take an ass whippen like one too.”


(D) “Trey, I’m sorry she reacted that way towards you. She and I aren’t seeing each other anymore…I can’t believe she followed me here.”


(T) “And you say niggas crazy? Yeah, okay.”


(D) “She’s upset because she knows about you and the baby and…”


(T) “Just tell me she ain’t the reason why you don’t wanna have it. All that other bullshit I don’t need to hear.”


(D) “No Trey! Me not wanting the baby has nothing to do with her. I told you already, I’m not ready to be a mother. I would be horrible at it. Mentally and emotionally, I’m just not ready.”


(T) “Why you didn’t say anything to me about something happening between y’all and you not staying there no more?”


(D) shrugs “I don’t know.”


(T) “Do you got somewhere else lined up to go?”


(D) “Not really.”


(T) “So what were you planning on doing then?”


Dasia gets in a huff.


(D) “I haven’t thought that far yet, okay! It just happened.”


(T) “You should’ve told me. You think I wouldn’t care to know that you and this baby didn’t have no place to stay?”


(D) “I’ll find some place to go Trey. Everything has just come to a head suddenly. I haven’t had a chance to breathe, let alone make any moves.”


He places his hands on the sides of her arms.


(T) “Let me help you. Be with me Dasia. I know we can make this work.”


She pulls away.


(D) “NO! I can’t! Trey I’m so screwed up right now. I am the last person you need in your life, me and this baby. I don’t want your help either. I’m not a pity case. I’ll be fine.”


(T) “How? Where you gone stay at, huh? Who else do you have to turn to? Tell me.”


(D) “I’ll figure it out.”


(T) “Why you keep resisting me man? Someone that only wants what’s best for you. Somebody that loves and care about you. Why you being this way?”


(D) folds arms…You know what your problem is? I think you’re so bent on doing the right thing that you’re losing sight of what the right thing to do really is.”


(T) “How you gone tell me what the right thing to do is when you can’t even see it for yaself.” Dasia was stunned. That was the first time that Trey made a snide remark to her. She eyed him for a few seconds. “Look, I didn’t mean for it to come off like that.”


She starts to walk away, but Trey grabs her arm. She yanks it away and keeps walking to the bathroom and slams the door once she’s inside. Trey went and sat on the couch. He was mad. His own feelings caught him by surprise. He didn’t expect to want more from Dasia, but somewhere along the lines his feelings changed. He thought, even if he wasn’t ready to be a father yet, what’s done is done and he wanted to do the responsible thing. It didn’t occur to him that Dasia would actually be against it, even down to being with him. To him this wasn’t about only trying to do the right thing. There were real feelings there.


They hit it off so well and surprisingly he fell in love with her. Their time together was something that he started looking forward too. Then there were the video chats that started coming more frequently, because he wanted to see her. He started missing her and how exotic she was. He liked how she was wild and fun, and kept things interesting. Now unfortunately, he knows her feelings weren’t mutual. Hers had never changed. Dasia finally comes out of the bathroom. She has her shoes off, walking barefoot, and sits on the couch beside him. She bends her legs back on the furniture.


(T) “I’m sorry for what I said to you.”


(D) sighs “Don’t be. You’re right. What do I know about what’s right when I haven’t been right in a long time. I can’t even look at myself anymore.”


(T) “Don’t go selling yaself short. You were right. I mean, I love kids and I do want to have a family one day. I thought that day had come sooner than planned, with you, but maybe now is not the time. I just thought if you knew how I really felt about you, than you’d know I didn’t only wanna be with you because of the baby. Can’t do nothing if you don’t feel the same way.”


(D) “Trey…gosh…I adore you, and I value the friendship that we’ve come to have, so much. I don’t want to lose that. You have been so good to me, better than a lot of men that that I’ve dealt with. I think if we became more involved and had this baby, it would change all that and ruin things. But the truth of the matter is, I really am not good for you…for anyone right now.”


(T) “Why do you think that about yaself? You hold on to so much hurt, and push everyone else away because of it, instead of finding the source and dealing wit it. When you gone let dat shit go?!”


(D) “I want too, believe me I do, but for some reason I just can’t.”


(T) “I don’t believe you do. I think you like holding on to it, so you can keep making excuses.”


(D) “You don’t know what I’ve been through Trey. You don’t know how it feels to make someone your whole world and have it snatched right up from underneath of you, like it meant nothing.”


(T) “Maybe I don’t know anything about that, but I know what it feels like to want someone so bad and they not want you back.”


Dasia’s lips started quivering and then came the tears.


(D) “I don’t know how to allow myself to really care for a man anymoorrre. What’s wrong with meee?”


Trey puts his arm around her and pulls her into him.


(T) “Me personally, I don’t think anything is wrong with you, but I can’t convince you of that. That’s a question only you can answer. I know one thing doe, I love you. I wish that was something you would allow yaself to believe.”


(D) wipes eyes “I’m such a basket case right now.”


Trey laughs.


(T) “You’ll be a’ight. I think a lot of it has to do with the pregnancy.”


(D) “Noowa…this is me…a weeping willow crying, because I got pregnant along with  other countless issues that I have, not because of my hormones.”


(T) “So you’re mind is made up about going through with the abortion then?”


(D) “I’d rather do that than go through 18 years of insanity.”


They both laugh a little.


(T) “I still think you would’ve made a great mom.”


(D) “I don’t know the first thing about parenting Trey, sorry to disappoint you. I don’t think I have a motherly instinct in my body. I’d be calling on you for everything.”


(T) “I’d been right there too.”


She looks up to him.


(D) “I know you would’ve been. Be honest with me Trey, are you upset with me at all, because this is what I want to do?”


(T) “I’m a little disappointed about things not going the way I’d hoped. Ultimately, it’s ya body and as much as I don’t like the decision, I’m not upset with you because of it. You don’t want to have the baby and I have to accept it.”


(D) “Sooo does that mean we both are in agreement then?”


(T) “Yeah, it’s whatever you wanna do.”



(D) “Then I’m gonna call next week to see about scheduling an appointment for an abortion.”


Trey had a grave look on his face. His eyes were concentrated straight ahead as if they were frozen still. He breaks his stare and turns a little to face Dasia. He places his hand on her belly. He really felt bad about the decision that they’ve come too, but he knew he couldn’t force her to do something she didn’t want, even though it was his baby too. With a heavy heart he apologizes to this life that’s no longer going to exist.


(T) “I’m sorry.”


That moment brought a tear down his face. It actually touched Dasia to see that. She realized this baby really did matter to him even though she was doubtful if she really did. She hated the fact that she felt this way and because of it, Trey and this baby has to suffer. She leans into Trey and hugs him. The tears started to fall from her eyes all over again. She knew whether she did this or not, there lives would never be the same. Her life already wasn’t. Her status is now pregnant, no more Jojo, and no place to call home. Where she was going from here, only God knows…