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Sensational Girl

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Sensational Girl

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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“It’s so beautiful out. I had to bring you here Trey.”


“How’d you find this little ass park?”


“Don’t be deceived, but believe me it wasn’t on purpose. I had got lost and came across it one day, but I made sure I remembered how to make my way back here.” Trey looks through the car window trying to see if he could figure out where he was at. “Wait here. I’ll be right back,” I tell him. I go to open the driver side door, but Trey grabs my hand.


“Hold up girl! Where you think you going by yaself?”


“I’m not going far at all. I promise.”


“Why I can’t come witchu?”


“Because, it’s a few things that I need to do first before you get out the car.”


“Nah. I on’t like idea of you being out here alone. It’s almost dark outside.”


“Trey! I want to do something for you; besides it’s not going to take me long and for peat’s-sake you’ll still be able to see me…somewhat.” He cautiously lets my hand go. I smile and kiss him.


“You know you can’t kiss me like that and leave out on me.”


I brush my thumb across his cheek.


“Baby you’ll never have to worry about me going anywhere.”


“I love you,” he tells me. I smile.


“I know you do. I love you too…very much. Now let me go so I can get right back. I push open the door and make my way to the trunk. Before I took anything out I walked back over to Trey on the passenger side. He rolls down the window.


“What’s wrong?”


“Can you close your eyes for a few seconds?”


“Shit it’s almost dark, what I need my eyes closed for?”


“Can you do this for me… please?” I beg.


He smiles, “Whatchu hidin’ from me?”


“A lil something I think you’ll like. Just don’t look. Count to twenty and then open up your eyes, okay?”


He laughs. “You really want me to count to twenty?”


“Yes! Really. I need to hear it too,” I add. I hurriedly scoot back to the trunk. I put it down some to look over top of it at Trey. “I don’t hear you,” I yell.


“A’ight. One… two… three…”


I quickly dashed to the spot where I had a few things previously set up. It was down this short trail. This was a private park so I had a spot reserved for Trey and I. He’s been working so hard. He’s about to start getting ready for the premiere of his movie Baggage Claim, so I wanted to have this time with him before we were away from each other again. I know he’s gonna love it once I show him what I’ve done. I just needed to add some rose petals and a little extra lighting for the finishing touches. I had two glow lanterns for the lighting. I put the picnic basket in the middle of a small table we had, that sat closely to the ground and I laid a blanket down. I figured that was enough for now. I didn’t want Trey to be worrying, since at this point I knew he couldn’t see me anymore. I scurry back to the car.


“Did you miss me?” I ask, out of breath.


“I thought you said I would be able to see you?”


I frown, “So you were looking?”


“Damn right I was lookin’. Yo ass suddenly disappeared.”


I laughed. I knew I shouldn’t of, because he was irritated.


“I’m sorry. Don’t be mad at me. Come on. I got something that will make you smile.”


Trey gets out the car. I take his hand and we walk down the trail.


“You right. This park is deceiving, but it is nice though.”


“You haven’t seen the best part yet.” We get to our spot. “Tah dah!”


I watch Trey’s eyes as they stroll around the scenery. He sees a blanket laid out with rose petals on it, a picnic basket on the table with romantic lighting around it, and a hammock all under a white tent overlooking the water. He has the biggest smile on his face.


“I’m not done setting things up yet. I didn’t want to leave you in the car any longer…so does that smile mean you like it?”


“Wow! You got a niggas heart wayyy past a hunnid right now baby…come here.”


He pulls me in his arms and plants the most entrancing kiss on me that it made all my muscles collapse. Luckily he had me secure in his arms. We both smile at my dramatization with our lips still partially attached. He raises me up so that I’m flat on my feet again.


“See what you do to me?”


“Shid! That ain’t nothin’ compared to the affect you have on me. I was ready to snap on yo ass a few minutes ago doing ya lil disappearing act,” he said, with a hint of an attitude.


“I dipped for a good reason though, but that’s over with,” I quickly say. I didn’t want him to get all roweled up again. I put the focus back on our picnic. “I’m not done yet. I also have…” Trey lets me go as I pull away. I take a single rose out of the basket and hand it to him. “For you my love,” I say, in an exaggerated tone. He laughs at my acting, but I did it purposely to see him smile.


“Thank you baby.” Then he breaks off part of the stem and puts the rose in my hair. “There, a rose for a more beautiful rose.”


“You keep talking like that I’ll be on the verge of having you pluck all my petals and kiss my rosebud here in this park.”


“Is that a promise?”


I laughed so hard.


“Come sit down with me.” I command, changing up.


“But I thought you…” Trey says disappointingly, as his voice trails off.


I reach my arms out to him and he takes my hands. “Come on…believe me I do, but first things first.” We both got down on the blanket together. I reach my hand back in the basket. Trey rubs his hands together hungrily.


“So what we eatin’?”


“We’ll get to that in a minute.”


“Whatchu looking for then?” I take out my ipad mini. “Whatchu getting ready to do with that?” He continues to ask.


I deviously smile at him first. I fiddle with it till it gives me what I want. I close my eyes and push my lips together once the song starts.


“Mm mm mm!” I grunt. It was the soulful sound of Luther Vandross, A House Is Not a Home playing. “


“Aw, I see you really tryna start some shit in this park puttin’ on some Luther.”


“Yes I am. You ready?”


I started singing. “A chair is still a chair…even when there’s no one sit ting there…” I played around and sang in Trey’s face as he was sprawled out on the blanket watching me. I loved being silly. I had my hand balled up to my lips like I had a microphone in my hand lip syncing. I was into it too. I kicked my shoes off and lightly took my foot pointing my toes, and rubbed them slowly down Treys leg continuing to sing. My head was shaking and my hand was pointing right at Trey as I mouthed the words.  Then Trey cuts in, but he actually is using his voice. I got back down on the blanket with him leaning the top half of my body on him, looking him in his eyes as he sang with Luther. Then his voice cracked. We both burst out laughing.


“Aw shit! Damn!” He chuckles. “I need some food in me that’s all that is,” he says, rubbing his belly.


“Oh really?” I question, laughing.


“Yeah see, ‘cause my vocals are parched right now so food will help warm ‘em up.” I was smiling so hard at his nonsense.


“Will this work too?”


I lean in and like a magnet our lips are forced to touch. I put my hand on his shoulder, but he pulls my whole body on top of him. We go at it tasting each other and enjoying the feel and the warmth of our bodies as we touch. I love his touch. It expresses how much I mean to him. It’s delicate and yet carries so much weight. As his hands squeeze my ass and I’m being pressed more closely against him, I know he wants me just as badly as I want him. When he bites my lip as he kisses me, I know it’s because my lips are appealing and he can’t get enough of how sweet they are. When he kisses my forehead it’s endearing. I know he loves me just as much as I love him. Lastly, when he gives me that tongue it packs a powerful punch and I know he wants to knock all of me out. All of this I get out of his body language, not to mention when it’s time to make love. That’s a whole new set of things that I pay attention to. I know how special he is to me and I want to show him every single chance that I get.  We finally come up for air and gaze into each other’s eyes.


“You know you make me so happy,” I say.


“That’s my job. What I’m tryna figure out is when did you have time to do all this. You just got back today and been wit me most of it.”


“I can’t tell you all my secrets.”


“Yo ass shouldn’t be having NO secrets.”


“What are you going to do about it?”


“I’ma tap dat ass.” He says, smacking it several times.


“Hahaha! Okay! I have no secrets!” I blurt out.


“Better not. Next time I ain’t gone be so gentle.”


“I might prefer that,” I say innocently, putting my finger to my lip. “No, but seriously, do you like it Trey?”


“Baby I love whatever you put together for me. Even if we were at home out in the yard wit nothin’ but us and a blanket. I’m good, as long as I’m witchu.”


“I feel the same way, but I love doing special things for you. I just do.”


Trey eyes the table.


“So whatchu do for me in that basket?”


“Let’s see,” I say suspiciously. We sat around the table facing each other. I went in the basket and dug out the plates first. Then I took a container out that held a few pieces of fried chicken and another that held some potato salad. I put the food on our plates and lastly added the dinner rolls. We were going to wash it down with some homemade peach tea. Trey led the blessing and then we ate.


“So are you gonna be back before the celebration dinner in VA?” He asks.


“God willing. My plan is to be there, but you never know when you’re flying from another continent.”


“You’ll be getting in, when that time comes around, from Australia right?”


“Yeah, if the schedule doesn’t change between now and then.” I laugh. “I still find it so funny that Paula Patton’s name in the movie is Montana just like mine, and I’m also a flight attendant.”


Trey laughs too.


“I know. When I found that shit out I couldn’t wait to tell you.”


“Hmm… What if David saw me and I was his inspiration?”  I nod my head smiling at myself. Trey grins.


“You damn sure inspire me. I can’t tell you how much having you in my life means to me.”


“You’re ready to get me out of my clothes aren’t you?” Trey laughs.


“You know I’m always up for dat, but right now I’m just being honest witchu. When I’m around you I just lose myself inside of you. It’s a feeling I never experienced before, not wit any other woman, and I’ve had my share.”


“What!” I fakely yell surprised.


He cracks up at me.


“But none of ’em compare to you doe,” he retorts.


“You don’t have to tell me that, but I am glad that I’m the one that you’re here with. I hope you always feel this way about me, because all I want is to make you just as happy as you make me.”


“Come here,” he tells me. I scoot around until I’m snug beside him wrapped in his arms. He gives my temples small pecks. “You do make me happy…more than you’ll ever know. This lil picnic that you put together for us…I’m blown away by it. It’s like you always know what to do for me, exactly when I need it.”


“I aim to please you babe.”


“You do…you’re sensational…you’re like, my sensational girl so-to-speak.”


“Is that right?”




“I like that. I like it!” I say enthused.


“You know what I like,” he says flirtatiously.


“What’d you like?” I ask, looking up to him.


“You lying next to me over there.”


“Well that’s something that I can make happen.” Trey helped me up and we walked over to the hammock. Before I got in it with him I untied the sheer curtains that were tied back on the tent to give us some privacy. Then I walked back over to Trey. He was lying on the hammock rocking it from side to side. He steadied it so I could get on it with him.


“Be careful getting up here now. This thing can swing.”


He was right. It had Trey leaning to the edge, like we both were going to flip over every time I would try to get up there. It was so funny, but I finally was able to join him. We laid side by side still for a few minutes trying to make sure we didn’t fall off.


“You okay?” Trey asked.


“Yeah,” I said with one hand grabbing Treys shirt tightly and the other holding on to the edge.


“I’ma try to turn on my side and I want you to turn facing me,” he says.


“Trey, maybe we should just lay on the blanket. This thing is too wobbly.”


“Nooo! That’s what makes this moment more memorable.”


“AND hilarious instead of romantic, but okay. You move first.”


When Trey started inching turning to face me the hammock was steady swinging. He looked like a thief trying to get away with stealing, not tripping an alarm. I couldn’t stop laughing. Ultimately, he ended up landing on top of me. I could barely breathe.


“I never realized how solid you are.”


He lifts himself up some.


“I like this position even better.”


“So… do… I… You can’t get any closer than this.”


“Shiddd! Give me a few seconds to maneuver. You about to find out Sensational Girl.”