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Saturday, October 19th, 2013


 A Trey Songz Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Part 1


“Trevor wake up! It’s time. The baby!”


Trev jumps up from the bed eagerly.


“It’s really time?”


“Yeah baby. This is really it,” she says taking a breath.


Trev kisses her lips once she’s done.


“I love you so much, now let’s go have our baby girl.”


Chante’s water had broken in the middle of the night when she got up to use the bathroom. Trev called me and our mom to let us know he was on his way to the hospital. I actually was over Michelle’s and Trev was at Chante’s. We just needed the floors completed and the walls painted before we could move in our duplex, which would be soon. I told Trev to call me once the baby was born to let me know I was officially an uncle. I’ve actually been looking forward to being an uncle. I thought I was gonna be a father too, but that wasn’t the case. We just had a little scare, well I wasn’t scared. I was kinda excited if it was a baby, but Michelle on the other hand she wasn’t ready. Luckily for her it was a stomach bug and not a baby. I’ve been working on her though. My hope is once she sees Chante and Trev’s baby that will give her the urge for one of her own. I told Trev to call me if he needed me. He said he would. I hung up and turned back over to fall asleep.


In the morning when I got up it was around 11:00 am. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from Trev yet, especially since when he first called me it was after 2:00 am. I mentioned it to Michelle who said with first time babies sometimes the birth can take a while, so maybe that’s why I hadn’t heard anything. I went to call mumma up to see if she might have heard from him and noticed my phone wasn’t even on. My battery had died. I put it on the charger. When I turned it on I had several missed calls from her. I listened to the messages. Mumma was extremely upset. She wanted me to call her as soon as possible. When she didn’t answer I told Michelle that I was driving over to her house first, and then the hospital. She said she was coming with me. I didn’t have any appointments until later, so I had time. We left. When I pulled up to the house I noticed mummas car was gone, so I immediately went to the hospital. When we got there we were told to wait in the waiting room. I asked them if Chante Sullivan had delivered yet, but they wouldn’t give out any information. In the meantime I still tried to call mumma. She finally answered.


“Hey mumma, me and Michelle up here at the hospital…mumma what’s wrong?” She said she was on her way down to get us. She wouldn’t tell me nothing on the phone, but I could hear it in her voice that something was terribly wrong. She came down wearing a yellow smock and her eyes looked like she had been crying all night. She ran over to me as I walked to her and lovingly hugged me.


“Mumma what’s goin on?” She could barely speak, but she gave me and Michelle the tragic news as she fought through her emotions. She told us that Chante had severe bleeding during labor. She was hemorrhaging and they couldn’t stop it until it was too late. She had passed away. Michelle grabbed on to me and hugged my back as I was still in my mummas embrace. I held onto mumma even tighter. I couldn’t imagine what Trev was going through right now.


“Come on baby. We better get up there with your brother.”


“Trey, do you think I should come?” I turned to face Michelle. I didn’t know what to tell her. “You know what, you guys go ahead. I’ll see you back at the house. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to be here right now, not unless you need me to be.”


I couldn’t imagine not seeing that face as I contemplated my next sentence.


“I’ll just meet you back at the house.”


When I held her before she left, my love for her was of a greater magnitude.  I had a lot to be thankful for, now it was time to show my brother so did he. When me and mumma got up to the maternity ward Trev was in the room that they had for Chante. Mumma said Trev told her everything happened so suddenly, that by the time he was able to realize what was going on it was too late.  She was gone. She said Trev has been snapping on everyone. She just didn’t know what she should do.
She said she called me and left several messages, trying to reach me but I never answered. I told her what was up wit my phone. I saw Chante’s mom here when we were on our way to be with Trev. She was at the nurse’s station speaking to a nurse. I felt so bad for her loss. The nurse looked to be trying to explain something to her; gave her some paperwork and she just lost it. Mumma went over and comforted her and told me to go see Trev.


My right hand man was sitting on the bed with his head down crushed. I never saw my brother like this before. We may have been twins, but this was a time that I couldn’t relate to what he was feeling. I went and sat beside him and put my arm on his shoulders. That just made him break down even more. It broke my heart to see my brother in so much pain. He starts wiping his eyes whimpering.


“She gone man. She gone!”


“I know Trev man, I’m sorry…I can’t even… damn… I’m truly sorry this happened man.”


“And the thing about it Trey man, I knew something was wrong. She started looking pale in the face, but she was being so strong telling me she was alright. I told the nurse something ain’t right wit her. The next thing I know I heard the monitors going all crazy and saw her eyes rolling in her head, then she passed out; next they were rushing her into surgery.”


“What went wrong?”


“They said something about vaginal hemorrhaging. Fuck’n doctor’s don’t know how to do shit!”


“Did the baby make it?”




“And everything alright wit her?”


“They said it was.”


“I bet she’s gorgeous.”


“I wouldn’t even know.”


“Trev man, you haven’t seen her?”


“Nah man.” Trev started crying again. “I can’t… can’t even look at her mane.”


I couldn’t believe this was real. I ain’t know what to say to comfort him. He was in so much pain, it wasn’t too much anybody could say that would make much difference. Mumma came in the room and sat on the other side of Trev. She put her arms around him.


“Baby I know this is hard for you to deal with right now, but you still have a beautiful little baby girl who’s gonna need her father. When are you going to see her?”


I still needa go see her.” I said.


Trev got up and walked out of the room.


“Should I go after him mumma?”


“No Trey. Just leave him be. Your brother is grief-stricken right now and if this is what he needs to do to cope we just have to let him.”


“He’s really taking this hard when he won’t even look at his own daughter.”


“Not a peek.”


“I’m hurtin’ for ’em mumma.”


“So am I. The nurse brought her over for him to hold her once she was cleaned up and Trev walked away from her.” Mumma covers her mouth tryna gather herself before she continues. “That broke my heart to see him react like that. This was supposed to be such a happy occasion for him. Now all he sees is a life that was taken from him than one that was also given.”


I wrapped my arms around mumma kissing her on her cheeks. I loved her so much it tormented me to see her feeling this way. She told me Trev hadn’t even told anybody the baby’s name yet. She’s in the nursery as baby girl Sullivan. She said she weighs 6lbs 4oz. and is 21 inches long. She took me to go see her. She was beautiful. Had a head full of jet black hair with big curls all over it and the chubbiest cheeks. I was officially an uncle. A tear trickled down my face at the sight of her. She was a splitting image of Chante. My heart sunk because she would never get to know her mother except for through her father’s eyes. I brushed my hand down my face taking the tears that seemed to multiply away. Chante’s mom came over there. I hugged her and gave my condolences for her loss.


“Have you guys seen Trevor? They have some paper work for him that needs to be filled out for the baby.”


Mumma answered her.


“He needed to gather himself a bit. I’m sure he’ll be back soon.”


“When he comes back tell him Nurse Shelly wants to see him then.”


“I will.” Mumma said.


Ms. Sullivan looks at the baby in the nursury with tear filled eyes.


“Well, I wish I could stay and love on my grandbaby, but I have other plans that has to take precedence right now. Her mother needs me to properly send her home.”


That was a somber moment. Mumma gave Ms. Sullivan another hug and told her if she needed her for anything to just ask. All this shit was just so overwhelming. I couldn’t begin to process all the things that Trev was going through. My brother was going to have to be a mother and a father to his little girl. This was a scenario none of us counted on.



 3 wks later


The funeral had come and gone and Trev was deeply depressed. Mumma, Ms. Sullivan and even Michelle pitched in taking care of Tierney Alise Neverson. That was the name that Chante had come up with. She wanted her to have his last name, so he stuck with all her plans. Trev still hadn’t held her yet. She reminded him of what he lost and he just couldn’t get past it to be her father. We were both living in the duplex by now and Mumma was staying at Trev’s. She would sleep in Trev’s room with the baby, while Trev slept on the couch in the living room. She didn’t want to pressure Trev about spending some time with his daughter, but she knew how important it was for them to bond. When Trev came home from work one day mumma wanted to have a talk with him. She waited until he was showered and settled before she spoke to him. They were in the living room.


“So how was work?”


“Same oh same oh…always interesting in baggage claims at the airport.”


“Me and Tierney had an interesting day today. I actually saw her smiling while I was holding her when she was sleeping.”


“Oh yeah.”


“Trevor, she has the cutest little dimples you…” Trev cuts in.


“Mumma I know what you’re tryna do, but I’m just not ready yet.”


“You haven’t placed not one hand on your daughter or looked at her since she’s been here. Baby Tierney needs you.”


“She needs her mumma. I can’t be that to her.”


“Trevor, right now you’re not even being her father. Do you think Chante would want this?”


Trev breaks down.


“I wish she was here to tell me what to do. I’m lost without her mumma…I miss her. Why she hafta leave us…why she gon’?”


She hugs Trev as he cries on her shoulder rubbing her hands up and down his back. She was choked up too.


“I know baby…I know, but a part of her is still here. Look at me.” He does. “When you look at Tierney, all the things that you love about Chante will be right there. She’s an extension of that, but you got to stop avoiding her to see it.”


sniffs “You know, she had so many plans for what she wanted to do once we brought her home. She didn’t even get to see her, mumma.”


“Baby don’t you think you owe it to Tierney to be Chante’s eyes and show her all the things that Chante would’ve wanted her to see? How are you going to do that when you haven’t even saw her yourself, and you’re here Trevor?”


“Sometimes I wish I wasn’t.”


“Don’t you talk like that now Trevor. I know you’re hurting and it feels like you’re never going to get pass this, but you will. What happened yes, is tragic. No one saw this outcome, but it’s the one we have to deal with. You are going to have to face this sooner or later. Don’t stay down like this baby. You have so much to be thankful for even if it may not seem like it right now, okay,” mumma said, lightly rubbing the tears on Trev’s cheek.


Tierney started crying so mumma got up and went in the bedroom to get her. Trev stayed there on the couch. He contemplated and contemplated for a bit what mumma said, then he finally walked in his bed room. Mumma had just got finish changing Tierney’s diaper. Trev was standing by the doorway. Mumma walks over to him with Tierney in her arms.


“Would you like to finally meet your daughter?”


For the first time in weeks Trev was actually face to face with her…the closest he’s ever been. Mumma took that as a good sign. She watched him as he looked at Tierney, waiting to see what he was going to say and do…