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Amnesia – Part 6

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013
A Trey Songz Story
Written By Lex (@LexingtonAve_)

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Sanai and I sat in first class on the plane, we were about to take off to go to Philadelphia. She was more excited to go than I was. It was her first time on a plane and she had questions for days. She wanted to see her grandmother more than anything else. She didn’t care about going to Sesame Place or anything, she wanted to see ‘Mom-mom’ as Sanai would call her. I can’t lie though, I was looking forward to see my mother too. Saturday I had planned a Mother & Daughter Breakfast for us, of course Sanai would be with us. I don’t trust everybody with watching my baby girl. It’s just a mother thing…
I pulled out my laptop as the pilot cleared that it was okay for us to turn our electronics back on. I looked at my phone and replied to the text Trey had sent me saying…
From: MyOtherHalf <3
Time: 12:00pm
Message: Love You Babe. Kiss Sanai for me. I Pray both of you have a safe trip. Come back to me my loves. smile.gif
To: MyOtherHalf <3
Time: 12:01pm
Message: Love you too babe. I’ll give her plenty of kisses for you. We’ll be back before you know it. <3
I sighed in a happy tone. I swear no one could walk in my shoes for a day. One minute me and Trey are neck and neck…then the next we’re lovely dovey. Now that I think about it… It’s been a while since we’ve even been intimate with each other. Hopefully when I come back home I’ll have some time to spend with him…alone. One thing I never want to have to worry about is our sex life. I shifted in my seat just thinking about him touching my body.
I pushed the camera button on my phone and tapped Sanai. She looked at me , she was too busy staring outside the window at the clouds. For this to be her first time flying…she’s doing good. She’s being a big girl right now. I smiled.
“Let’s take a picture for daddy.”
She smiled, “Okayy.”
I leaned closer to her and SNAPPED. The picture was taken. I smiled as I looked at it.
I sent it to his phone and Sanai went back to looking out the window. I know she would be sleep sooner or later. I logged onto my twitter since I’ve been neglecting it. It was the same ole stuff…hate tweets, promotions, or people just saying hey. I simply tweeted ‘Missing him… Anyway, Me && the princess are on our way to Philadelphia. smile.gif.
I watched my timeline go crazy….
@TriggaFace: She should know better than to leave Trey alone… *Books flight*
@LovelyMrsNeverson: Have fun Lex. RT @LexRoyale: Missing him… Anyway, Me && the princess are on our way to Philadelphia. smile.gif
@TrulyATreysAngel: Nobody Cares Heaux. RT @LexRoyale: Missing him… Anyway, Me && the princess are on our way to Philadelphia. smile.gif
@TreyMadeMeCum: So…Trey paid for that flight though? #Golddigger RT @LexRoyale: Missing him… Anyway, Me && the princess are on our way to Philadelphia. smile.gif
Usually I would ignore the mentions but I had to respond to the last mention. People should’ve known by now…I could give a damn about Trey’s money…Shit I had my own. I simply mentioned the girl and said…
@LexRoyale: @TreyMadeMeCum actually I paid for it. Maybe you should stop clocking my finances and worry about yours. #Luv
I laughed to myself. I swear I love Trey fans to death, not only because I used to be one of them but because they truly keep him going. Some of them are truly amazing and others just need to find something else to do rather than stalking his life. I was never that caught up into him because at the end of the day…life goes on, with or without getting ‘noticed’ by your favorite celeb. These little girls need to remember that.
I turned my phone off and sat back. I was going to enjoy this mini vacation…one way or another.