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Friday, February 28th, 2014

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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I suddenly heard my doorbell. I was surprised since I wasn’t expecting anyone. It was my mother-in-law.


“Hey sweetie!”


“Hi mom!”


“I can’t stay long, I was just on my way home and decided to stop in and see my grandson.”


“He’s over there in the basinet sleeping of course.”


She walks over and peeks at him.


“How long has he been sleep?”


“About an hour. You can pick him up if you want to. He should still stay asleep.”


She goes to wash her hands first. Then she picks him up and sits on the couch with him.


“I just spoke to that son of mine. He told me ya mom is coming for a visit.”


“Yeah, that’s what I was told too. She spoke to Trey.”


“That’s wonderful. It’ll be good to see her again. Is she gonna be staying here with you guys too?”


“Likely. We didn’t even discuss sleeping arrangements. I doubt she stays over Myah’s or at a hotel.”


“I also hear that there’s going to be a new addition to the family,” she says happily.


I smile.


“Yes, Trey and I just found out. I have my first doctor’s appointment on the 8th.”


“God is amazing. I am so excited, and we’re gonna make sure that this one goes to term too.” I smiled. “Have you told your mother yet?”


“I haven’t, and I’m sure if Trey did she would’ve said something to me. I’m going to tell her when she gets here.”


“Well, you’re really going to have your hands full with Jordan and carrying this baby. If there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to ask.”


“I won’t.”


She gets up and puts Jordan back in his bed.


“I guess I better get on out of here. I’m tired.”


She hugs me.


“Thanks for coming by.”


“Alright baby. You take it easy now. Try to stay off ya feet as much as possible when Jordan is sleeping.”


“I will.”


“And make sure you or Trey let me know when ya mom gets here.”


“We will.”


I was still upset about the fact that he invited my mother to come here. I love my mom, but she has no idea how messed up my marriage is. I know the minute she comes here and sees how I’m acting, because it really is an act, she’s gonna know something’s going on. I can’t talk to her about it. She only sees what she wants to see when it comes to Trey. He can do no wrong in her eyes. “You have a good man”, she always says. Oh really? Okay. I use to think that too. Truthfully, I’m tired of this charade that Trey and I put on. Everyone thinks we have the perfect marriage. Just one happy family. Hmm, I wish. I go from being happy all day when people are around to crying at night when no one is around.


I’ve barely been able to pull off being happy during the day. I’ve been so overwhelmed with Jordan and now with me being pregnant again, I just hope I don’t completely fall to pieces. I guess it wasn’t all bad that Trey told my mom she could come here. I do feel alone. I’m just afraid of her discovering the truth. I don’t want my mom passing judgment if she finds out how I really feel and what I’ve been going through. She would feel some type of way towards Trey and probably start to dislike him. Trey doesn’t even know how deep my pain is or maybe he does, but thinks all my sorrow stems from my post-partum depression.


My sorrow solely comes from us. I never knew married life was going to be this way. If so I wouldn’t have wanted it so badly. We were a lot happier when we weren’t. Why isn’t he in here yet? I decided to go check on Jordan. He was still sleeping. I sat back down on the couch with my head resting in my hand, and elbow on my knee looking down. I had so many emotions that I was feeling. I broke down. Another tearful moment. I was losing my husband and I didn’t know what to do to get him to admit that he doesn’t want to be here anymore, or whatever it was that was taking him away from me. As I was crying Trey walked in. He was talking on his phone. He saw me quickly wiping my tears away. Concern was all over his face.


“Aye Trev, lemme hit you back man… yea it was Sheena…I know…ar’ight I’ma hit you back.”


He sits down beside me.


“Baby what’s wrong?” I just looked at him. “Look, I got here as fast as I could.”


“Mmhmm,” I nonchalantly say.


“Did you call ya mom? Oh, that’s right, you wanted me to do it.” I didn’t say anything. “So baby what’s gotchu upset this time? Did somethin’ else happen besides you being mad at me about ya mom?”


I wasn’t looking at Trey anymore, but when he asked that I turned to look at him.


“I’m strong enough to handle the truth no matter what it is. I just need to hear it from you, so just tell me…please tell me,” I beg, crying all over again.”


He sat there looking at me surprised, unsure if his secret had already been exposed. He peers down at the floor, then back to me.


“Stop doin’ this, you know stress is not good for the baby.”


“Then stop torturing me like this and be honest with me Trey. I can’t continue to live like this. Not knowing if you really love me like you say you do. Not being able to trust you when you walk out that door. I’m your wife, and as that I deserve to know whatever it is that you’ve been keeping from me. I know it’s something.”


Trey saw how his denial of the truth was tearing me apart. He regretfully looked like he finally was ready to give me what I was asking for. He sighs first.


“…The truth is… the truth is I been talkin’ to Tracy lately, and I slept wit her too awhile back.”


I was expecting him to admit to a few things like kissing her or not wanting to be married to me anymore, possibly falling out of love too, but I never expected this. I was speechless. He continues.


“I’ve been so sorry about it ever since it happened and I wanted to tell you at the time, but you were carryin’ the baby and I didn’t want to add any more stress to the pregnancy because of my fuck up. I jus…


I interrupt him.


“Like now?”


“I know. I know now is not the time to be tellin’ you this too, but you were right. It’s not right for me to have you in pain like this. Michelle, I know what I did is inexcusable. Doin’ that to you was the biggest mistake of my life. One I wish I could take back.”


“Why would you sleep with her? Out of all people. HER TREY? Do you still love her?”


“NO! I don’t care anything about dat girl. She was just there.”


“You LET HER be there. It should’ve been me.” I say, hurtfully.


“You didn’t make it easy for it to be you. I barely could touch you half the time yet alone talk to you.”


“So you fuck her because we weren’t having sex? Wait! No! That’s not true, because in a way I got fucked too!”


“Believe me. I swear I never meant for that to happen wit her.”


“But it did! Was it worth it? Was it worth the guilt that you’ve had to carry around all this time? Was it worth the pain that you’ve made me feel, because you couldn’t be honest Trey?”


“Of course not!”


I abruptly stood up.


“Why not damnit! If you’re gonna cheat it might as well be worth it. THANK YOU FINALLY FOR YOUR HONESTY!”


He stands in front of me.


“Baby I know you’re upset, but can you please just keep ya voice down since Jordan’s sleep.”


“Fine!” I toned it down. “Just answer me this. Why did you marry me?”


“Because I love you. Dat girl don’t mean shit to me. I swear!”


“And I do? Your so-called ‘wife‘.”


“Yes! You do!”


I shake my head and fold my arms.


“I’m finding that pretty damn hard to believe right now.”


“You mean everything to me.”


“Than why are you still talking to her?”


“Can you sit down… please?”


“I don’t want to sit down.”


He sits down only. He couldn’t even look at me at first.


“… I’m not even talkin’ to her how you might think when I say that. I was only takin’ her calls because I wasn’t tryna make matters worse since she’s been threatening to say somethin’ and I didn’t wanchu to hear it from her.”


I smirk.


“Oooh so that’s why you’re coming clean.”


“Baby believe it or not I have been wantin’ to tell you wit out her threats. I know what I did was wrong. It’s no other word for it. I cheated on my wife.” He looks up at me. “I never should have done that to you. I never should have leaned on another woman because we were havin’ problems and I just couldn’t talk to you anymore. I’ll carry that guilt to the grave, but baby believe me when I say that I’m sooo in love witchu. That’s why I married you, but my fear of the truth comin’ out was destroyin’ us. That’s what you were sensin’. My fear. That’s what was makin’ me pull away in your eyes, but honestly, I didn’t even realize that’s what I was doin’. I thought if I told you that I loved you and tried to make you see that, than you’d know. But you never let up. You always knew somethin’ wasn’t right, no matter how hard I tried to cover it up. I was just being a coward and plain stupid about my shit, but I am sorry. I know it’s gonna take some time for you to trust me again, but I PROMISE YOU, I promise you baby that I will NEVER step out on our marriage again.”


“You think I’m gonna stick around to find out?”


That brought him to his feet. His demeanor more nervy than before and his glare was so intense as he looked me in the eyes I didn’t know what he was about to do. He puts the palms of his hands on both my shoulders.


“Can you please take a minute to just think about whatchu sayin’?”


“You should’ve followed your own advice and thought about what you were doing when you made the decision to fuck her.”


“So whatchu sayin’ Michelle?”


I move my shoulders around flinging his hands off of me.


“I’m saying I don’t think I can stay married to a LIAR and a CHEAT!”


“We’re not gettin’ a divorce.”


“Oh really? Why shouldn’t we? You’ve made a fool of me Trey!”


He looks at me with remorse. His eyes started to water, but no tears had fallen.


“I never meant to do that to you. I hated seein’ you cry and always askin’ me to be honest witchu about the kiss, or anything else that you felt I wasn’t being truthful about. I did wanna tell you, but I knew you would say this to me and not wanna give me another chance. Baby I know I should’ve taken our vows more seriously, but now I’m askin’ you to. Till death do us part… right Michelle… till death do us part, remember?”




“How dare you throw up our vows at me! I took them seriously the day I said them! You were the one that didn’t give a damn and right now I don’t! I think you need to leave.”


He stood there quietly staring at me for a few seconds. It was as if he realized what he was about to lose.


“I’m not leavin’.”


“Then I am.”


As I went to walk away before I could even take a full step I got a sharp pain in my stomach. It instantly had me doubled over. Trey was right there anyway, since he had grabbed my arm trying to stop me.


“Baby what’s wrong!”  All I could do was breathe. He helped me over to the couch. I lie with my feet up wincing trying to breathe. “We goin’ to the hospital.”


I hadn’t cried since I was speechless, but the tears started to fall.


“Just get away from me okay!” I yell infuriated, pushing him away. My hand just made his body rock, but his feet didn’t budge.


“I’m not leavin’ you.”


“Well, I don’t particularly care to be around you right now!” The pain became more intense. “Owww!!! Ow! Mmm,” I groan, shutting my eyes and leaning my head back.


He wraps his arms around me in a panic.


“Baby I’m here for you, just let me help you.”


His tears finally began to spill out of his eyelids as he had me in his embrace. I felt them on my face. I couldn’t stop crying.


“It hurts! It really hurts…” I managed to get out.


“Everything gone be alright,” he says grabbing the sides of my face getting me to look at him. “I’m callin’ the neighbor to sit wit Jordan than we goin’ to the hospital.”


He picks me up and I broken-heartedly stare at him weeping.


“This pain they can’t fix Trey. They can’t fix this.”


He leans his face in close to mine apologizing repeatedly as he held me, but I was mute to his words. I was suddenly shook at the idea of losing this baby. My sanity was already in jeopardy from this shambles of a marriage. I wasn’t going to jeopardize the life of my child too from being unhappy. I had a choice to make. I refused to be made a fool out of again…