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Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)


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Man what a night. I couldn’t believe it when Trey called me and said he was arrested. I had quickly got my shit on and went to see what was up. In the meantime I told Myah to call Michelle to let her know what was goin’ on. Luckily, I was able to get him out. He explained to me what happened n’shit. My brother been goin’ through it man. I just hope everything work out for ‘em. Here I am feelin’ on top of the world and he feelin’ buried underneath it. One thing I’ve learned, love is a strong emotion. It can bring out the best in you, but also the worst. I ain’t even feel right tellin’ him my news, but eventually I did tell him bout me and Myah in the mist of his situation. He was happy for us. Said he didn’t see that one comin’. I told him neither did I. I can’t wait to get back home to her. I pulled up to my crib and went inside. When I got in, it was like 6:30 ish. I walked in my room to find Myah asleep. She heard me come in and immediately awakes. She wipes her eyes and sits up. I sat by her on the bed.


“Hey! How’s Trey? Was he able to get out?”


“Yeah, I took him to go get his car and followed him home. What ya sister say?”


“She was trying not to get upset, but I could tell she was pissed. Her reaction actually caught me off guard.”


“You know she pregnant right?”


“What? No!”


“Yeah. Trey just told me. She probably ain’t get to tell you yet since they just recently found out.”


“I’ma whip her ass! She didn’t even tell me.”


“Yeah well, don’t say nothin’ to her than. Let her tell you.”


“That explains her reaction.”


“They gotta lot that they dealin’ wit right now.”


“I had no idea… I mean we haven’t talked much lately so… I feel so bad.”


“I’m sure they’ll be ar’ight. They love each other too much not to be.”


She gets on her knees and wraps her arms around my neck huggin’ me from behind. She kisses my cheek.


“I’ve always envied Trey and Michelle’s relationship. The way they look at each other there’s no denying their love for one another.”


“It’s no denyin’ how dat nigga got his ass whipped too.”


She laughs.


“You so silly. Come on! Come back to bed.”


“Yeah, I better lay down; get a few more hours in before mumma brings Tier home.”


“Are you going to talk to Tierney about you and I Trevor?”


“Yeah, I’ma talk to her. I don’t really think I need to say much to her doe, but she will needa know a few things since our relationship has changed. I know she’ll notice it, so I’ma talk to her.”


“Do you know what time she’s coming home?”


“Nah, mumma usually calls me when she’s on her way wit her.”


“I wonder what she’s gonna think about us. Your mom.”


“I think she gone be happy for us. Y’all get along pretty good.”


“Oh, I know we do, but I don’t know…this is different.”


“Nah, she’ll be cool.”


Myah releases her hold from my neck and scoots back on the bed.


“Come on baby, come lay down for a bit.”


I took my clothes back off and got under the covers. I was positioned on my back with Myah’s head layin’ on my chest. I kissed her forehead. I was finally in a place I never thought I’d get back to and felt fulfilled. I closed my eyes for once not searchin’ for comfort in dreamin’ about Chante. I closed my eyes only lookin’ to sleep. Later I felt movement. Myah was gettin’ up. She started puttin’ on her nighty and robe.


“Baby whatchu bout to do?”


“I just remembered he’s gonna be bringing me back my car soon. I need to go get dressed so I can take him to get his.”


“You make sure dat nigga knows what’s up too.”


“I’m sure he already does, but I’ll talk to him.”


Myah had left and I continued to get some sleep until mumma called. She was on her way with Tier, so I got up and got myself together. Thirty minutes later they were here.




I pick her up and give her the biggest hug and kiss.


“Tier, you miss me?”




“I missed you too.”


She notices her kitchen set.




I put her down and she runs over to it.


I hug and kiss mumma.


“I see you’ve been busy since you came back,” she says.


“Yeah, I had to have that ready for her.”


“Grenma and daddy I’m making breakfast.”


We both smile at her. Then Myah knocks on my door before she walks in.


“Good morning!” She looks at mumma and reaches out to hug her.


“Good morning miss lady,” Mumma says.


“Miss Myah!” Tierney screams. She runs and hugs her too.


“Hey cutie pie!”


“Look Miss Myah, daddy put my kitchen up.”


“He did?” she says surprised lookin’ at me with a smile.


Tier takes Myah’s hand and leads her over to it. Myah starts takin’ the pans and the play food and starts pretend cookin’ with Tierney. Mumma must was watchin’ my face as I stared at Myah. I couldn’t help but to show adoration as I looked at the two of them. She walks over to me.


“I haven’t seen this look on your face in a long time,” she says in a lower tone.


I look at her.


“That’s because I haven’t been this happy in a long time.”


“Is my son in love again?” I grin. “Well?”


“I am mumma.”


She taps my shoulder and hugs me.


“Aw baby! That’s wonderful! Why you acting like you didn’t want to tell me?”


“Nah, I was gonna tell you.”


“And you’re sure that you love her?”


“I thought long and hard about it and it’s her. She’s the one.”


“Have you told her this?”


“Yeah, she knows.”


Myah gets up from cookin’ with Tier and comes over to us.


“She kicked me out of the kitchen. She wants to cook for us and she said I was doing it all wrong.”


Me and mumma laugh. I grab her up and kiss her face. She looks at me.


“You told her didn’t you?”


“Honey he didn’t have to say much. I could see love written all over his face.”


“The feelings mutual you know,” she says talkin’ to mumma. She puts her attention back on me and smacks my chest. “But it took him long enough to figure it out.” She lovingly looks me in the eyes. “But he did, and he’s made me so happy.”


“Well, I’m happy for the both of you. I’ve always liked you Myah. My sons have strong women in their lives who won’t tolerate their BS. That’s what they need.”


“She’s always been exactly what I needed, when I needed her. I couldn’t help but to love her. She’s more than a woman to me. She’s everything.”


Myah looks at mumma.


“Thank you so much for him,” she says with a crinkle in her nose and that wide smile. Mumma laughs.


“I’m thankful for him too. Both my boys.”


“Who wants to eat now,” asks Tierney.


“Tier whatchu got for us?”


We all walk over to her. She hands us plates with forks. Then she puts the fake eggs and bacon on them. We all tell her thank you and pretend to eat.


“Daddy eat all your food.”


“Do I gotta little chef in the makin’? My baby can cook already.” Mumma and Myah look at me smilin’, laughin’ a little. Then Tier starts passin’ out the cups. She was so happy. She puts one in mumma and Myah’s hands first.


“Do you want some milk or orange juice,” she asks, waitin’ for a response. Mumma and Myah said orange juice. “Daddy you’re going to get milk to keep your bones big and strong,” she insists.


“Okay baby.”


I cherished moments like this wit her. I never knew how much happiness she would bring to my life. I was feelin’ very fortunate. I thought now might be a good time to talk to her. “Baby how would feel about Miss Myah hangin’ out wit us a little more. Like her goin’ wit us when we go to the park or when I take you to the zoo… or when we go see Disney on I…” I didn’t even get to finish talkin’ before Tier was shoutin’.




I didn’t know if all that excitement was for Disney only, or what, but I knew I wasn’t gonna drop nothin’ too heavy on her. I was just gonna take things as they come. Answer her questions when she has them about Myah, because I knew they were comin’. Especially once she starts noticin’ her sleepin’ over. Mumma end up leavin’ after she was done with Tier’s breakfast. The rest of the mornin’ was spent wit us playin’ with Tierney and chillin’. I was waitin’ for Trey to call and then we all were going to go over there so I could take him to pick up Michelle’s car. Hers was left at Tracy’s house. When I heard dat, I could only imagine what she was up too. I can’t wait to hear the story on that one. I don’t even think Myah knows about dat shit. We all have a lot to talk about. But for now I’m enjoyin’ being with my woman and my baby girl, completely happy and finally feelin’ like I’m livin’ again.










I sat in the car for a bit before goin’ inside. I needed some time to gather myself. My mind started replayin’ me and Trev’s conversation. I was happy for my brother man. It’s been a long time comin’ for him, as far as being in love again. He’s been through a lot, shit I could only imagine. I’m glad he’s finally happy. At least things were going good for one of us. I was not ready to go in here just to see disappointment on her face. All I seem to do lately is let her down. I bang on the steerin’ wheel out of frustration. When I put things in perspective and think about what Trev’s been through I have so much to be thankful for. Yet I’ve been takin’ it for granted. I know I can’t be mad wit nobody but myself. I’m the one that brought this shit on us. If it wasn’t for my own wrong doin’ I wouldn’t be trippin’ thinkin’ she probably done did some slick shit with that nigga. Love man, can make you do some crazy things. I know I’ma have a lot of explainin’ and a ton of makin’ up to her to do. I’m willin’ to do that doe, so I might as well go on in here and see what she has to say to me.


I grab her prescription and make my way into the house. Since it was so early in the mornin’ I figured she probably was up wit Jordan. My eyes focus on the steps before I walk over to ‘em. I can’t imagine what I just put her through again last night. I was feelin’ like maybe she should leave me. Maybe I don’t deserve her love no more, but the selfish part of me wasn’t lettin’ her go that easily. I knew I wasn’t Mr. Perfect and I made some terrible choices, but the man that I know my mumma raised me to be was ready to stand up. I walked up those steps with my head held high ready to take responsibility for my actions and get our marriage back on track. When I walked in the room I saw her lookin’ beautiful as ever feedin’ the baby.


“I have ya prescription,” I say holdin’ it up.


She doesn’t even look at me. She still continues lookin’ at Jordan. I go sit on the bed and take my sneaks off. My back was facin’ her so I didn’t know if she ever looked at me or what. Once my shoes were off and I turn around I see she now has Jordan on her shoulder burpin’ him. She’s lookin’ at me.


Baby I’ll be back, I’ma go take care of that for you,” she says, mocking me.


“I felt like I needed to.”


She shifts her head dartin’ those gray eyes at me not likin’ me usin’ her words back at her.


“Is he sleep?” She asks, since she couldn’t see his face.


“Yeah.” I get up and take him from her to lay him down. I see her start to get out of the bed. “Where you goin’?”


“It’s where are we going.”


I take a deep breath. I knew she had a lot to say if we were goin’ in another room. She started walkin’ downstairs wit the baby monitor in her hand. I was ready for what she had to say, so I followed behind her. She gets on the loveseat foldin’ her legs underneath her huggin’ a pillow. I sit down beside her.


“Go head and say whatchu wanna say first.”


“I wanna know why you felt like you needed to start a fight with Mike?”


“Look, I told that nigga to stay away from you. He wanna disrespect my words he gotta get dealt wit.”


“So what you say is set in stone and nobody can go against it. Is that the way it is Trey?”


“Wit dat nigga it is or any other mufucker who wanna try me.”


“Well from my stand point what you say anymore don’t mean shit. You promised that you would take care of my heart Trey, just some hours ago, and here I am crying. What about your word to me?”


“I know that and I’m sorry.”


“I’m tired of hearing I’m sorry and it don’t mean anything. I’m tired of your empty promises and you pacifying me for that moment. You were in jail for heaven’s sake! Do you know how horrified I was to get that phone call?”


“You don’t think I thought about that?”


“Well damnit you didn’t think about it enough!”


“Look, I’m not tryna argue witchu because you right. You right about everything that you sayin’.”


“Well I hope you can agree with this, I’m leaving you. I don’t think I can stay in this marriage anymore.”


“So we back on that again?”


She wipes her eyes.


“Yes, and you can’t do anything to stop me Trey. You have no control over my actions and I definitely have none over yours.”


“Just yesterday you told me that you still loved me as hard as it was to admit. Did you not say that to me?”


“You really don’t want to throw words up in my face. Just know that I’m going to file for a divorce.”


“I don’t believe you baby and you wanna know why I don’t believe you?” She looks at me like she didn’t care whether I believed her or not. I told her anyway. “You just went over Tracy’s house wit a fuck’n utility knife ready to do who knows what to dat girl, pregnant. Why? Because even though you know I fucked up and made a big mistake you still love me. You can’t be ready to throw what we have all away. Cause the same reason that drove you over there to confront her is the same thing that drove me over to dat nigga’s house. Right or wrong we both were fightin’ for our marriage. And I know you Michelle, had you not been pregnant you woulda fought dat girl.”


“Trey there’s no trust in this marriage, so why stay in it?”


“Because we love each other, and I need you to let me earn ya trust back. Aside from that there is trust. I know I may not act like it, but I do trust you. I know you wouldn’t cheat on me like I did. I know nothin’ happened while you were gone, but baby I’ma man first before I’m ya husband. The thought of you being at that niggas house, lettin’ him take care of you like I couldn’t handle mines that did somethin’ to me as a man. I couldn’t let dat go. I know I’ve lost ya trust and I have a lot of work ahead of me to earn it back. But just give me the chance to do it. Don’t quit on us baby. Give us another chance.”


“You quit on us a long time ago. Why Trey?”


“Michelle, when you first got pregnant with Jordan, do you remember how you would let me bathe you in the tub and wash your hair for you?”


“Yeah, but what does…”


“Just hear me out. You use ta let me lay my head on your belly after I put you in the bed, and be rubbin’ my head as I’m layin’ on you. I was able to massage ya feet and play with ya toes, because it made you laugh. Baby you let me be involved as much as I could, because you knew it was my first baby too, and witchu being on bed rest it wasn’t a lot of things that we could do. Then as the pregnancy progressed and certain issues with it tried to complicate things, you stop needin’ me. Instead of us being in this together you started believin’ you were alone. You were afraid if I touched you a certain way that somethin’ might happen. It was like I started to become a burden or an irritation to you. It left me at a loss. You see baby I didn’t quit on you. You quit on me. You stop lettin’ me be there. I started feelin’ useless, which ended up bringin’ Tracy in the picture, and when I say that by no means am I makin’ it an excuse. I’m just lettin’ you know at that point was when I fucked up. Then once Jordan was born I was able to be a part of his life. You needed me. I actually could do somethin’, but by then the damage was done. I guess to you it felt like I cared more about him than you when really it was my guilt gettin’ the best of me.”


Her demeanor now has completely changed. She removes the pillow from her lap and her legs from underneath her. The expression on her face is now unsettlin’ as she looks at me.


“All this time I never knew you felt that way. I didn’t realize I was shutting you out. I was just so focused on carrying him to term tha…”


I put my two fingers to her lips silencin’ her. Then I take both her hands in mine.


“Baby I’m not sayin’ this to you to make you feel a certain way or to excuse my behavior. I’m sayin’ it to you for you to know that I’m gonna always need you. I don’t wanna be the one to put tears in your eyes unless they’re happy ones. I don’t wanna be the one that breaks your heart because I promised you that I would cherish it. I don’t wanna be the man that makes you unhappy, baby I wanna be the one that makes you proud. I just wanna always be here for you, Jordan, and this baby… please, gimme a second chance. Let me prove to you that you can trust me again. That I can be the husband and the man that you need me to be, that I need to be.”


“I don’t know Trey…”


“Look, I know right now my promises don’t mean shit, but this time around you won’t be disappointed; that you can count on.”


She continued to look me in the eyes for a few seconds afterwards, then she let my hands go and started twistin’ her weddin’ band while she was thinkin’ about it. I bunch both her hands together usin’ one of mine. She stares back at me silent.


“Please…I’m beggin’ you. I need you baby. I love you.”


Simultaneously tears drop as she responds.


“Okay. I’ll give you a chance.” Then her voice becomes stern. “Your last chance,” she stressed.


I grab her under her legs and put her on my lap. Being near her burden free and able to touch her again is all that I was hopin’ for. I just wanted to taste her lips so I did, not wastin’ another second. She let me. I sucked on her tongue and worked my mouth all over her lips. I missed her feel and touch so much. Just that fast my dick was hard. I push up against her lettin’ it kiss her ass as it protruded through my clothes. She stops kissin’ me.


“Trey, I’m gonna need my car.”


“I got it covered baby, Trev gone take me to go get it.”


I tried to go back to kissin’, but she stops me.


“You didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you?”


I smile.


“Didn’t hurt to try.”


“Mmhmm. Can you go get my car please? She might try to do something to it, if she hasn’t already.”


“I’m still trippin’ on you takin’ that knife over there. You was the one tryna get arrested.”


She laughs.


“She knew what was best, but what about you? I hate to see the damage you did to Mike. Baby look at ya shirt.”


“I know. I was abouta take diss shit off till you wanted to come downstairs… and you won’t.”


“I won’t what? Oh! See him? Believe me, I don’t want to. I guess we both made bad decisions there huh.”


“I promise one thing, you decidin’ to work things out won’t be another one. I love you baby… Always.”


“And I can say that I’ll always hate Tracy.”


We both laugh.


“You know you’ll always love me doe.”


“You lucky I didn’t cut your ass.”


“Yeah, you right!”


We laugh again.


“I’ve missed this with you,” I tell her.


“Me too.”


I get a quick kiss in.


“Ar’ight! Lemme get myself ready and call Trev, so he can come wit me to get ya car.” Michelle moves off my lap and I stand up. “Oh! You know he’s with ya sister now, right.”


“NO! Is he?”


“I’m surprised she didn’t tell you. Don’t say nothin’ then. Let her tell you. They both will likely be comin’ over here.”


“And I can’t wait.”


My brother, Tierney and Myah finally arrive. The ladies get to talkin’ right away. We leave to go get the car and in the process Trev gets a call from Chante’s mom wantin’ to see Tierney. She was left at my house with Myah and Michelle. He didn’t really wanna take her over there, since she just came home, but he decided to drop her off once we came back. Let her spend a few hours wit her. Once all of us were together again we sat in the livin’ room discussin’ the events that’s taken place within the past week. It felt good to have my baby back by my side. I knew it was gonna take some time for things to get back on track, but as long as she was givin’ me the chance I was gonna make good on my promise.


It also felt good to see Trev wit a woman that makes him happy by his side again. He looked like the old Trev. The day turned out to be a good day. The days to follow just got even better. I was slowly buildin’ my trust back up wit Michelle, who also was allowin’ me to be involved once more wit this pregnancy. She’s seven months now and it’s only been through the grace of God the doctors haven’t had to take the baby yet. It’s definitley been tryna come early, and even though this pregnancy has been rough on her thus far, we’ve been dealin’ wit it together. We decided to keep the sex of the baby a surprise, so I don’t know if I’ll have a daughter comin’ like Trev or what. Either way I have even more to be thankful for and it ain’t no fuck’n it up this time. I got all that court shit wit Mike behind me, so all I wanna do is focus on my family.


Trev and Myah are doin’ great too with their relationship. Even Tierney has adjusted well to it, but she’s always taken a likin’ to Myah anyway. They’ve been thinkin’ about movin’ in together and either rentin’ out Myah’s place or makin’ the duplex a single family home, so discussions of that have been floatin’ around. Trev’s been also askin’ me questions about being married. I think he’s almost ready to take that step. That’s huge for him. REAL HUGE! I guess I’ll have a bachelor party to look forward to plannin’, maybe in the not so distant future. That shit gone be turnt like mine was, but that’s another story. All I know is whenever he decides to make that move I’ll be here for ’em. Life’s crazy man, who knew out of all the women that we’ve dated we’d be in love wit sisters in the end. Simply Amazing!



The End