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Ordinary – Part 2

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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“Oh Lord,” says Liz.


The other ladies were shocked he was there. Trey walks a little closer focusing on Liz. I guess he heard her.


“Was that for me?” He asks, pointing the tips of his four fingers into his chest.


“Nobody else just came over here,” she says with her hands pressed on the seat and eyes stern.


“And nobody else will you keep talkin’ to niggas like dat.”


“Trey she’s on her period, BUT HEY BABY!!!” shouts Morgan. She stands up to give him a hug. She held on so long she didn’t want to let him go as he pulled away. Roslyn hugs him too, but not to the same extreme. I still had the menu in my hands, but once they were done I politely stood up and put my hand out to say hello.


“Hi, I’m Blanca.”


“You the only one that said ya name.”


Morgan gladly volunteers.


“I’m Morgan, that’s Roslyn and she’s Liz.”


Trey’s eyes follow her as she points each person out. Then his attention came back on me. I felt awkward because of the way he stared at me. I was taller than the other ladies so maybe that was why. I later found out it wasn’t.


“I on’t get a hug from you too?” He says to me.


Liz annoyingly shifts her body in her seat crossing her legs.


“That’s the shit I’m talking bout.”


Morgan and Roslyn both tell her to shut up. Trey looks at her laughing. Then he yells to one of the guys.


“Yo Jay, buy them a few bottles so this girl can turn up. They said she on her period.”


She looks at Trey mad and sticks her middle finger up at him and frowns. He laughs at her again then comes closely beside me.


“Can I holler atchu alone for a minute beautiful?”


I was flattered. I smiled.




I was curious to know what he wanted to say to me. Right when I thought I was going to walk off with Trey, Morgan calls him.


“Trey where you going?”


“I’m bouta leave soon baby. I gotta nother spot to hit up.”


“Well can you take a picture with us first please,” she begs.


“Glad too.”


Morgan gives Liz the camera since her and Roslyn was going to be in the picture together. She asked me if I wanted to be in it too, since I didn’t move. I told her to go ahead and take it without me.


“Nah baby won’t you come get in it too. Come on over here.” Trey insists.


I listen and come get in the photo.


“Take it right too bitch!” said Roslyn to Liz.


“Shut the fuck up and I will!” She shot back.


She took two photos of us. Morgan saw me as I was leaving along with Trey and the two gentlemen that were with him. I figured out the other one was his bodyguard.


“Blanca where you going off too?”


“She rollin’ wit me,” Trey tells her.


I don’t think Morgan really liked that by her facial expression, but I was planning on coming back. The club was so loud Trey had to practically yell in my ear in order for me to hear him as we were walking. I didn’t even know where he wanted to go to talk.


“You know when I first saw you from a distance I thought I was seein’ my baby Halle. I had to come make sure, but damn if you ain’t fine just like her.”


“Thank you.”


It’s funny because as he was leading me to who knows where, Trey and I was getting hounded and called every step of the way. I had men calling me thinking I was Halle. The ladies thought I was her talking to Trey. It seemed surreal. I thought it was so cool to be that loved and wanted in that way. I wish it really was for me.


“I’m not imposin’ by takin’ you away from ya girls am I?”


“They’re actually not my girls. I just met them tonight. They offered for me to hang and have drinks with them so I agreed.”


“Do you usually come here?”


“No, this is my first time.”


“What made you decide to come here tonight?”


“I’ve been wanting to come sooner, but I guess I finally just made it a point to come tonight. I like it. I have yet to dance or get my buzz on, but I will. The nights still young.”


“Have a few drinks wit me?”


“Where exactly are you taking me?”


“Somewhere quiet and private.”




“My hotel room. You wit it?”




On the way to his hotel we had drinks in the car. I could tell Trey already had a few before we had any together. He was already buzzing. I was playing catch up. He was being very flirty and friendly. Kept playing in my hair and smelling my neck, asking me what perfume I was wearing. He smelled good too. His cologne was saying something to me…hello! Trey had a room at the Aria Resort. Once we got in there I realized it was a penthouse suite. I thought this place was stunning. Darryl would never bring me here. Trey opened up the curtains to a view of the city. It was breathtaking. I’d never experienced such a view before. He went over to the mini bar and made us more drinks. I was doing all this drinking with no kind of food on my stomach. I was feeling it. I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much in my life. After a while my shoes were off, earrings out, and my hair knotted up. It was making my neck hot, or was that Trey. I was sitting on his lap in the chair. I was asking Trey about any and everything. He was laughing at me and I was laughing at his responses. We were bugging.


“So you told the girl she was sucking it wrong?”


“You damn right! She kept grazin’ me n’shit. I couldn’t fuck around.”


“I guess I better practice on a dildo first.”


“Ain’t that like eatin ya own pussy?”


I laughed so hard when he said that.


“HAHAHA!!! NO fool!”


“You are if you usin’ the same thing you put in yo’ shit.”


“I wouldn’t. I would have more than one, which would be used for that purpose only.”


“You don’t suck dick?”


“Not usually, but it’s not like I wouldn’t.”


“Shid! If you ain’t experienced you won’t be touchin’ my shit.”


“So if I wanted too; right now, you wouldn’t let me?”


“Not if you gone fuck my shit up. Besides, I gotta beast on my hands. You ain’t ready for it.”


“As much as I drank you’re right. I think I’m gonna be sick.”


“Let’s go lay down then, but you gotta walk. I’m just as fucked up as you, so I can’t carry yo ass.”


I stood up and froze. I got dizzy and stumbled. Trey and I both were laughing at myself. Trey put my arm around him and walked with me to the bed. It was made up so extravagant with plush colorful throw pillows on top. I was all excited to see its beauty and Trey could care less. He pushed them out of the way with the quickness, then we both plopped on the bed on our backs. I laid there with my eyes closed. I was ready to sleep. Then I remembered something. Still with my eyes shut in a throaty tone I say something to Trey.


“I thought you had somewhere else to go tonight?”


“I’m already here.” He drags his finger down the middle of my body stopping at my panty line hidden under my dress as he spoke. “It’s this spot right here I gotta hit up.”


That made me lift my head up and look over at him. He was smiling. I bust out laughing holding my stomach. I almost peed myself.


Um… um…” I snap my fingers trying to remember. “Trey! I’m drunk. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t make a good fuck right now.” I sit myself up some looking at him unsteady trying to focus. “Can we do it in the morning? Will you have time?”


“I’ll make the time to hit dat.”


“Good. My body needs something out of the ordinary.”


“Come here and lay down.”


“Not yet! First, I need to pee,” I say smiling.


I struggle to get up off the luxurious bed, but finally I do. Trey didn’t budge. He was laid out. As long as I stayed close to the wall I was fine getting to the bathroom. When I came back I slid over to him and we laid together fully clothed. We didn’t even get under any covers. We slept all night. Trey was awakened by an early morning phone call. I heard him talking which woke me up. I jumped up realizing who I was in the room with first before pain set in from my head. I was definitely hung over from the night before. I saw I still had on clothes, but thought my hair was gone until I realized I tied it up. I hurriedly took it down and tried to fix myself up to look presentable. Trey was done on the phone and saw me. He smiles.


“Good morning beautiful.”


“Good morning.”


“How you feelin’?”


“Hung over. Did something happen to me last night?”


“No. Why you say dat?”


“Why am I here?”


“I invited you here. You don’t remember?”


“I remember riding in the car with you, but that’s it. Did you have a party or something?”


“Somethin’ like dat. We had our own little party. We was supposed to continue it this mornin’.”


“We were… Darryl is going to kill me.”


“Who’s Darryl?”


“My boyfriend.”


“Darryl a fool to let a woman as fine as you go out alone.”


“He’s not the clubbing type. He didn’t even know I left him last night.”


“Tell dat nigga you was out wit a real nigga. He’ll get the picture.”


I laid back on the bed. Trey leans over and runs his hands through my hair staring into my face.


“Darryl don’t make you happy no more does he?”


“He means well, but I honestly don’t think he’s right for me anymore.” The next thing I did was so unexpected. I pushed Trey out of my way, jumped up and darted to the bathroom. I had to throw up. I felt awful. I was in there for a minute too. Trey knocks on the door.


“Babygirl you ar’ight in there? You need me to get you anything?”


“N-Noo thank you. I think I’ll be fine now. I’m going to use some of this toothpaste if you don’t mind.”


“Use as much as you need to baby.”


I came out of the bathroom nice and refreshed. It felt good to vomit a few times, but truth be told I was embarrassed as ever. I was hoping he didn’t hear anything. Trey was sitting on the bed in nothing but a towel.


“Damn girl! I didn’t think I was ever gonna get in the bathroom.”


“I’m sorry. I know you think I’m the worst guest ever.”


He gets up and stands in front of me.


“I think quite the opposite. I had a lot of fun witchu last night.”


“I must’ve too. I’ve never drank to the point where I was that sick.”


“Yo ass got fucked up… drinkin’ every damn thang in the room n’shit.”


“My body is making me highly aware of that,” I say with a head nod. “I guess I better let you shower. I’ll wait for you in the other room.”


“You care to join me?”


“That probably would prolong my leaving and I’m sure Darryl is tripping right now.”


“Fuck dat nigga.” He cups my face. “He ain’t givin’ you what you need.”


“You got that right,” I utter.


He drops his towel.


“You needa real nigga in ya life.”


My mouth watered instantly along with a few splashes down below and I swallowed hard. He was so right. Something was missing with Darryl, and I’m not one to usually do this; celebrity or not, but there was no way I wasn’t getting a ride on that. He had me tingling all over at the sight of him and that speaks volumes when I hadn’t even been touched yet. Then he kissed me. I believe it was our first. I stared at him as he pulled his lips away. He had such a penetrating look on his face. He put his arms around my neck and unzipped the dress I had on. I volunteered to unhook my half bra. With the concentrated look on his face he carefully caresses my body then closely brings me into him. We ended up falling back on the bed kissing uncontrollably.


I haven’t felt ignited like this in so long. As our bodies osculate each other I felt how his piece was at full throttle. I wanted him. With me on top he slid back on the bed holding me with one arm while reaching for a Magnum on the little stand with the other hand. He strapped up and I came out of my panties. Yeah I was dealing with a beast, but I was confident I could subdue it. Either way I was up to the challenge. I was wet too…extremely. We used one condom for the bed. We were just getting warmed up. Then Trey fucked me in the lavish stone shower while we were sitting on the bench. He cupped my ass as my legs were spread and feet planted flat against the wall. Skin covered vastly in soap that was quickly liquefying, our bodies glided unscathed.


We both watched as his thickness eased swiftly in and out of my pussy enhancing the pleasure. With the water cascading down my back along with the feel of his hands and thrust from his penetration, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I had three orgasms in the shower from three different positions. Then we topped off the morning in the spa tub fucking in the rolling waters. As the jets made the water massage our outsides we rhythmically massaged each other’s insides. I was drowning in my emotions from this physical sensation and found it hard to come up for air. It was an extraordinary experience. I never knew I could cum so much. Darryl has never made me feel like this. Then he carried me back to the bed telling me to turn on my stomach and rubbed my body down with oil. His hands were magical. I felt so relaxed while he kneaded my skin. From my neck to my shoulders, my back, squeezing my ass cheeks, working my thighs vigorously down to my ankles and toes. I was floating. Trey was intoxicating. I knew without a doubt it was time for me to move on.I barely could get dressed my muscles was so relaxed, but I did, as did Trey. We got dressed and waited for the car to come so he could take me back to mine.


“You sure you don’t want anything to eat?” He asks.


“I’ll get something later. I’m fine for right now.”


“He ain’t gone put his hands on you or nothin’ once you get home right?”


“No, our relationship is nothing like that.”


The car pulls up and we both get in. They drove me over to where I was parked. Trey gets out and escorts me inside of my vehicle. He shuts my door and stands there with his hands in his pockets.


“You drive home safely ar’ight? Dat nigga give you any problems let me know.”


“I will. Thanks again for last night even though I don’t remember much of it, but I definitely remember this morning.” He smiles and I smile. “You gave me exactly what I needed.”


“You’re welcome beautiful. Maybe I’ll see you again.”


“I won’t hold my breath, but maybe.”


He kisses me one last time.


“I really had a nice time witchu girl. I hope it’s not the last. Call me.”


He heads back to his ride. I started up the car and headed home to face Darryl. I know he’s going to have a lot to say, but I’ll just have one thing to say to him. Ordinary has got to go.