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Ordinary – Part 5

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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“Darryl what are you doing here?”


“You still haven’t answered my question yet.”


I look at Sia.


“I’m gonna go back out on the floor for a bit. I’ll be back.”


She waves me off still sipping. I got up leaving my things with Sia realizing as I sat my phone down that I never replied to Trey’s text.


“One moment Darryl.”


I picked my phone up about to unlock it to reply when Darryl squeezes the hand with the phone in it.


“You don’t need to bring that. Leave it! Come dance with me.”


I was instantly irritated that he did that. I moved my hand out of his grip looking directly in his eyes straight faced.


“As soon as I do what I was about to first, then I’ll be ready.”


I saw the wrinkles in his forehead quickly appear. My response surprised him. I text Trey letting him know that tomorrowwas still a go and I would see him at 4:00 pm. Then I sat my phone back down looking at Sia. She knew what that look was all about. Her eyes answered me back. I looked at Darryl and walked ahead of him as he waited for me to pass and lead the way to the floor. It felt really strange to be dancing with him in the club. We’ve danced together before at things like weddings, Christmas parties or someone’s birthday party that we may have been invited too, but never in the club. The music playing was slow too, so it had been a minute since I was this close to him. He was wearing my favorite cologne that I liked on him. I inhaled and closed my eyes remembering a brighter time.


“So who was so important that you had to send that text to before dancing with me?”


I opened my eyes and smirked because they were finally opened for good when it came to him. I look at him.


“I don’t believe what I do is your business anymore Darryl.”


“I’m trying to make it my business again. Blanca I miss you. I want another chance.”


“Wait! Did you know I was going to be here?” I curiously ask.


“I went by your place tonight wanting to talk and I saw that you were pulling off. I followed you.”


I squint my eyes in disbelief and let him go.


“You followed me here?”


“I wasn’t even going to come in at first. I called you, but it went straight to your voicemail. I sat out in the car debating on whether I should come in here or not. Then the decision seemed obvious.”


“I think if you came here for me then you should go.”


“What has gotten into you? You never use to be like this towards me.”


“Like what Darryl? Who I am? You’re right! Because I wasn’t who I was supposed to be when I was with you. I was who you wanted me to be.”


“I never asked you not be to your own person Blanca.”


“It’s a lot of things you never asked, because it wasn’t about me. It was always about you. Well those days are over Darryl. I like being me and I’ll never make the mistake of changing that for anyone.”


“And you shouldn’t. I’m sorry if I made you feel like YOU weren’t good enough.”


“I’m not looking for an apology from you Darryl.”


“I know, but it’s warranted. I never should have done that to you. But I’d like the chance to get to know this Blanca. Maybe she can teach this ordinary man how to live a little, and learn a thing or two from her.”


“Darryl I’ve always thought highly of you and I know that you are a good man, but I’m not looking to settle down. I’m enjoying my life and I hope that you can be happy for me.”


“I love you Blanca. I’ll always be happy for you. I’m just sorry we can’t be happy with each other.”


He cups the back of my head in his hand pushing me against him in an embrace. I hug him back. He understood and realized it’s a brand new kind of me that he’s seeing and it wasn’t bad at all.




My head was throbbing as I was coming out of my slumber. I didn’t even want to open up my eyes so I didn’t. I just laid here thinking I have got to stop drinking. I could feel that the room was brighter than usual so I pulled the covers over my head.


“Good afternoon!”


His voice scared the shit out of me. I pulled the covers back and opened my eyes. Darryl was standing there. I realized the room I was in was his. I slowly sat myself up and realized too this was his bed that I was lying comfortably in. He could tell I was confused.


“You were in pretty bad shape last night. You and Sia. I dropped her off at home and just brought you here so I could take care of you.”


I noticed I was completely naked. Darryl was dressed. I was still trying to gather my thoughts, but my head was hurting so bad I couldn’t think straight yet. It was hard to remember what happened last night getting me to this point. I had hoped we didn’t have sex. I hoped too that Darryl wouldn’t have taken advantage of me like that, but I really didn’t know.


“Why am I naked?”


“You got throw up on your clothes last night.” He grabs my clothes off the chair in the room and brings them to me. They were neatly folded and wrinkle free. “I washed them for you this morning.”


“My panties too?”


“You threw up all in your lap on the car ride to drop Sia off. You were in no shape to take care of yourself, so I brought you here. I know you usually don’t sleep with your bra on, unless that’s changed too, that’s why you don’t have on any clothes. I didn’t touch you other than to undress you. I promise.”


“Do you mind then?”


He heavily sighs putting his hands on his waist. He shakes his head at me and then leaves out of the room. I know he’s seen this body naked plenty of times, but those days were over. I took my panties out of the pile and slipped them on. With my bra in my hand I walked into the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror at myself I looked like crap. I felt like it too. I was beginning to think that I couldn’t handle drinking. I don’t even over indulge and yet I still feel the effects of it relentlessly the next day. I threw some water on my face and brushed my teeth. Darryl kept spare toothbrushes on hand. When I came out of the bathroom to put my clothes on I saw the clock and what time it was.




Darryl must was by the bedroom door and came in.


“What’s wrong?” He asks in a panic.


I started running around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for the rest of my things and trying to get dressed.


“Where are my shoes and my purse? I gotta go!”


He tries to slow me down and calm me by putting his hands on my arms stopping me.


“Whoa! What’s the rush?”


“Where’s my car? Damnit where are my shoes!?” I say frustrated.


“Your shoes are downstairs and I’ll have to take you to get your car.”


I try to pull away from his firm grip.


“Well we gotta go!” I abruptly shout.


“Wait a minute Blanca! You’re in no shape to drive right now.”


“I don’t need you to tell me what I’m in shape to do, or not to do. I’m fine!”


“No you’re not fine! You’re still hung over for heaven’s sake! You think you’re well enough to drive?”


“Darryl, I appreciate you looking out for me, but I don’t need it, so stop it. I can look after myself. So please just take me to get my car or I’ll call someone else to do it.”


“Then you call someone else to come and get you,” he says sternly. “Because I’m not going to be responsible for you driving in this condition if something was to happen.”


“Fine! I will! Where’s my purse?”


“You don’t need me for anything so you find it.”


Then he left the room. I was livid. I was not in the mood for any of this. I wished he would’ve never brought me here last night. I don’t need him! I wish he would just leave me alone and let me live my life how I want. His days of looking after me were over. When will he accept that? When I went downstairs to get my shoes I noticed my purse was on the living room coffee table. I checked my phone and had several missed calls from Sia. I called her right away. She gladly came and got me.




Trey came to pick me up like he said. He even was a few minutes early. I tried my best to look good on the outside, but on the inside I was still feeling bad. He on the other hand looked so scrumptious. He wore a white V-neck tee with some black khaki shorts, a pair of black and silver J’s and was flossing a sick Titanium watch by Hublot. And even though he looked casually dressed I still felt like I was under dressed in my double length canary-yellow halter sundress. The outer material of the dress was made of open laced fabric and hung long with a shorter solid above the knee dress underneath. The long portion also had splits on the sides. I wore my favorite sandals which were wedges. These had two camel colored straps one that goes across the toes and the other around the ankle with a rainbow colored heel consisting of cream, canary-yellow and the camel brown. My neck was dressed in a camel colored beaded necklace with draping earrings and bangles to match. And because I was being lazy my hair was somewhat pumped up on the top going back and swooped around in one big twist hanging over my shoulder.


“You look beautiful baby.”


“Thank you! You’re looking very good too.”




“So where are you taking me?”


“You’ll see when we get there.” As we’re walking to the car neighbors came out of nowhere to see Trey. As he was greeting them I noticed parked a black 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo. My mouth dropped when I saw it. Trey politely told the neighbors we had to go and opened the door for me. “Sweet ain’t it.”


“Gorgeous!” All I kept thinking was please don’t throw up, and in this car. Trey got in and immediately took off. His speed increased even more once we were on the freeway. I didn’t want to talk too much for fear of throwing up, but Trey didn’t make that easy.


“So whatchu been doin’ today before I came?”


“Trying to recuperate from last night.”


“The fuck you was doin’ last night?”


“I was out with my best friend at Vanity Nightclub.”


“That’s where you was when I text you?”




“You turned-out on the clubs now. Went from ya first time to all the time.”


“I never said it was my first and I don’t go ALL the time. I do go frequently though, because I like to enjoy myself.”


“Yo ass out there parytin’ n’shit havin’ people thinkin’ you Halle Berry that’s what you like.”


“I never said that.”


He glances at me quickly.


“So you sayin’ it ain’t true?” I smile and look towards the window mute. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”


“Okay, so I don’t dislike it, but I never pretend that I’m her. I always let people know that I’m not her. Well, mostly. Sometimes the situation doesn’t permit it. Like last night. People were chanting her name while I was dancing. I couldn’t say anything to them.”


“Yo’ doe seriously, how dat feel to have people mistakin’ you for her all the time?”


“It doesn’t bother me anymore like it used to. And it only bothered me then because people would interrupt me no matter what I was doing. I could be chewing up my food or about to go in a restroom. That really annoyed me.”


“I know whatchu mean man.”


I looked at him and realized that’s what his life consists of all the time. Once I tell people that I’m not her most of the time I’m left alone, but Trey couldn’t do that. Even when he wants to be Tremaine, like today he’ll never be able to completely get away from Trey Songz. I felt empathy for him. He noticed that I was staring at him while driving.






I smile it off.




I turn away from him and stare through the windshield noticing that Trey was taking me back to the Aria Resort. That had me a bit puzzled, but I didn’t say anything just yet. He got valet parking and we got out of the car, but only to get into another that he wasn’t driving.


“Trey where are we going?”


The driver opens up the door for us.


“Go head and get in,” Trey tells me smiling since I was too busy staring at him.




I got in and was flabbergasted when we arrived at our destination.


“Don’t look so happy,” he says.


“I… I just wasn’t expecting this that’s all.”


“Baby have you flown before?”


“In a regular airplane. This is a helicopter.”


“I think you’ll like this too. Come on.”


Trey had set up a scenic flight by private plane for us. It also included a three course meal and would last long enough for us to see the sunset. I couldn’t believe it. We got in our seats and was buckled in. There was a private staff on board to assist us with everything. Trey takes my hand.


“You ar’ight?”




I was freaking on the inside. My stomach was still queasy and I so badly didn’t want to throw up around Trey again. They announced that we’d be taking off soon to start the tour and it was going to last for 3 hours. I was hoping my body would be good to me for that long.


“I ain’t get no hug, a kiss… nothin’ when I showed up.”


“I can give you a hug, but why do you think you deserve my kisses again?”


“DAAAMMNNN! It’s still like dat?”


“Um… yeah.”


“Then keep ya selfish ass kisses and hug.”


We both start laughing. I tried to hug him anyway fastened in, but it just wasn’t working. I quickly unhooked my seatbelt and went to hug Trey. He stole a kiss and kissed me anyway. I looked him in the eyes and we held each other’s gaze a few seconds, then I got back in my seatbelt. We were about to take off.


“You ready?”


“Nothing I can do now if I wasn’t right?” I say skeptically.


“Just relax.” He takes my hand again. “Close ya eyes for a bit.”




“They closed?” I feel him close to my face checking. I start laughing.


“Trey, they’re closed. Close yours!”


“How you know my eyes open, unless you peekin’.”


“I’m not peeking anymore.”


“Ar’ight. Now picture doing ya favorite thing that helps you to relax.” I start laughing again. “Fo’real. I’m picturin’ mine right now.”


“What? Having sex?”


“I get worked up doin’ that shit.” He whispers in my ear. “It’s relaxin’ after I nut doe.” I giggle shaking my head. “Nah, but I like to draw. Being creative relaxes me.”


“Music helps me to relax,” I say.


“Then music you shall have.” Trey starts singing. “Close your eyes… fantasize… grab on me… hold on that (do it) what you dream… you gon’ see… its gon’ be much more than that. Close your eyes… fantasize… Its gon’ be much more than that OH! Open your eyes.”


Once they were open I looked at Trey smiling. He’d just melted my fear away. I realized that fast we were already in the air. Treys eyes were looking toward the large glass window I was sitting by. I look out of it too and saw the Las Vegas strip looking miniature. Then we were brought some Champagne. I really didn’t want to see any kind of alcoholic beverage, but I didn’t want to spoil anything. When they filled our glasses I looked at Trey. Immediately he turns defensive.


“I didn’t order this. I can see if they have juice or somethin’ if you don’t want to drink it.”


“I didn’t say anything. It’s fine.”


“I’m just sayin’ cause I know I said no drinkin’ was gone be involved. I on’t wantchu to think I’m goin’ back on my word n’shit.”


I held up the glass.


“Let’s make a toast,” I say. He holds up his. “To good company, a great time and getting to know one another.”


He takes it further speaking even louder with his eyes as they intently reflect on me changing the moment.


“To more uh… pleasurable and intimate moments like this baby.”


He clicks my glass and smiles. We drink. His smile unnerved me, but even though it did I actually wasn’t set against the idea of learning more about him. What was happening…