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Ordinary – Part 7

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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 As my hands hold on to the edge of the couch my legs dangle loosely over Tremaine’s arms. Carefully he moves in and out of me with challenging eyes, but my facial expressions told him exactly what he needed to know. With each eye roll to the back of my head, each blink that took extra-long to show my eyes meeting his again, and each squint from him hitting my spot just right all assisted in him catering to me. I wanted to get out of this dress so bad and feel all his body up against mine, but he was giving it to me so unselfishly at first, that I didn’t want him to stop. I just wanted to cum. I begged him to make me cum. He liked my hunger. Then he started teasing me and pulled his dick out only to make me put it back in. Then he stood there.


“You want it work for it.”


My body was so weak from chasing this orgasm I couldn’t believe he was saying this to me. I look at him like a thirst-deprived soul.


“Please don’t play with me right now. Just make me cum… that’s all I want,” I plead.


“Get on dem hands and lift dat ass up. Keep ya pussy in my face too…” He pauses waiting for me to move. “You gone fuck ME,” he stressed.


It was something in the way he said that, that made me do what I was told. With my hands firmly on the edge of the couch I lift my body up so my ass was raised from the couch. Tremaine was still holding my legs; dick snug inside. I began to move around letting my walls squeeze the fuck out of him. He stood there giving it to me too, all for the taking and I handled it. I put in work for that orgasm. He would give me a stroke for good measure stabbing me making me feel it in my gut when the feeling was too great. I held on so tight when that happened, throwing this pussy on him sucking out every oozing drop of him. We both ended up cumming at the same time. Tremaine dropped my legs so fast after he came I couldn’t help but to laugh at him silently. I sat there watching him. He was standing there out of breath with his eyes closed taking a moment. I saw how his face was all sweaty, peeped how his shorts looked laid to his ankles, and how low his dick hung even still. I tilted my head sideways to get another view of that. After a few seconds he opens his eyes and looks at me. I straighten my head up.


“Why don’t you sit down? You know you want too.”


“Nah, I’m bouta go in this bathroom real quick. I’m good,” he assures.


He pulls his boxers and shorts so that they’re partially up, but hung crookedly to his sides and heads to my bathroom careful not to let the rubber touch his clothes. I sat back up on the edge of the couch and saw my panties on the floor. All I could do was wonder if any of this would have happened if I wore my granny panties. I picked them up and stood. Tremaine was coming out of the bathroom.


“I flushed dat jawn down the toilet just so you know.”


“That’s fine.”


I hoped he wasn’t ready to go. I wanted so badly to touch skin to skin. I didn’t say anything though. After that we both pretty much stared at each other.


“You got somethin’ to drink up in here,” he asks breaking the silence.


“I got a few water bottles left, wine coolers or sodas. Help yaself. I’m gonna go upstairs for a minute. I’ll be right back.”


I went to my room to get out of this dress and to wash up real quick. I checked my phone and noticed that I had a few missed calls from Darryl. I frowned up my face and kept it moving. When I came out of my bathroom Tremaine was lying comfortably on my bed with the covers back, his shoes off and feet up. Seeing him stopped me right in my tracks naked and all. I quickly crossed my legs and covered my breast. I realized how silly I must’ve looked after the fact, but I wasn’t expecting him to be right there. Tremaine’s face spoke volumes before his mouth actually did once he saw how I reacted.


“Really doe? You think that’s still necessary?”


“NO!” I retort.  “It was a reflex. I wasn’t expecting you to be up here.”


“Now you lyin’.”


“NO I’M NOT!” I say in a keyed up voice.


His feet touch the floor and he walks over to me. I’m still standing there motionless in my awkward stance with my legs crossed and hands covering my breast. He nicely takes a condom this time from his wallet, places the wallet back in his pocket and holds the condom in his hand while he slips out of his bottoms. Then he takes his shirt off and stands there completely naked just like me. My eyes dance all over his well-thought out tattoos and chiseled body as he stands in front of me. I really wanted to break out and do a little jig because I was about to get some more, but I reframed. I straightened up and smiled only. Then I took my hand and eased it down to his penis and started reheating it up.


Tremaine watches my hand as it glides up and down his smooth shaft freaking his dick covering every fold and his firm ridges. He was hard and slippery in no time. He picks me up and carries me over to my bed lying me on my back. He lays beside me; partly on me, and plants kisses on my collar bone, my shoulder, then my neck up to my cheeks finally landing on my lips. My hand gently rest on the back of his neck while I’m pressing my lips against his passionately kissing on them. He pulls away and moves down to my breast showing them some affection since it was missed earlier. Every movement from him was so light and gentle. This was a different approach compared to our first time. I welcomed the change. My hands caress his arms and his back as his lips and tongue indulge in my skin. Then he lies flat and puts the condom on.


“Turn over.” Again I do as I’m told. Submissively I roll over on my stomach. I feel him over me. He places his hands on my hips pulling me to the side just a little. He motions patting my thigh. “Bend ya leg a lil bit.” I move it just a touch.


Next I feel his fingers between my legs massaging my clit. His middle finger would move back and forth then in circles over it while the outer two rubbed my lips. All I could do was breathe deep with my mouth open enjoying how he was making my body feel. Then I felt a much larger penetration. My hands simultaneously grab a hold of the sheets as he gives me a good jolting from this sudden invasion. His body is lying close up against mine as he begins to fuck me from behind. His skin felt moist but warm as our bodies kissed. You could feel the heat. He grabs my thigh lifting my leg a little higher going deeper. My eyes roll back in my head and I bite the corner of my lip as I’m taking him in. He smacks my ass enjoying its jiggle. I pump even harder that my cheeks start making this suction sound as they hit up against him.


“Ahhh… just like dat…” he utters.


His pace becomes a little faster as his pleasure heightens. After a while my upper body was lying flat and all that was sticking in the air was my ass. By now he was pounding it inside making me scream his name. My body shook as he smashed up against me. I was about to cum again, but he beat me to it. I heard him curse and let out a loud moan and knew he was cumming first. Tremaine playfully smacks my ass again then lays beside me. I wanted to seriously smack him back, but I couldn’t move to face him. Part of me was mad because I didn’t get to cum and I was so close. Now my body had to calm when I wanted to get off. I felt his movement while he was beside me, but I never turned my head to see what he was doing. I guess he was getting comfortable.






“C’mere. Why you layin’ witcha face turned away from me?”


“I’m comfortable like this that’s all.”


Truthfully I was in my feelings. I was thinking never again. You’re gonna just leave me feeling like this? He puts his hand on my shoulder guiding me to turn over so I do. I make sure first my face isn’t looking mad. I look at him while he’s looking at me. He smiles.


“You was bouta cum weren’t you?”


As soon as I saw his smile, instantly I started smiling too.


“Yeah and then you did, and messed everything all up.”


“And how many times has that happened?”


“Well, it hasn’t until now.”


“Exactly! I usually give you more than what you can take and you know it.”


“Yeah, but right now I can take a little more.”


He gets up and lays in between my legs. Not what I was expecting.


“Put ‘em up on my neck.”


I sit up on my elbows and do as I’m told. Before I could even get both legs up on him good he was licking on my pretty kitty deliciously. He shut me up real quick. My head fell back and my breathing became erratic. I was immediately in la-la land.


“Ouuu Tremaine… yehhhhsssss…” I breathlessly say.


His tongue vibrated all over my clit then he’d suck up my wetness. His head just moved all around as his tongue did the licking, flicking, jabbing and tasting of my insides. He spread my legs and pulled me even closer to his face and just continued to devour me. He would stick his tongue between my ass cheeks and drag it back to my clit, which just sent me over the top. Then the tip of his tongue would gently sway over it before nibbling and sucking on my clit some more. As bad as I wanted to cum at first, now I didn’t. I wanted to stay in this ignorant state enjoying this lashing, but it wasn’t happening. I came, and I came hard. My body quaked uncontrollably and my breathing got so strenuous I didn’t think I was ever going to get my breath back.


“Mmm hmm,” moaned Tremaine as he lapped up my spillage.


I guess he was hard again because right after that he put another condom on and was back at it. My body had no time to recuperate. As soon as he put it in I had butterflies swarming in my stomach. I was lying flat, but as my body started regaining strength I lifted myself up getting more involved. Tremaine was going in so hard I had to move inch by inch so he wasn’t fully lying up in me. I had slid back so much he had my body pinned up against the headboard with my legs over his shoulders. I couldn’t go nowhere. I grabbed a hold of the headboard to keep myself stable. I wanted to put my legs down, but he wouldn’t budge.


He fucked me like a mad man in that moment. It was like he got a second wind or something. I didn’t know where all this energy was coming from and even though it was more than I could take it felt amazing. He beat down my insides tonight, but it was everything that I wanted. I was hooked. I came again, and again and again. As did he. I slept so well that night. When I woke up I didn’t know Tremaine had gone. I look beside me only to see an empty space. When I tried to sit up it was a slow process. I was extremely sore. My back was stiff, my pelvis ached, my legs were like noodles, and my pussy throbbed. I picked my cell phone up and noticed I had a text message from him.


>Good morning beautiful. I had a great time with you. Wish I could of stayed longer, but money don’t sleep. I’ma call you later tho<


I text him back.


>Good morning. Had a nice time as well. Thanks for everything. You better call me too<


He replied right away. I was surprised.


>I will. Get some rest. You know you need it J<


>Ha ha. I handled you tho ;)<


>Yeah okay. I don’t recall you talking too much shit last night except for screaming my name. We both know who really got handled<


>Oh really???<


>Girl my name all over that shit<


I had the biggest grin on my face. It definitely was I thought. I reply.


>It’s all you boo<


>I know… I gotta go tho. I’ma call to check on you later<




I didn’t know what was happening, but I was liking it too much. Everything just seemed too good to be true. I got out of the bed and slowly walked to the bathroom. I knew I was going to need to soak in the tub. After I used the bathroom I started the water. Then I heard my cell phone ringing. There definitely was no rushing to answer it, but somehow I made it. It was Sia.




What’s up girl?


“Nothing. Bout to get in the tub.”


And why is that? Did you have sex again my friend?


I laugh.


“Girl! What are you doing?”


I’m bout to come over there. I was making sure the coast was clear first.


“Yeah come over. I’m about to get dressed.”


Okay. I’ll be over.


The tub was full so I hopped in. The water felt so soothing. I couldn’t believe how sore I was. I laid back and relaxed. I laughed at the comment Tremaine made about me getting some rest. I don’t think I’ll ever rest when it comes to him now. Last night was almost everything. I was missing the part where he wakes up naked lying next to me and we have morning sex. Instead I woke up to a text.


“Maybe next time.” I say aloud.


Then I caught myself. I realized I was expecting to fuck him again. I was becoming exactly what I didn’t want to become and that was just another smash. I had to really think about this and see if this was something that I could be comfortable with. He never stated that he wanted anything serious or eventually me being his girl. I really didn’t know where I stood with him, especially since he thinks I’m still seeing Darryl. What he wants from me, I have no clue. Nothing is clear at this point, which is why I need to get a hold of my emotions, but this was going to be tough. I have a weakness for him already. I was feeling like Ashanti in her song Call, because I knew when he called I’d be right there without hesitation. Only he could make me feel this way and it was a feeling I wanted to keep. I was so torn between my right mind and what I wanted, I couldn’t see myself leaving him alone. I couldn’t see myself walking away either, because of my expectations. Now I just need to know his…