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Ordinary – Part 9

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Once we arrived at TAO all that was on my mind was eating. I had the munchies and we had to cram everything in a short period of time thanks to Morgan. We ordered some food ate then we chilled in the main area. That place was packed. I got to admit all us girls were looking fly. We wasn’t even sitting very long before the fellas started making moves. We were laid back in our bikinis looking fierce taking in the warm sun and fresh air when again a couple of guys came over. Both were Caucasian, one with black hair the other brown, attractive men, and had the bodies to match.

“How you ladies doing,” asked the brown haired fellow.

We all had different responses. Then the guy’s friend says something to me.

“I thought I was staring at Halle Berry for a minute. Had to check. You’re beautiful. You really resemble her.”

I smile.


“I’m Jeremy and he’s David. You are?”

“I’m Blanca, but I’m not the only one sitting here Jeremy,” I say squinting my eyes from the sun as I look at him.

“I see,” he says. “I want to know all your names.”

Jeremy started pointing.

“You are…”

He went down the line till we all said our name. Morgan gets up and walks over to him and David.

“Since you guys seem so interested why don’t you get us some drinks and join us?”

Jeremy and David look at each other first.

“I don’t mind if we do, but we have more of our friends over there,” Jeremy nods with his head. We all look in the direction he nodded in and saw more men in one of the cabanas that held TVs.

“Send them right over,” says Sia with a huge grin.

“Okay. We’ll get some drinks and maybe you ladies can crash our party,” says David.

They walk off. Liz wasn’t feeling the interruption.

“Why couldn’t I just lay here and enjoy my high.”

“You are such a drag,” Morgan tells her.

“Well I’m not,” says Roslyn, “but I don’t need those guys all up in my face. If my man finds out he’s gonna kick my ass. He knows too many people.”

“It’s Blanca’s fault,” Morgan retorts.

“Me! How?”

“Ain’t nobody tell you to be the knock off brand of Halle Berry.”

We all busted out laughing.

“Okay! I’ll be that, but you’re not even considered a ‘knock off’ miss; I’m sorry, Morgan who?”

They were laughing again. Morgan was too.

“That was good bitch. You got that.”

I got up and hugged her from the side real quick with a smirk on my face.

“Alright! I’m not sitting here waiting for those guys to get drinks. I’m getting wet. I need to cool off,” I said.

“Humph! I know what really needs cooling off,” Sia says under her breath.

I just rolled my eyes at her.

“Wait a minute!” yells Morgan. “I wanna know what’s up with all this dong talk. Who is it Blanca? It has to be somebody.”

I wasn’t paying her any mind at this point. I took my wrap off and was heading towards the steps that led inside the pool.

“I was just messing with her about that Morgan. Don’t be listening to me. I’ll say anything right now.”

“I think I’ma go take a swim,” says Roslyn.

“Yeah I think I’m ready to get in the pool too,” adds Liz.

They looked at Sia and Morgan.

“UHN, UHN! We waiting for the mens,” joked Sia.

“Yeah what she said,” Morgan lightheartedly adds agreeing.

They stayed and waited. Shortly after the guys were leading them over to their cabana. They had drinks for us and everything. We got out the pool and went to do some more sipping. I was carrying on a conversation with a guy whose name was Trey. I was too thru. He had game big time too. I don’t think Jeremy liked it too much that his boy was talking to me, but he kept it moving and sat on the small daybed and talked to Liz. While we were drinking Say Aah came on. We got hype except for Liz. She just sat there looking at us like we were crazy. I was feeling good. I started bobbing my head from side to side, rocking with my drink in my hand.

“Oh so ya’ll wanna get a hit of this and say ahh?” David asks, with bottles held high in his hand.

He went around the cabana pouring them in our mouths seeing who could chug it the longest. His friends was enjoying seeing us go. Don’t ask me none of their names because I only remembered Jeremy, David’s and Trey for obvious reasons. Everybody else was a blur. Sia won. Then we all decided to get in the pool and had a ball. I was on Treys shoulders in the water dancing on him to the music. Sia was getting chased by whoever she was talking to. Ros was sitting with her feet in the water talking to one of the guys. Morgan was splashing and playing around with a fellow she was all into, and Liz never got back in, she was heavy into the conversation she was having with Jeremy.

I finally got down off of Trey. I can’t believe I allowed myself to even get up there, but I was definitely feeling it. He was light skinned with boyish looks. Nice lightly cropped mustache, side burns, and wore a low haircut similar to Tremaine’s. But the two looked nothing alike. I had so much to drink I had to pee so I told Trey and my girls I was going to the bathroom. Once I got back I decided to keep my wrap on. I was done getting in the pool. I checked my phone and noticed I didn’t receive a call from Tremaine yet. I wanted to call him, but I said to myself no. If he wants to talk to me then he’ll call like he said he would. I went and sat back down in the cabana. The other Trey comes over once he sees me.

“You done for the night?”

“Yeah. I’ve had my fill of the pool for the day.” Then my phone started ringing. I noticed it was Tremaine. I told Trey excuse me and stumbled getting up. He helped steady me, then I walked out of the cabana.


What’s up!

“What’s up with you boo?”

I told you I was gone call.

“Yup! You sure did and here you are.”

What’s all that noise? Where you at?

“TAO Beach.”

Wit who?

“My girls. Where… Where you at?”

I’m in the studio still working.

“Ohhh,” I say delighted.

How long you plan on being there?

“I don’t know.” I blow my hair out my face. Tremaine hears the noise.

Whatchu doin’? You sound…

Then the other Trey comes up and grabs me from behind picking me up. I bust out laughing all in Tremaine’s ear interrupting him.

“OH MY BAD! I forgot you was on the phone.”

Who da fuck is dat, asks Tremaine alarmed.

“His name is Trey. Crazy right,” I say cheerfully.

Tell dat nigga to get the fuck away from you why you on the phone. I start laughing.

“He’s harmless.”

You been drinkin’ haven’t you?

“Drinking, smoking… a whole lot of drinking. I’m bent babe.”

I can tell … I’m bouta come over there.

“You gone come see me,” I ask all giddy.

Yeah, and take yo ass home.

“I’m not going home,” I say drab. “It’s too early.”

I know. You comin wit me.

That perked me right back up. Tremaine hangs up. I went back to join my girls who also was out of the pool. They were all sitting, still talking to the guys. Trey started smiling as soon as he saw me coming back in his direction.

“I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t get you in trouble. I really forgot you were on the phone.”

“No, it’s fine. No trouble here,” I say with a hand waive.

“Was that ya man?”

Then Sia walks over putting her arm on my shoulder. I could barely stand. I didn’t need her leaning on me too.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I need to chat with my girl for a second.” Sia was toasted. “What’s ya name again?”


“TREY!” She yells with her face leaning in the air. Then she busts out laughing pointing at me. She loudly whispers in my ear, “Double Dong!” I started bagging up.

“What???” asks Trey, lost. He starts laughing not even knowing what was so funny which made me laugh even more.

“Hahaha! I’m sorry. Excuse us,” I say. We walk off. Sia starts talking.

“Yo! This nigga Lee is on my ass.”

“You don’t seem to mind.”

She breaks out laughing again.

“TI HE HE HE HE!!! I know right. DAMN! I don’t. He wants me to chill with him tonight.”

“Are you?”

“I don’t know. I’m in pretty bad shape right now Bey,” she says snickering.

I couldn’t stop laughing at her. Her facial expressions were hilarious. Then Lee comes up messing with her while she’s talking. She pushes him away with thee biggest grin on her face. Lee was easy on the eyes too. Very attractive. My girl might of found her match. Next we hear all these screams and see a bunch of commotion. We start looking around to see why people were screaming. Tremaine and his peeps had walked in. I couldn’t believe he came.

“AIN’T THIS SOME SHIT!!!” Sia yells shocked. “TREY SONGZ IS HERE!” She starts giggling even harder.

As I saw him I was thinking I see he made it before the pool was about to close.

“Come on girl. Let’s sit down. I need to sit.”

Tremaine had so many women around him I don’t even know why he came. It wasn’t like he was going to pull me up in front of everybody. I looked around the cabana and saw Ros and Morgan was gone. They were out there trying to get a look at Tremaine. I began to feel special, but I was smashed so I was feeling every kind of way. Sia goes back over to Lee. Then the other Trey comes and sits by me resting his arm on my shoulder. He was looking at all the women that were trying to get Tremaine’s attention.

“I don’t see what all y’all women see in that cat.”

“What do you have against Tremaine?”

“You call him Tremaine?”

“Trey/Tremaine they’re both his name. Why don’t you like him?”

“Cause every time I tell a female that’s my name they automatically think of him.”

Truth be told I know I did.

“I can see you not liking that. But you look at me and who do you see? Halle Berry right? I don’t dislike her because of it.”

“But I can clearly see that you’re not her now.”

“And women can clearly see that you’re not Tremaine. YOU don’t even LOOK like him,” I sarcastically say, “so why hate on him because you’re both called Trey?”

“Sounds like I struck a nerve. Don’t hurt me.”

I started laughing. I just so happened to look over at the crowd again and noticed that Tremaine was looking in my direction. We make eye contact. Then he disappears. The next thing I know I was receiving a text message.

>I’m just curious, which one’s ya man? Him or the one I saw you kissing on<


Trey gets up to mingle instead of sitting there watching me text since we were going back and forth ‘cause I was clearly confused.

>You look pretty comfortable with whoever it is<

>You jealous<

>No jealousy here. Neither one of them ain’t got shit on me and you know it<

>Why’d you really come Tremaine<

>For you<

>So why am I not with you<

>You know I had to take care of my fans for a minute<

>>Now I’m a take care of you<<

>I’d like that<

>I know exactly what you like<

>Then when you gone take care of me baby…<

>In a minute I’m a text you where to meet me at alright<


>You gone be able to hang for a bit<

>I’m free and clear all night<

>Bet! You looking real sexy tonight too… REAL sexy<

>Thank you baby<

>You cool enough to walk to me<

>I’d crawl to you if I had to<

>Damn… I been wanting you on them knees too<

>Mmmm… I just want you<

He didn’t text me no more after that for a minute until he was texting me on where to meet him. By then it was almost11:00 pm. My girls didn’t seem like they were going nowhere any time soon. We all were in the restaurant by now hanging out, ever since the pool had closed. The guys were with us too still trying to rap. I told Sia I’ll be back and left once Tremaine text. She knew where I was going. Trey was still trying to follow behind me, but I told him I needed some air and wanted to be alone. Tremaine had my drunk behind looking for the Renaissance suite in the Venetian. I didn’t know where I was going even after instruction, but something in me just had to find him. Then he calls me.

Yo! Whatchu doin’? Where you at?

“Tremaine, I… I think I’m lost,” I whine.

How you lost? I told you what room I was in.

“I know, but all these rooms in these hallways look alike. You really expect me to find where you are when I can barely think straight? That was smart. OH! WAIT! I found it! HA!”

I hang up and make my way to his door. As soon as I’m close enough it opens and I see his face smiling at me. His smile just makes me weak. He steps aside for me to walk in.

“Hurry up and bring dat ass on in here.”

I didn’t know where to sit at first. It was so spacious inside. I had a lot of seating to choose from. Loveseats, chairs, tables with chairs. Anything I picked seemed comfortable. I take a seat on the couch. Tremaine comes over and sits beside me. I was amazed with his room.

“WOW! This is nice! Can I just live in style like this all the time, I’m just saying.” I was geeked. “You stay in the best rooms, I swear,” I say admiringly. “That chandelier over there is beautiful, and look,” I say pointing, “the mini bar… it’s stacked!”

Trey smiles.

“Yeah, it has a lot, none of which you need any more of I see.” I tap him. “My boy Luda havin’ a private party here tonight so I’ma chill witchu for a bit and then go back down there.”

“And here I thought you were coming here for me,” I say nodding my head.

“I came for you too.”

“Don’t… don’t… don’t… gimme that.”

He laughs and wraps his arm around my neck pulling me into to him very briefly kissing my cheek. “Girl you fucked up.”

“I wouldn’t rock me too much if I was you. I might end up throwing up.”

“Why you be drinkin’ so much till you sick?”

I shrug my shoulders gesturing with my hands.

“I don’t know. I never think it’s too much I guess,” I say cheesing.

“I’ma hafta see to it that you make it home tonight.”

I move my lips a little closer to his face.

“And how do you plan on doing that?”

“You… sniffs You got mint on ya breath thinkin’ that’s gone hide all dat alcohol?”

I start laughing.


He laughs at me.

“Girl you crazy.”

“I am,” I say in more alluring tone. I climb on him straddling his lap resting my arms on his shoulders. “I’m crazy for getting involved with you.”

He looks in my eyes and speaks in a lowered tone.

“Dat make you crazy?”

“Mmhmm. I told you I don’t trust myself around you. While I’m looking in your eyes right now all I can do is think about the way you touch me. I find myself wanting to be touched like that all the time… only from you.”

His strong hands cup my waist.

“You like the way I touch dat,” he says with a quick glance between my legs then back to my eyes. “How I make dat pussy cream for me.”

“Mmhmm, but right now I wanna make that cream for me,” I say with a quick glance between his legs then back to his eyes.

“Then that would be you takin’ care of me. I thought I was spose to be takin’ care of you?”

I kissed him. I couldn’t help myself. His hands ease to my backside squeezing and massaging my ass as I grind up against him. I was instantly horny and exhausted at the same time, but I didn’t care. I wanted him right now in this room. I couldn’t have been any riper for the taking. The way he touched me I could tell he wanted me too, but nothing happened. He stopped himself.

“We better chill. I on’t wanna be gettin’ busy when I’m finna leave soon, you know? Cause once we get started; phew, it’s a wrap! Plus you bent. You needa sober up some.” Even though I knew what he said was right, I was mad and really didn’t want to hear that. He could tell I looked disappointed. I couldn’t look at him. “Aye.” He lifts my head. “I said I was gone take care of you tonight right?”

“Yeah,” I somberly say.

“Then let me do it. My way doe.” Him saying that meant so much to me. I felt like it really wasn’t just about sex with him. In a small, but big way he just proved it. “Let’s get you comfortable. Swing ya legs around and put ya feet up.”

Tremaine scooted more towards the end of the couch to give me more room to relax. Then he bends each leg and slides my sandals off. I lied head snuggled in his neck while I sat across his lap with my feet up stretched out. He turned on the TV. and we watched SportsCenter.

“You good?”


I didn’t have a care in the world while I was in his arms. They were comforting and fit perfectly around me. I could’ve stayed like this with him all night. Signed, sealed, delivered I’m yours is how I was feeling. I just wondered could he see himself being mine? Does he even want to be mine??? I noticed the whole time while we were together his phone was buzzing non-stop. He checked it only once. He told me that was to let his boy know he was still comin’ back. I was surprised he even explained that. It meant a lot. It had me thinking. Maybe I’ll just tell him I’m single…see how he feels about it. See how he really feels about me, especially since I sense a hint of jealousy whether he wants to admit it or not…