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Ordinary – Part 10

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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“Yeah baby.”


“Thank you.”


“Fo’ what?”


“For taking care of me like this. I know you have plans to be somewhere else, but yet you’re here with me for a while and I… I just wanted you to know that I really am happy that you came here tonight, even if it wasn’t just for me.”


“Baby you on’t have to thank me for this. I wanna be here.” He kisses my temple. “You wanna know somethin’ else?”


I look up to him.




“I wanna be around you every opportunity that you allow me to be.”


“Do you really?”


“Yeah,” he assures.


I smile.


“You like it when we come together?”


“Every single time.”


“How much do you like it?”


He smiles at first. I know I was talking a lot, but I think it was the alcohol in me. I just wanted to feel him out before I told him the truth. His expression looks relaxed again. He takes his pointer finger and trails it all around the features on my face starting with my eyebrows as he speaks.


“Enough that I’m missin’ a party wit a room full of women that I could be wit, but like you said I’m here witchu.”


After his exploration he stops at my lips and gently kisses them. I was ready to melt away. His touch really does something to me. Then he puts his arm back around me holding me a little tighter. I needed to maintain my composer so I focused on the TV trying to get my mind off how he was making me feel.






“I like being with you too.”


“I know baby.”


“Nooowa, but what you don’t know is that I…”


Then we both shouted at the TV at the same time. We saw this crazy baseball highlight from one of the games. Some player made this miraculous catch that surprised us both. Tremaine starts talking about baseball which made me lose my train of thought completely. I didn’t know he was a fan of the sport. He went from talking about that to his family and some of his childhood memories. I just listened to him talk. He became a little more vulnerable; his words more soothing, showing me another layer to him.


I learned even more about him which made my feelings grow even stronger. I felt it in his words how much he loved his family and how much of a force his mom and grandmother has been in his life. It only made me admire and like him even more than I thought was possible. I smiled and giggled listening to his stories and how much of a hot head he told me he used to be. My ears just hung on to every jaw dropping word. It was one of my favorite moments with him. I told him I was glad I didn’t know him then. He probably wouldn’t have gotten the time of day from me. He thought that was funny or more like a joke.




My phone started buzzing before I could say another word. He gets it for me and puts it to my ear. It was Roslyn.


Girl where you at? Sia is laid out. She needs to go!


“Okay. I’ll be there. Wait! Where are you guys?”


We still in here!


“Okay. I’ll, I’ll be there.”


Tremaine removes my phone. I sit up.


“What’s wrong?”


“I really hate to cut our moment short, but I have to go get my girl and take her home.”


“Where she at?”


“They’re still in the restaurant I believe.”


“What’s wrong wit her?”


“She’s wasted.”


“How you plan on takin’ her home when you can barely make it there yaself?” I take a deep breath and blow it out. “You go get her and I’ll make sure y’all get home.”


I got Sia, and Tremaine had his driver take us home while he followed behind him driving my car. Sia stayed at my house. She didn’t make it past the couch. I got carried up to my bed by him and comfortably tucked in.


“Ya keys right here on ya night stand ar’ight?”


“Mmhmm,” I say, face nestled in my pillow. I forgot all about telling him anything.


“Get some sleep. I’ll call you tomorrow.” He kisses my cheek. “Good night baby,” then lets himself out.








I went back to my boys’ private party in the Opium Room. It was time to get it in. The ladies was lookin’ very enticin’ tonight. I had a group of ‘em chillin’ wit me. This one broad ain’t waste no time tryna get my attention. She walks up and introduces herself by puttin’ her titties in my face. She cups her breast and asks me if I wanna meet D D. I’m thinkin’ that’s her name n’shit. I had yet to look back at her face. Her titties was so damn big I couldn’t take my eyes off of ‘em.


“Trey. Treyeee.”


“Oh huh!” I finally look at her face.


Wit her hand cuppin’ her right breast she licks the exposed skin.


“D” then she licks the other one, “D wanted to say hello.”


Her double D’s were hangin’ tough tonight.


“Is that right.”


“Yeah. Don’t you want to say hello back,” she asks wit ‘em right under my lips.


I’m thinkin’ do she really expect for me to talk into her chest?


“What’s ya name baby… have a seat.”


She squeezes right beside me. Initially Hollie an Asian chick was there, but she let her bump her right over.


“Candace,” she says as she sat down.


“Candace meet Hollie, Heather, and… baby what’s ya name again?”




“Yea, yeah Andrea. Sorry sweetheart.”


“You’ll just make it up to me before the nights over,” she tells me.


Next thing I know Anita shows up. I ain’t even tell her I was here, but I should’ve known. She got spies and connections every damn place. I got up from the table and walked in her direction as she was on her way to me.


“What’s up?”


“I see it’s not me.”


“Whatchu talkin’ bout now?”


“You know I wanted to spend some time alone with you tonight and here you are partyin’ with those bitches.”


“Why you comin’ at me trippin’? I’m just tryna have a good time at the party for a minute then afterwards I probably would’ve got up witchu had you given me the chance.”


She folds her arms and stares at the ladies that I was sittin’ wit.


“What about them? Because it seems to me that you were planning on ending the night with all of ‘em, especially big boob Barbie over there.”


“You needa stop actin’ like you my…”


She interrupts my sentence.


“Like what? I’m ya girl? Trust! I know better. You don’t have to remind me that I’m not. I just wanted to be with you a lot longer that’s all.”


“You act like you ain’t seen me at all. I gave you some time earlier.”


“You give me a few stolen moments and you call that time Trey? I thought you wanted more time with me too? Così pieno di merda ,” she says under her breath.


“What? Say dat shit so I can understand you.”


“YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT! Is that clear enough for you?”


“You can’t be doin’ this all the time man.”


“Just go back over there with ya new bitches, and when you want ya CAZZO SUCCHIATO ask one of them. I’m sure they know what that means.”


Anita walks off. She’s a trip. In the back of my mind I knew I had to eventually break away from her. She was beginnin’ to get too possessive when I belong to no one. I ain’t got time for no bullshit. If she can’t deal wit the reality of the situation I’ma hafta find a way to cut her off. If she didn’t kiss my dick so good I probably would’ve been did it. But I’m weak when it comes to a pretty face and great sex. It’s hard to give that up, but some things just ain’t worth the hassle sometimes. I went back to rejoin the group. For me the night was just beginnin’.


“Trey what’s up wit my money man? Trigga don’t seem to be gettin’ it done.”


I’m sittin’ up here tryna have a nice conversation wit the ladies beside me and here he comes talkin’ bout his money.


“Man why you bringin’ dat shit up? You pick the most inappropriate moments sometimes… but you know what, you got dat. I’ma give it to you.”


“Man if you givin’ up anything it’s because you know I won.”


I got up from my spot so me and Jay could talk.


“How you figure dat when we didn’t even put a timeframe on shit? Here.” I count out a grand and give it to him. “I’m done wit it. I on’t even care no more.”


“Hold up! Lemme get this straight. You payin’ up without even knowing if you can turn her single? Am I hearing right?”


“It’s not important no more man… Take the money.”


“Something must’ve changed ‘cause you was talkin’ shit earlier. You alright bruh?”


I laugh.


“Man get da fuck outta here and take the shit before I change my mind.”


Jay smiles.


“Thanks! I’ll take it.”


“I just know you will mufucker.”


He laughs. I knew Blanca still had niggas around. Why wouldn’t she, she’s beautiful. Didn’t know for sure if dude she was kissin’ on earlier was her man, but fuck it. I was still gettin’ what I wanted so it was all good. She just as close to being single if she still fuckin’ wit me, so I’m cool. I let dat shit go, looked over and saw Anita that quick up in some guys face, but makin’ sure I saw her. I shake my head. Jay watched my eyes.


“Why dat girl always manage to make her presence felt? Damn! For once I’d like to be out without seeing her crazy ass. She stay sniffing yo’ ass out.”


We both laugh.


“She ain’t gettin’ no time from me tonight. I told her I probably would’ve fucked wit her later, but since she think she entitled n’shit I’ma make her ass wait.”


“Be careful wit her man. She a wildcard. You never know what you gone get wit her ass.” He grabs my shoulder. “You got that one.”


Jay walks one way and I walked the other. When I went back over to the table it was already on and poppin’. I slipped on in to get back in the mix of things. He was right. Anita can be tricky, and while she may have been on her bullshit tonight, I was on my late night shit…








“Did I get brought in the house by Trey Songz?” Immediately I start laughing. Sia had finally made it up to my room this morning. She lays beside me on her back on the bed. “Please tell me that man didn’t see me like this.”


“Sorry to tell you, but he did. I’m surprised you remember.”


She puts her arm over her forehead.




“It’s not the end of the world. Gees. I was plastered too.”




“I’m right here! You don’t have to yell at me.”


“I’m sorry. I’m mad. I don’t want that to be his first impression of me.”


“I know. I’m sure he doesn’t care anyway.” Sia eyeballs me. “I didn’t mean it like that I’m just saying he was probably more concerned with us getting here safely than anything.”


“Maybe you’re right, but how’d you make it up here?”


“He brought me upstairs.”


“Hussy!” We laugh. “Damn Blanca he came to the club for you.”


“No, he came there because Ludacris was having a private party.”


“You got to see him though.”


“And it’s a face I can get used to seeing all the time.”


“I just know you can. What girl wouldn’t?”


“Liz!” We both laugh. “No, but I never thought I would be this into him. Sia I dreamt about him all last night. God! What is he doing to me?”


“OUU! What was it about?”


“Okay… so he was doing a show somewhere and I was there right in the front row. So he pulls me up on stage and you know how he gives the ladies a towel or his shirt to wipe him down after he takes it off? Well, he took his water bottle and poured it all down his bare chest right, then he told me to lick him dry. He was like, now put ya lips on me and lick me till I’m dry,” I mock.


Sia laughs.


“OOOH SHIT! Did you do it?”


“I did, licked up every glistening spot that I saw, but wait get this. So after I licked him on stage in front of millions mind you, while the lights were low, the curtains closed we had sex right on the stage. Then the dream went into something completely different, but he was still in it. I dare not share that one.”


“He done turned you into a damn freak.”


“It was a dream Sia. It didn’t really happen.”


“I ain’t talking bout that dream. He got you sprung.”


“It’s hard not to be. The sex is unbelievable. We fit so perfectly. His body is impeccable. Feeling those muscles up against me… Girl! He’s handsome, got top notch taste and is the most charming man that I know.”


“Someone’s tune has changed drastically. What happened to ‘I don’t see Trey Songz the way everyone else does’ huh?”


“SHUT up! Anyways I’m not seeing Trey Songz. I’m seeing Tremaine Neverson.”


“SHE TOLD ME!” Sia shouts. She laughs.


“Sia whenever I’m around him I get this feeling in my stomach. I don’t know if it’s butterflies or what exactly to call it, but it’s always there. Just the thought of him makes it happen. I’ve never even experienced this with Darryl and we were together for years…” I shake my head with it still lying on my pillow. “I like him so much.”


“You like that dong!”


We both laugh again.


“But you know what, even if Tremaine and I never had sex and we were strictly getting to know one another, I’d still like him. He makes me feel so special… the things that he does for me… the things that he can do to me by just being around… I don’t know. I can’t explain it, but I genuinely value him.”


“I’m just playing about all that. Just be careful with your heart. I know I said have fun, which you don’t seem to be having any trouble with at all, but don’t lose sight of what Blanca really wants. Because the more time you spend with him I can see your feelings changing. And we both know what you really want.”


“I won’t lose sight of that. But if you see that happening call me on it. I don’t want to go back the person I was with Darryl.”


“Gladly. I hope you know too that you can’t be the only one he’s seeing. He is Trey Songz. So don’t stop dating other people because you’re wrapped up in him.”


“I try not to think about that, but I’m pretty sure I’m not and I won’t.” After thinking about what Sia said I felt like it was pointless to say anything about me being single, so I changed my mind.




a few dates in with Tremaine…


I’ma come scoop you up and take you out tonight. You gone be able to get away?


“I’ll think of something.”


Ar’ight I’ll call you. Be ready at 6:00 pm… and dress up too.


Blanca on the phone…


“Hey Jackson, I’m not going to be able to make it tonight… I know… It’s just bad timing I guess. I’m really sorry. No, something unexpectedly came up. I do apologize. Yeah everything’s okay though, I just won’t be able to join you that’s all. Thanks for the invite. Okay… talk to you soon.”


later on the phone with Tremaine


Yo! You straight?




You ready?


“Yeah, just waiting for you to get here.”


I’m on my way. I had to make a quick stop, but I’m on the road now.


“Okay Tremaine.”


I was annoyed. He was an hour late. Before I spoke with him I thought, he better not cancel on me either, especially since I cancelled previous plans. But he finally arrives as planned and blows the horn for me to come out. People were starting to catch on fast spotting him no matter how discreet he tried to be. No secret now how Darryl found out I was with him. I had to be quick, so I didn’t mind him not getting out the car to open the door for me. It was too much of a hassle if he was spotted so I rushed inside.


“Damn baby, you tryna start somethin’ before the nights even started. I’m ready to lay yo’ pretty ass down now.”


I was still in my feelings.


“You’ll be lucky if you get to lay me down at all tonight.”


He smiles.


“That’s whatcha mouth say.”


“Tremaine why are you late?”


“I had to meet up wit my stylist real quick. She had some new pieces that she wanted me to see and it ran longer than what I expected. Shit dope too.”


“You could’ve called me.”


“I did.”


“Not when you’re on your way. Before! When you knew you were going to be late.”


He apologizes with a smile.


“I’m sorry sweetheart. I’ll make sure to call you next time… okay?” Now I’m smiling. “You accept my apology?”




“Where’s my kiss at then,” he asks.


His charm and smile gets me every time, I swear. I went on and kissed him then we pulled off. We went out to dinner at Andre’s at the Monte Carlo. Tremaine did it again. This place was so extravagant. No wonder he told me to make sure I was dressed up. It was French cuisine dining with a European feel as well. We were seated in this beautiful blue room. One of the more private dining rooms that they have. Very cozy. The staff didn’t miss a beat. They made our dining experience a pleasurable one.


I had never had French food before. I found out neither did Tremaine. This place was recommended to him so he thought he’d try it out. I talked him into trying the Maine Lobster Thermidor, since it was something he’d never had. He wanted to get the Sautéed Green-Peppercorn Crusted Filet of Beef; something more familiar, but he listened to me and went with my choice. I got the Imported Dover Soul. I was trying something unfamiliar too. The food was phenomenal and the atmosphere was the perfect setting for us to have a romantic night. Who was I kidding about not getting laid. He was all I wanted for dessert.




many dates in…

reads text


Great! Just great! He won’t be back in L.A. till next week. Why do I do this to myself? I really wanted to see him. I hate his schedule at times. UGH! I just threw that phone on the couch.


us on the phone a week later…

“So we’re not going now?”


Nah baby, by the time I get finished here then get dressed and drive there it’ll be too late to go. It was last minute anyway doe. I’ll take you someplace else another time… promise.


“So I got rid of Darryl and dressed up for nothing Tremaine?”


Don’t say dat. I’m still comin. How bout this… when I get there Ill personally treat you to Château Tremaines.


I smile.


“Oh yeah?”


Yeah, so keep ya clothes on, play some of ya favorite music and just relax till I get there.


“I can do that.”


You ain’t ate already right?


“No, remember you told me not to.”


Baby I’m sorry. Don’t sweat it doe. You still gone have a nice night, ar’ight?


“Okay. I’ll see you when you get here then.”


He continues to blow me away overshadowing the disappointments. Château Tremaine’s is now my favorite place to eat. He cooked for me my favorite dish; at my request, chicken and waffles. He lit some candles and had me sit down at the table while he plated my food and fed it to me. Every single bite of it. He wouldn’t let me lift a finger. Being fed fried chicken by him was an experience. A fun one. I’ll never look at the parts of a chicken the same again. His cooking was actually pretty good. Then he poured me a glass of sparkling fruit-filled white wine to wash it down with. Then throughout the normal course of conversation and laughter he takes my hand and looks me in the eyes. He says something that has me speechless.


“I really enjoyed cookin’ and feedin’ you tonight. Somethin’ I could probably get useda doin’ for you easily, IF things were different.”


My heart skipped a few beats, my body got tingles and my mind started racing. Hold the presses… I thought, If things were different? He did stress if. Did I just get my answer? Is he trying to tell me something without telling me something…