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The Male Escort (Series II – Part 2)

Friday, February 27th, 2015

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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The next day I was feelin’ good at work. Had an amazin’ night wit my baby to start my mornin’ off. I did see Rachel again and got to meet her fiance Craig. I had the opportunity to peek in on the seminar that he was holdin’ there and met him afterwards. He’s a nice guy wit a smart head on his shoulders. Cat gotta lot of loot too. He shows people how to get on the path to financial freedom. I chatted wit ‘em for a few and then got back to work. Once it was break time I called Ms. Renae Mathews. She’s the one Chris gave me the business card for. We discussed meetin’ up after work to talk about the details of our possible business arrangement. London will have to stay after work for a staff meetin’ first, and then she’ll be catchin’ up on some paperwork, so this works out perfectly. The rest of my day went along wit ease. They had me at the front desk after lunch so being up there makes the time fly by. Before I knew it, it was 3:30, time to see Renae.

She wants me to meet her at her office. She’s the CEO of Fashion Faux Pas Magazine. When I got there her receptionist was all smiles and real pleasant. She told me Ms. Mathews was on a current phone call and she’d buzz her when she was done. She led me over to a sittin’ area and offered me somethin’ to drink while I waited, but I told her I was fine and thanked her. Then she left out. I probably waited about 10 more minutes before she was comin’ back to me and takin’ me to see Renae.

“Mr. Neverson, right this way.”

I walk in the office and saw Renae behind her desk. Her office looks like a conference room it’s so big. She was focused on her computer screen when she thanked her assistant and told her to close the door behind her. She hadn’t looked at me yet. I was just standin’ there in front of her desk waitin’ to properly introduce myself, so in the meantime I checked her out. I couldn’t help but to notice how gorgeous she is. Cinnamon complexion, round shaped face that was completely exposed since she had her hair pulled up in a long ponytail. She had a cute lil dimple in her chin too. Renae is a full figured woman, but she wore it well. Lemme know right away she knew her stuff she was so well put together.

“Please Mr. Neverson have a seat,” she finally tells me.

I take a seat. She does her thang on the computer for a few seconds more and then she takes her glasses off.

“Sorry about that,” she says standin’ to her feet wit her hand extended. “It’s finally nice to meet you.” We shake hands. She has a good firm shake too. “As you know I’m Renae Mathews… how bout we take a walk over and sit on the couch,” she suggests.

I follow her lead and go wit her over to the sittin’ area. I take a seat after her.

“You are one hard man to sway,” she says as she crosses her legs and clasps her hands together restin’ them on her knees that were covered by her suit pants. “I figured if I buttered your bread a little more I might have a better chance of getting to you.”

“You’ve definitely sweetened the pot a whole lot, and since you have what exactly can I do for you?”

“I have a slew of events coming up and I only wanted the best Escort around to accommodate me.”

“But you know I’m not doing that type of thing no more right… so why would you still want me?”

“Like I said. I only want the best. You have a mighty fine track record Tremaine… is it okay if I call you that?”


“Okay, well I’ve never heard someone come so highly recommended and yet this is no longer your profession. May I ask why?”

“It was just time.”

“Time huh? But if the price is right it then becomes about the money instead,” she says glib.

I crack a subtle smile.

“It’s always about the money, but to a certain extent. Since we talkin’ ten grand,” I say rubbin’ my hands together, “what did you have in mind for that kind of money?”

She comes and takes a seat beside me since she was sittin’ in a chair. It was the first time I caught a glimpse of a weddin’ ring. Shit surprised me. Chris never said she was married…



The meetin’ finally came to an end and London, as well as all the other staff members were leavin’ or goin’ back to their class rooms. London was on her way to hers talkin’ to Clarissa.

“Are you prepared for this field trip,” asks Clarissa.

“I don’t know. I’ve never had to spend three days with a bunch of kids before. On camp grounds at that.”

“It’s never a dull moment that’s for sure. I’ve done this trip for the past three years and it gets more interesting every time,” she says wit a smile.

“I bet,” London replies also smilin’ too. Then Rob walks up to join in.

“What are you two all smiles for?”

Clarissa looks at him wit an even bigger smile on her face.

“I believe WE were having a conversation mister newsy pants.”

“Alright, I guess I’ll mind my business then.”

“Just kidding,” Clarissa playfully says.

“So was I,” he says chucklin’. “So what were the smiles for?” He looks at London. “I bet I can take a guess at what you were smiling about.”

“Don’t be so sure,” she replies.

“You ladies ready to tackle this field trip in a few weeks?”

“I’m excited about it,” says London.

He eyes her partially grinnin’.

“So am I,” he says.

“I’m as ready as I’m going to be,” says Clarissa. She looks at Rob. “We’re going to have to break this one in.” They both start laughin’. London looks at the two of them lost.


“Just a figure of speech London calm down. Well here’s my stop. You guys have a nice weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Alright Clarissa,” says London.

Rob waives goodbye and continues to walk wit London. He follows her in her classroom.

“You guys aren’t planning to do anything weird or try to pull any stunts on me on this trip now are you,” she asks.

He gives her a cheeky response.

“I don’t know what she’s talking about doing, but I definitely have something planned for you…”

“Stop it right there,” she says wit a hand gesture.

“Alright, but on a serious note you got any plans for this weekend?”

“I’m not sure yet. I never know with Tremaine.”

“Well a few of us teachers are going bowling Saturday night. The two of you should come.”

“The two of us?”

“Yeah, I mean you don’t have to bring him if you don’t want to, but the offers there.”

“What time is everyone going?”

“7:30. Holiday Lanes.”

“I’m not making any promises, but I’ll see.”

“I think you should come. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

“Does Clarissa know about this?”

“Yeah, she won’t be able to make it. I ran it by her earlier.”

“Well I’ll run it by Tremaine and see what he says.”

“Okay. I’ll take that.”

“You know if I come Tremaine may be with me right,” she says confirmin’ my posssible presence.

“Yeah. I look forward to seeing him again… IF he comes.”

“Right… okay…” she says doubtin’ his response wit one eye squinted.

“Well, I’m about to get up out of here and hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

“Bye Rob.”

“Oh! Make sure this time you don’t forget your Tablet.”

She laughs.

“Yeah, yeah. Goodbye!”

London graded a few papers and prepared for Monday before she finally left.



I listened to Renae explain the things she had planned for us as well as hand me a calendar wit everything laid out. I really couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t takin’ her husband wit her. Then I figured maybe she’s separated and hasn’t stopped wearin’ her ring. Then I wondered if maybe she just was wearin’ it on her left hand and wasn’t married at all.

“So how does that sound,” she asks invadin’ my thought process. “Is what I’m asking doable?”

“Can I get some time to see how I can work this in wit my current schedule? I see you have a dinner party on here for Saturday night.” I rub my chin. “That’s tomorrow.”

“I know this is short notice, so if you can’t escort me then, it’s really not a big deal. But it would mean a great deal if I didn’t have to go alone.”

It kept naggin’ at me to ask her about her husband so I did.

“I see you have a weddin’ ring on Ms. Mathews, where’s Mr. Mathews if you don’t mind my askin’?

“There isn’t a Mr. Mathews, however there is someone special in my life and her name is Leena. See Tremaine, a lot of people don’t know this; I actually was in denial myself for quite some time, but I’m bi-sexual. I’ve been very private about my personal life since Mr. Mathews and I separated.”

“So there is a Mr. Mathews, but you two are no longer together,” I repeat.

“Right!” She stands and paces the floor. “It’s simpler to just keep things as they appear to be… it’s really complicated… you will be the first man to be seen with me since my separation,” she says wit hesitance.

I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that. London is my world. Renae is in the spotlight often. I didn’t realize how much of a high profile client she is. This could potentially cost me everything.

“Renae, I gotta be honest witchu. I wasn’t expectin’ things to be this complex. I’m not a single man anymore. I came here to hear you out and ultimately find out what you were expectin’ from me to want to compensate me that much, but the more I think about it I’m not sure if I’m your man.”

“I’ll double your offer and make it $20,000.00. I’ll make extra provisions if necessary as far as the press to still maintain some level of privacy, but please say you’ll do this. I really would love to have you on my arm. I need you!”

“I appreciate dat. If you don’t mind I’d like to think it over and get back witchu.”

“Okay, but I’ll need an answer no later than tomorrow… preferably before 3:00 pm.”

I stand up.

“I’ll call you tomorrow then.”

I walked out of Renae’s office wit a lot to think about. When I get to London’s she’s sittin’ on the sofa wit her feet propped up, music playin’ softly in the background wit a glass of wine in her hand.

“Hey babe!”

I walk over to give her a kiss. My mind was heavy.


I lift her legs up and sit on the couch wit her puttin’ them back over my lap.

“Where are you just coming from?”

“Is it anymore wine left?”

“Sure! Would you like for me to pour you a glass,” she thoughtfully asks.

“Nah baby I’ll get it. What time you get here?”

“Like 4;30 pm.”

“How was the staff meetin’?”

“Remember the camping trip that I was asked to help chaperone for the sixth graders?”

“Yeah, what about it? It’s cancelled now or somethin’?”

“No. That’s what the meeting was about. The trip will be in two weeks. They were just going over more of the same stuff they’ve been telling us before.”

“What days was that for again?”

“Wednesday, Thursday and we come back Friday evening. Oh! Before I forget, some of the teachers are going bowling tomorrow night sooo… I figured we could go.”

I felt like I was gettin’ a glimpse already of things to come, especially wit Renae wantin’ me to accompany her tomorrow night for a dinner party.

“What time?”

“Well, they’ll be there around 7:30 pm, but we can come a little bit later if that doesn’t work for you, or not go at all if you had something for us to do.”

“Nah, I really didn’t have anything planned.”

“Okay Tremaine, what’s wrong?”

I smile tryna cover up my dismay.


“You don’t want to go do you?” I cup her knees and slide her ass over to me. She panics cause she has her wine glass in her hand and she’s worried about it spillin’. “Tremaine wait… wait…” she yells. I don’t listen and keep pullin’ her. She leans over to put it down on the table and then props herself up on her elbows. “Baebee… why the long face? Don’t say it’s nothing again, because I know that’s a lie.”

“Baby you know I on’t like being around ya co-workers… they borin’ as shit.”

She bumps her knees into my chest.

“UhHUH”, she shouts insulted. “You don’t mean that. Anyway you’ve only spent time with them at school functions. If you don’t want to go Trey just say so. We don’t have to go.”

“I’m just messin’ witchu. We can go, but I might have to leave doe?”

She suddenly grabs my arm and situates herself up fully on my lap givin’ me her undivided attention.


“Cause I know I ain’t finna be bored all night.”

She tries to put me in a choke hold since she realized I was playin’ wit her. I let her think she stronger than me and go wit it.

“Say you’ll stay till I’M ready to leave,” she demands.

“I’ll stay till I’m ready to leave,” I taunt.

She holds me a little more snug and laughs at my response.

“HAha! No, till I’M ready to leave Tremaine! Say it!”

It took one swift move and she was cryin’ for mercy. I started ticklin’ her on her sides.


She squirms so much she slips off my lap onto the floor. She starts laughin’ even more. I got down there wit her and lay beside her.

“You ar’ight?”

“No,” she says smackin’ my shoulder.

I kiss her cheek.

“Is that better?”


I flick my tongue in her ear.

“How bout now?”

“Mmm… almost.”

I give her a lingerin’ kiss on her lips.


She gives me a thumbs up. I loved her so much. All I wanted to do was to make her happy and give her what she deserves. Gettin’ this money… I could do so much more for her. Everything I do is because of her. I just hope she knows it. She watches me as I stare in her eyes. She cups my neck to pull my head into her lips for more kissin’. Next I feel her hands unbuttoning my shirt. I pause lettin’ her undress me. I pull my t-shirt off and she takes hers off while still lying on the floor. I eye her perky breast as they fit snug in her bra. I bite my lip at the sight of her before I passionately kiss her again. She feeds me her tongue lettin’ me extract the taste of wine from it.

Off comes her bra. Then she holds on to my shoulders to sit herself up. She starts lickin’ on my chest; bitin’ my nipple makin’ me huff. She licks and kisses it then does this same manipulation to the other one. Moments later she looks me in the eyes and tells me she wants to ride it.

“Baby get off me and lay back.”

Her wish is my command, so I obey. I lie back on the carpet waitin’ to see what she does next. She takes my shoes off and pulls my pants completely off along wit my boxers.  Next she climbs on top and without any hesitation starts grindin’ on me skin to skin. Then she leans forward and places my dick between her breast strokin’ it wit ‘em. She would take her lips and kiss the tip also teasin’ it wit her tongue. I was fadin’ fast. I was hard and felt myself oozin’ a lil already. I watch her as she continues this motion. Then I shut my eyes and just get taken away from the moment when she puts me inside. Wit her hands firmly pressed on my chest her body sways and dances on my dick to a rhythm that’s all her own. She had her own agenda for satisfaction. I could see it in her eyes as we caught glimpses of each other between each breath-takin’ movement.

I didn’t know what had gotten into her this night. Maybe it’s the fact that I was missed or just because she loves me just as much as I love her, but I’m loving it. She is too, because she ridin’ me like she’s tryna squeeze every ounce of stamina out of me. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I grab her hips makin’ her body bounce even more tryna get her to cum first. I was losin’ the battle. I reach a climax and explode all inside her. Her merriment was elevated too because she came right wit me. Her body lazily falls forward and smashes right into my chest. I pull her hair to the side and lightly kiss her face holdin’ her tight as she rests awaitin’ her body to calm. I hated the fact that I was about to lie to her again, but this need I have to chase paper won’t let me rest. I’mma do my damnest to make this work without missin’ a beat. I have too or it could cost me what means the most to me and I’ll end up wit nothin’. 

“Babe where were you coming from earlier? You never told me.”


I give her quick peck to her temple. I know I never told her, but since she asked again I knew I had to tell her somethin’, but what…