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The Male Escort (Series II – Part 4)

Friday, March 20th, 2015

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Part 4


Monday at work there was a little tension comin’ from London towards Rob. He notices it immediately durin’ lunch in the teachers’ lounge. Everyone was talkin’ about how he and his date couldn’t seem to keep away from each other and wonderin’ who she was since it seemed she just was brought on the scene. The men kept sayin’ how pretty she is and how he’s scored in the babe department. They also teased him about always pullin’ sexy black women. London had her own ideas about her. She was thinkin’ it wasn’t too much that was special about her except she seemed easy.

Rob put her off like she was nobody but a friend and said he actually has his sights set on someone else. He’s known to be a charmer and sought out a lot by the ladies so that was no surprise to the fellas in the room. He looked at London on the sly after he said his sights were on someone else hopin’ for some sort of reaction. She suddenly walks out of the room to eat in her classroom. She was tryna to put Saturday’s event out of her head, but couldn’t. Cynthia’s words echoed in her head about dealin’ wit someone that she works wit. They weren’t even involved, but this feelin’ of experiencin’ him she couldn’t shake. She knew she loved me more than anything, but was mad at herself for being emotionally but unofficially tied to Rob.

She went on wit the rest of her day actin’ unbothered when really she couldn’t wait till work was over. Rob desperately wanted to talk to her so at the end of the day as she was going to her car he follows her.

“Hey London!”

“What do you want Rob,” she asks never lookin’ back openin’ her car door.

She unwillingly moves as he turns her body to face him.

“What is wrong with you? Why do you seem like you’re mad at me? Did I do something?”

“What do I have to be mad at you for,” she asks wit folded arms.

He shakes his head in uncertainty.

“I don’t know… but you’ve been cold towards me it seems all day.”

She brushes off his words.

“Sorry you feel that way. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to put gas in my car before I go home.”

London gets in and drives to the gas station. Rob follows her. He pulls up to the bay right across from her. She gets out and notices him as she shuts her car door. He walks over to her car.

“I’m going to make you talk to me.”

Exasperated by him she talks.

“Why is it so important that I talk to you? Talk to Keri.”

“I will talk to her when I want to. But truthfully the one I’m dying to talk to is you.”

“You think you’re God’s gift to women don’t you? Think you can just flirt carelessly with me and I’m supposed to just fall for it when you have someone in your life?”

“So do you.”

“Is that why you wanted me to go bowling so badly, so you could flaunt your relationship in my face?”

“No, of course not. I wanted you to come because I wanted you there. I wanted to see you I… I knew you’d have fun, even if it wasn’t with me… I really like you London. I think about you all the time.”

“I didn’t seem to be on your mind Saturday night,” she candidly says.

“You’re jealous. You’re jealous of Keri aren’t you?”

“Please! Tuh! Jealous… what do I have to be jealous for? I have a man.”

He wraps his hand around London’s arm. The moment he touches her she feels her body startin’ to betray her. Her tough exterior slowly starts to disintegrate.

“I also know that you have an attraction for me, even if it’s not much. Tell me that’s not true.”

“It doesn’t matter. I love Tremaine.” She takes his hand off of her arm and exhales. “You and I both know that anything between us is not possible.”

“I really wish that wasn’t so.”

“Well it is. Besides, you and I would never work.”

His blue eyes stare at her so concentrated like she just said somethin’ defiant.

“I don’t believe that for one second… neither do you, because if you did you wouldn’t have to run away from me.”

London knew he was right. She was runnin’ from him, because what she was feelin’ scared her. She was attracted to him. Along wit havin’ a domineering personality she liked what she saw physically. To her she wasn’t supposed to feel for another man when she was already happy and had everything she wanted wit me.

“You can’t just build a relationship on chemistry alone you know. There has to be a real connection there too.”

“I’m pretty sure we would have more in common than just that.”

“You seem pretty sure about a lot,” she says as she moves away from him to lift the flap to remove the nozzle on her gas tank.

“You like to start your mornings off with breakfast no matter what time it is. Your favorite color is pastel pink.” London’s motionless as she hears him tellin’ her things about herself. “You like to play video games. Grand Theft Auto is your favorite. You read not only because your profession requires it, but also as a hobby. You don’t like potato salad or tomatoes. Chocolate covered strawberries is your weakness. You’re very close with your parents, especially your dad, and one thing that I know about you that makes you so special to me is you’re amazing with kids. You’d make a won…”

She puts her hand up as she faces him irritated.

“Okay… alright… that’s enough. You know way too much about me… that freaks me out,” she says with wide eyes and crumpled eyebrows. “Did you know that,” she poignantly points out.

“I’m not saying any of these things to make you feel uncomfortable. My point is, I pay attention to you… close attention. You do that when you care about someone and only want to get to know them to make them happy.”

His words were weighin’ on her heart, penetratin’ there way in slowly.

“I am happy Rob,” she tries to say convincingly. “Yes… I may feel a certain way towards you, but I refuse to let that mess up what I got going with Tremaine. I love him. He’s…”

Rob throws caution to the wind. While London was talkin’ before she could catch a breath their lips are connected. She was engulfed in Robs embrace. London couldn’t believe this was happenin’. She wanted to break away, but was held captive by his kiss. It was different. The way he sucks on her lips his tongue wasn’t intrusive, but nonetheless the kiss was still nice and gentle. She could feel so much passion from it. As soon as she realizes what is really happenin’ she pulls away. Her left hand covers her lips for a second as the kiss lingers leavin’ her wit a blank stare.


Rob reaches out to touch her again, but she looks at him and steps back from his reach since she’s now out of her haze.

“What are you doing?” she asks appalled.

“I’m sorry. I just… I’ve been longing to do that and the more I saw your lips move the more I wanted to kiss them. I know I said I’m sorry, but I’m not.”

“You’re really not sorry,” she says bullyin’.

“No,” he says firmly taking a stance.

She points her finger in his face and speaks at a whisper through gritted teeth.

“Don’t you ever kiss me without permission again or you will be sorry.”

She turns her back to him and puts her card in the machine before fillin’ her tank. Robs says no more and walks back over to his car to also fill his tank. London gets back in hers and is stalled for a moment. She reflects on what just happened and is suddenly consumed wit guilt. She starts her car and looks over at the man that is responsible.

Rob was puttin’ the cap back on while London sat back and watched ‘em. When he looks up he sees she’s still there and their eyes meet. She notices his face was serious. He looks at her wit no remorse. Then she notices a sudden arrogance in him as he walks to the driver’s side and gets in the car. She liked it. She puts the car in gear and speedily pulls off.

On the drive home she realizes that’s what she’s drawn to. A man that knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. But she knows she already has a man like that. She knows there’s no room for two. She knew she had to put Rob and the kiss out of her mind before the unthinkable happens. Before she loses what means the most to her… me.

Before she has the opportunity to get her mind fully right Rob calls her. She’s staggered by his persistence. She doesn’t answer it and let it go to voice mail. He only calls back. She lets it go to voice mail again. He calls once more. Frustrated by his consistency she answers.


“I hope you will forgive me. I will respect what you said and I won’t kiss you again without your permission. I won’t lay a finger on you without your permission. I won’t even make love to you without your permission. I will ask for all of these things and only with your permission will they happen.” London can’t even come up wit the words to respond to his blatant anticipation. Her words have seemed to escape her. Rob hears nothin’ but silence, but he knows she’s still there. “One more thing before I let you go. I enjoyed your lips. I can still taste you London that it makes me want you that much more, but I’ll wait until the day I have your permission. And I’ll never stop longing for the day that I get it…” Rob checks to see if London is still there by lookin’ at the timer on the call makin’ sure it was still climbin’. He grimaces knowin’ she’s still listenin’. “Have a good night.” He ends the call.


It took London a minute before she got out of the car. She saw my car in the driveway and knew I was inside so she had to pull it together to not raise any suspicions once I saw her. She takes a few deep breaths hoping to calm her nerves first before she finally gets out the car to come inside.

“Trey!” She sets her purse and keys down on the entertainment center. “Babe! I’m home!” She pauses for a second waitin’ for a response. Then she notices a sticky note that was almost fully buried under her purse. She picks it up and reads it: Ya home now relax, time to unwind, walk on to the kitchen the next note you’ll find.She blushes. “What is this man up too,” she says.

She proceeds to the kitchen and sees that the small round table in there is covered wit pink rose petals and has a pretty arrangement of roses inside an elegant vase centered right in the middle of it. “AW,” she cries surprised. A card is attached. She reads it: Take the purple container out the fridge to the bathroom you go, time to take a soak, there you’ll find the next place to go… And yeah, roses for my beautiful rose. London hugs the card as tears fill her eyes.

To come home to this was just the dose of medicine a doctor could’ve ordered. It touched her deeply. She opens the fridge and sees the purple container wit a lid on it. She just had to be newsy and opens it before going upstairs. She sees it’s full of strawberries soakin’ in its juices but when she smells it she notices its some sort of wine they’re soakin’ in. She can’t wait to taste them so she doesn’t, and eats one. “Mm-mm mm-mm-mm” she grunts.

Eagerly she goes upstairs to the bathroom in her room and her jaw drops immediately. She sees a tray lying on the edge of her spa tub wit all her bathin’ supplies on it surrounded by more rose peddles. She saw a note too, but she decides to take her a bath first and once she was done then she would read the note, so she sets it aside and starts her water to soak. She had the candles lit that I had there for her. Her bubbles poppin’ and bath salts sizzlin’ along wit her fruity strawberry treat that she could munch on all for the enjoyment.

“God I love him,” she states.

By the time she’d gotten in the tub, I was home. I had just come back from her mom’s house. She had made dinner for us, so I went to pick it up. That was actually a surprise to me. I wasn’t going to cook somethin’tonight, but I was gonna go pick us up somethin’ so that worked out perfect. She had cooked us some barbeque baked chicken, gourmet style string beans and twice baked loaded potatoes. I went to set the table in the dining room, create an intimate atmosphere so we could enjoy our last night for a while of sittin’ down together.

Basically that’s what all of this was for. I just wanted to do somethin’ special tonight wit just the two of us. I was off today so it just seemed like the thing to do. Although I can admit some of it is driven by guilt, but for the most part it’s to just show her how much I love and care about her.

London spent almost an hour in the tub, her usual when she relaxin. Once she gets out she grabs the note to make sure how to dress if she needed to. She reads it: I hope you enjoyed ya bath baby and ya sweet lil treat. Come join me in the dining room, a nice meal we will eat.

By now it was round 6:30. I had the dining room all set. I was just waitin’ for her to appear. Shortly after I hear her comin’ down the stairs. She comes to the dining room and pauses in the archway coverin’ her mouth. She was dressed in her cute lil black yoga pants and a black camisole top. She removes her hands and walks over to me wit her arms out and a lovin’ look on her face all emotional.

She gives me the tightest hug and the most succulent kiss afterwards.

“Trey, I can’t even… … tell you how much this means to me.”

I take her by the hand and lead her to her seat at the table pullin’ her chair out. She takes a seat. I bend down some speakin’ close to her ear as I’m pushin’ her in.

“That’s ar’ight you can show me later.” She grins. “Baby I know you appreciate it, I just wanted to make ya everyday routine a lil more special for you tonight.”

“You did babe… you really did.”

“I can’t take credit for the food doe, ya mom made us dinner on a whim. I just did everything else.”

“I love it… these roses are beautiful. So where have you been hiding all this time?”

I pour us some wine before I take my seat across from her.

“I was at ya moms gettin’ the food. You was in the tub when I got here.”

“But your car was here.”

“I drove the other one.”

She frowns lookin’ lost at first.

“Oh, the one for your job. I forgot that fast you had it.”

I hold up my glass and she brings hers to mine.

“Let’s make a toast to love.”

She smiles.

“Too love baby.”

We ate dinner and got caught up on the day’s events.

“So how was ya day today?”

“Oh it was alright I guess. The kids were chattier more today than usual. Had the hardest time settling them down for some reason. I don’t know, it turned out to be one of those days where nothing wanted to go right till now,” she says wit a huge smile.

“Yeah you got some characters up in that room. What’s that kids name… uh… uh…”


“The one that dumped the girls lunch in the trash cause she laughed at him when he got in trouble.”


“Yea yeah, Nigel. He still actin’ up?”

“No. Only because he knows he’s on thin ice with his parents and his birthday is coming soon.”

“That lil dude is funny to me man.”

“You and everyone else. I think he loves being the center of attention… good or bad,” she says wit a head nod and grin. “But enough about my day. What have you been doing, besides working on this wonderful surprise for me?”

“I had to put a few of my suits in the cleaners… paid the bills while I was over at the house. That was pretty much it.”

“How was my mom when you went over there?”

“She was good. She made us dessert too, but since I had to go I didn’t get to bring it. She had some pies in the oven. I told her I’d tell you to come by sometime tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I’ll go over there. I want to thank her anyway for this meal tonight. The two of you have really made my day.”

“I’m glad baby.”

“Now I’m going to clean up everything while you go and relax.”

She hops up from the table taking both our plates to the kitchen, but we cleaned up together. As she washed the dishes I would glance at her so-often from the dining room archway realizin’ how lucky I am. Once everything was back in order we stretched out on the couch together in the living room underneath a blanket and cuddled while we watched funny movies.

London’s body was on its side as she lies wit her back against the couch and her leg partially bent on me also restin’ her head and hand flat to my chest. She looks to me.

“Trey, thank you for this evening. Out of all days, today was the day that I needed this the most. You amaze me with how much more you make me love you.”


I felt the same way, which is why I needed this money. It was only right that we took our relationship to the next step, and I was lookin’ forward to askin’ her…