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The Male Escort (Series II – Part 6)

Monday, April 27th, 2015

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1MESyreeta)

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Part 6

“Trey… hello!”

“I’m sorry bout that baby, they were gettin’ a lil noisy so I had to move to someplace quiet.”

“Where are you?”

“That’s why I’m callin’ you. Renae had me take her to an awards show. She decided to stay at the hotel it’s being held in for the night…” I reluctantly continue. “Which means… I gotta stay too.”

“WHAT! WHY? You can’t just come back and pick her up? And Trey you know you have to work in the morning.”

“I know. I got it all worked out doe. I’mma be leavin’ early so I can make it home in time to get ready for work.”

“No! You need to come home tonight.”

“… I know you’re upset about all this. Believe me. I wasn’t plannin’ on not comin’ home either, but if it’s any consolation we’re not even in the same room.”

“So you’re staying,” she says an octave higher.

“London, by the time I drive home and then hafta get up just to come back here to pick her up baby I won’t have much time for sleep. You want me drivin’ around half woke?”

“Of course not. It’s just… I’m not liking this Trey. AT ALL! How is she just going to assume that you can stay out all night? Who do she think she is?”

“It’s really not that big a deal.”

“Trey you told me you were coming home tonight. I really want you here.”

“I know what I said… hol’ up! Why you been so emotional lately about me not being around? I ain’t been nowhere but workin’ and spendin’ what free time I do have witchu… tell me what I’m missin’.” London gets quiet for a few seconds. She knew when I wasn’t around that left room for Rob to enter her thoughts. My being there to her was the only way to combat them and give her reassurance. “Baby talk to me.”

“I guess I’ve been feeling insecure lately. I don’t know… I think back to when you were escorting and when I had no idea about it. The way women would always seem to want your attention. I guess at first, part of me wondered about Renae. If this overnight excursion of hers was really planned to somehow seek more from you.”

“So you think I’m that easy… Like I’ll just fuckin’ sleep wit anybody that wants me to have sex wit ‘em?”

She heavily sighs.

“No babe. That’s not how I meant it.”

“How’d you mean it den?”

“I do trust you Trey. It’s other women that I don’t trust.”

“How many times I gotta tell you it’s not them you needa be trustin’? Since we’ve been back together have I given you any reason to doubt me or my feelings for you?”


“So what then… have your feelings changed? Is that it? Is that why you keep questionin’ me about mine and takin’ me through all these changes and unnecessary bullshit?”

It was late. I was tired and frustration was settlin’ in at this point.

“How is that taking you through changes? Just because I question certain things at times? You act like you haven’t given any reason at all for me to be this way.”

“I’ve also given you plenty more not to be. The fuck more you expect?”

“WHAT,” she yells in the phone.

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to come off like dat. I just don’t know what more you want from me.”

She doesn’t say anything for a good minute and neither do I.

“… I don’t want this to be an argument. You’re right. All this has nothing to do with you not being here for me, or showing me that you really love me. It’s just my own insecurities that I seem to be struggling with. I thought I was passed it all, but the way things have been for us lately it just stirred up those emotions again. I know you wouldn’t cheat on me, and I also know you don’t want to be there.”

“I don’t. Plus Renae knows me havin’ to stay here tonight is an inconvenience, which is why she payin’ me more money for it.”

“Then why doesn’t she just leave too and then she doesn’t have to pay you OR inconvenience you?”

“I didn’t ask. Look, I’m just here to do my job. I’m gettin’ compensated for it so I’m good wit it. You should be too. Baby I’m doin’ this for us.”

“That still doesn’t make me feel any better. Is her husband there?”

“Yeah, she’s not alone.”

Another half-truth.

“Good. Well since you can’t be here how bout I come there?”

“I don’t wantchu drivin’ out here this late justa hafta turn back around too, besides if I wasn’t workin’ it would be different.”

“If you wasn’t workin’ you wouldn’t be there… well… that’s not true. Your day job could’ve sent you there to work and you decide to stay overnight.”

“I wish I did have you lyin’ right beside me doe. Havin’ dat big ass poked out brushin’ up against my dick while you layin’ on ya side.”

“Yeah, I have no arms wrapped around me tonight holding me before we fall off to sleep.”

“I know…Well baby I’m about to get some sleep and call it a night… tired… I’ll see you tomorrow ar’ight?”

“Okay… goodnight… I love you.”

“I love you too… goodnight baby.”



It’s been three weeks of doing this 9-5 shit along wit escortin’ Renae. Ever since that phone call London has been on my ass about not being here and spendin’ so much time workin’. Renae’s had me at conventions wit her, numerous black tie affairs and charity benefits. It’s been great for me, but London not so much. I had to remind her that she did agree to deal wit it, since it was only temporary, so I asked her to lay off a bit. That didn’t really go over to well. She said I never told her anything about overnight stays and being gone for days at a time. She said she didn’t agree to deal wit that.

I know I omitted out a lot, but I had to. If she really knew what I was up to she’d probably leave my ass again and it was no way I was lettin’ that shit happen. Now she’s gone for three days chaperonin’ a school trip. I miss her not being here, but at least it gives me a little breathin’ room from her being down my back. I know these past few weeks been strenuous, but it’s almost over and in the end she’ll realize why I been wokin’ so hard.

I did get the first half of the money from Renae and actually been doing a lil ring shoppin’. Leena and Renae’ both been great about showin’ me some things that they think London might like. They both real good people’s man. I told Renae I’mma miss hanging out wit ‘em. This has been the easiest gig I done had as far as escortin’ goes. Renae requires nothin’ from me, but my presence. I don’t hafta cater to her or nothin’. Leena handles it all which makes my life and this job a whole lot easier, especially since I’m doing it now havin’ a relationship.

Nancy managed to rope me into takin’ her to an event. I told her I’d do it this one time, and that’s only ‘cause I knew London wasn’t going to be around. Lucky for Nancy it fell on a Thursday… which is tonight, and London won’t be back till tomorrow evenin’, plus I didn’t have anything scheduled wit Renae, so it gave me a chance to make a lil more loot. I just got dressed, so now I’m about to go pick Nancy up and get this paper real quick. When I get there she ain’t even dressed. She walkin ‘round wit her robe on.

“I thought we was going to a business dinner? You ain’t even ready.”

“I’m about to get my clothes on now.”

I look at my watch.

“I thought you had to be there by 7 o’clock?”

“I do,” she says walkin’ in the direction of her room, which was down the hallway.

“So why ya ass ain’t ready den?”

“Oh relax! It really doesn’t start until 7:30. We’ll be there on time.”

“Aye, it’s ya function not mine… so when did you move?”

“A few months ago. You like,” she yells from her room.

“Yeah, it’s nice. I see it’s all one level too.”

“Yeah. I like not having to worry about climbing any stairs. Plus I like the fact that everything is on the same floor too. And since it’s only me I feel much better not having to think someone’s hiding out upstairs possibly trying to get me” she says wit a giggle.

“You wouldn’t be thinkin’ that way if you wasn’t ill-behaved ya damn self.”

She walks out her room and over to me smilin’ big time.

“Wait until you see how ill-behaved I’m going to be with you tonight… zip me please,” she says slowly turnin’.

I’m thinking what da fuck did I just get myself in to. Once she was finally ready, as we were walkin’ out her door I heard someone call my name.


Nancy was huggin’ on my arm and see’s it’s her neighbors’ daughter.

“Hey Cynthia,” she says wit a waive and a smile lettin’ me go.

“How you doin’ baby,” I say wit a quick hand gesture.

“I’m great,” she says wit a stare that told otherwise. I knew she was wonderin’ why I was wit Nancy. This shit was all I needed. To be seen by London’s girl… damn! “Tremaine can you come here please,” Cynthia asks.

“Nope,” says Nancy. “She grabs a hold of my arm again. “We gotta get going.”

I move it outta Nancy’s grasp.

“Lemme just talk to her real quick…”

“But we need to go…”

“Real quick… I promise.”

I go over to where Cynthia was standin’. She has her arms all folded like she had an attitude n’shit. I smile at her. “Fucks ya problem?” She stares me down like I asked her a dumb ass question. “It’s not whatchu think.”

“I think it’s exactly what I think.”

“Nah. You wrong.”

“Looks like you’re the one that’s WRONG!”

“Lemme explain before you go causin’ shit.”

“Yeah! You do that. Give me a damn good reason why I shouldn’t tell my girl about what I’m seeing?”

This girl looked at me like she was out for blood. I had to nip this shit in the bud…


London and Clarissa were back in the cabin stretched out on their beds. The kids were wit the camp counselor’s havin’ free play, which gave them a moment to themselves.

“I’m gonna go see if I can find a signal again and call Tremaine.”

“I’m not moving,” says Clarissa. “My feet are killing me.”

London walks out of the cabin into the outdoors down the trail where she caught a glimpse of a signal before. It eventually led to the lake. She holds her phone up into the dusk sky tryna see if any bars would pop up.

“OUU! Wait! Yes! No! REALLY???” As she was tryna find a signal Rob bumps into her and she jumps. “Oh my gosh,” she says holdin’ her chest. “You scared me!”

“I see… I’m sorry… something wrong with your phone?”

“No signal.”

“Yeah, I’ve been having that same problem.”

“What are you doing down here?”

“I saw you walking down the trail and was wondering the same thing.”

“Oh. Just trying to call Tremaine.”

“You might want to go back inside. It supposed to be a bad storm coming our way.”

“Yet you’re still out here.”

“Yeah, to warn you. Gabe told me to make sure all the teachers knew a storm was on the way.”

“Thanks for the warning.”

As they were talkin’ Clarissa was headin’ their way callin’ London. They both look at her and head in her direction.

“What’s wrong,” asks London.

“Ashley was really warm so I took her to the infirmary. They’re trying now to get in touch with her parents, but in the meantime she wants you.”

“Okay… I’ll go over there.”

Rob decides to walk wit ‘em. Once they get over there Ashley’s teacher was there too. London walks over to Ashley who was lying in the bed. She feels her forehead and kneels down beside her.

“Hey sweetheart. I hear you’re not feeling too well.”

“Nooo. I wanna go home,” she pouts.

Mrs. Hall, Ashley’s teacher joins in.

“Actually, I just spoke with her mother and she said if someone wouldn’t mind meeting her halfway to bring Ashley to her she’d be happy to come get her. I think she should go giving the fact that she has a high fever. I know a storm is coming but…”

“Can you take me to her Ms. Scott,” Ashley says to London. London looks at Mrs. Hall since she had more authority to make that decision than she did. “I really want you to be with me.”

“Her mother said she lives about an hour away,” says Mrs. Hall. “I wouldn’t have any objections if you wanted to meet her… someone is going to have to go since I can’t leave the students.”

“Sure I’ll go.”

“Let me drive you,” says Rob. “That way you can sit in the back with Ashley making sure she feels comfortable while I drive. I really don’t think she should go alone anyway,” he says looking to Mrs. Hall.

“Great idea! I’ll call her mother back and let her know someone can meet her.”

“Well Ashley, I’m going to go get your things out of the cabin and I’ll be right back to take you home okay?”

“Okay,” she says wit a smile.

Clarissa walks out wit London while Rob and Mrs. Hall stay behind.

“You are so lucky!”


“You get a chance to leave these frog and bug filled grounds for a few and with Rob.”

London laughs.

“I don’t care about all that. I just hope this storm holds off. It’s really starting to get dark here.”

“Rob drives all fast anyway. I’m sure if anybody can beat that storm he can.”

“How do you know how fast Rob drives?”

“I’ve been in the car with him.”

“Really? When?”

“It’s been a few times like school dances that we’ve both chaperoned. I would get dropped off a lot of times, so he’d give me ride home.”


“Very,” she says wit a grin.

“What’s that smile for?”

“Oh it’s nothing.”

“Sure doesn’t seem like it.”

“Just something I was thinking about that’s all.”

London let it go even doe she was curious as hell. Once she was in the cabin she explained to the other children that Ashley was about to leave, since they saw her gatherin’ her things. She told them to be good and make sure they still listened to the other parents and teachers that were there. Then she met up wit Rob who had Ashley already in his car.

“You ready,” he asks as he takes Ashley’s things out of London’s hands.


London gets in the back wit Ashley and they drive off. The ride there was pretty quiet, but they could hear the thunder rollin’ in. They finally made it to Ashley’s mom. Just as they were leavin’ it started pourin’ down rainin’.

“You gotta be kidding me,” London shouts.

Rob on the other hand is thankin’ God for small favors.

“It’s coming down pretty hard too. I have to pull over.”

“I knew this was a bad idea.”

“Us taking her to her mom with a storm coming, or me driving you?”

London doesn’t respond. She just looks at her drenched window at the rain. Rob pulls over on the side of the road and stares at the down pours that’s blanketin’ the windshield. Then he looks at London.

“It’s going to be like this for a while. We can either make a run for it back to that lodge we just left, or sit in this car out in the storm and wait it out. Your choice.”


London didn’t wanna choose either one, but she knew they had to do somethin’…