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The Male Escort (Series II – Part 11)

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Part 11


“Hey London, it’s Jill. Sorry to be calling you so late, but I thought you might want to know this.”

“Know what?”

“I’m here at the hotel working and I just saw Tremaine come in with some female that’s staying here. He spoke to me too, and I could smell smoke and alcohol on him immediately.”

“Really… hm… do you know her name or anything?”

“No. All I know is she’s a guest. I can’t really say anymore anyway. Just know Tremaine is here.”

“Thanks Jill.”

“Oh no problem. I started not to call at first and mind my own business. Then the more I thought about it I was like how he gone do my girl London like that. I had to call. Anyway I better go. Don’t tell him I told you either.”

“I won’t.”

London knew Jill didn’t know we were no longer together. She also knew it wasn’t anything she could do or say to me because of it. And the way Jill described the circumstances she figured I was there for pleasure and not work, so hearin’ that hurt. It only made her upset all over again, but in that sadness was more determination than ever to get me back.


My phone started ringin’, but I never answered it. Once I got to a red light I noticed the missed call was from London. She leaves a message. I play it through the speakers in the car.

Hey Trey, I know you really don’t care to talk to me, but my parents have been asking for you. You know you weren’t only a part of my life, but you became a part of there’s too. They didn’t mess up babe, I did. So if you could find some time to go see them that would be great. Just so they’d know how things are with you. I’m sure it would make them happy. Me too, not that I expect you to care… so um… anyway, I guess that’s it. Goodbye Trey. I love you. (click)

I deleted the message after I heard it. I did needa go see her mom and ‘em. Wit everything that’s happened I guess I just didn’t give them a second thought. But I love her parents. I just didn’t feel the same about their daughter no more. The music popped back in on the system once the call ended. It just so happened to be playin’ London’s favorite song Rather Die Young by Beyonce. For whatever reason she said it reminded her of us. Which reminded me of how she would play it and dance around me singin’. She was always so animated, and dramatic, but made it look so damn sexy.

I changed the station to get that off my mind and put my focus back on the road. I was on my way to Renea’s house to take her back the car since I never did it the night I was sposed to. That day had been my last day workin’ for her, and she said I could bring her the car later on. Obviously, I never made it, but she was cool about it. Actually told me to hold it till the weekend. She was havin’ somethin’ at her house and invited; more so, insisted that London and I come. I knew I would be there, but she wasn’t gonna get a chance to meet London.

Renae and Leena both been wantin’ to meet her for some time now, but I been makin’ up excuses. Just couldn’t bring myself to tell ‘em that it was over. All they knew is she’s someone that I was soon to be engaged to, and I kept it that way. I figured once this was all over I wasn’t gonna be seein’ ‘em on the regular anyway, so it’ll be a lot easier to tell ‘em later; if our paths should cross. I asked Chris to come instead so he’s followin’ behind me.

I’mma miss workin’ for Renae doe. I done made so much loot on this gig in such a short period of time it made me decide to do my own escortin’ again instead of makin’ a business out of it. Chris was right. I was trippin’ for a bit, but I’m cool now. As I floored it one last time I also thought about how I was gonna  miss drivin’ this jawn, but all good things must come to an end. I believe in that sayin’ whole heartedly now more than ever.

When we get to Renae’s, Chris gets out his car and waits for me to park Renae’s car in her spot. I notice when I get there it’s a nice amount of cars in her driveway. I knew I wasn’t stayin’ long anyway, but I did wanna come since she invited us. I was surprised when Renae had come to the door, since usually her maid Charlotte answers.

“Tremaine!” She shouts all bubbly wit her drink in her hand. “Come in!” She steps aside. “Don’t tell me. London couldn’t make it.”

“I guess I won’t tell you then,” I say wit a partial grin. Chris starts lookin’ towards the ceilin’ like he’s really into somethin’. “But this a friend of mine. Chris.”

He brings his attention to Renae and extends his hand.

“Hello! It’s nice to meet you.”

“You too. Any friend of Tremaine’s is a friend of mine. You fellas come on in and join the others. We’re in the solarium.”

“Oh! Before I forget here’s ya keys.”

“Just hold on to those for now if you don’t mind.”

She leads us to join the others and tells us to help ourselves to the spread that she had out. She tells me not to go far, she wanted to go get Leena. Somethin’ about a surprise for me. Chris starts makin’ a plate and I just grab a drink from the waiter goin’ around the room. Renae and Leena approach me shortly after. Leena was all smiles too as she gives me a hug.

“So glad you could make it. Renae told me London’s not with you.”


“Well, this is for you,” says Renae handin’ me a small paper. I look at it and see it was the title to the car I’ve been drivin’, signed. She continues. “Leena and I wanted to give this to you as an early wedding present.”

I was speechless for a few seconds. I loved that car, but how could I accept it when it wasn’t even a weddin’ no more.

“Renae… I… I appreciate the gesture more than you know, but…”

“Ah, ah, ah… we won’t take no for an answer. You have been amazin’ to the two of us. Plus we know how attached you’ve become to the car.” I couldn’t stop smilin’ about it. “I know it’ll be in good hands, besides it was just sitting anyway.” She puts her hand by her lips and whispers, “It used to be my husband’s.” Then she smiles.

I guess she got it for ‘em, but didn’t let him take it.

“I can’t thank you enough for this Renae… Leena…”  I hug them both. I was filled wit so much gratitude I really was at a loss for words. Chris comes over to me and notices Leena. She also recognizes him.

“Hey! I know you,” she says.

“It’s good to see you again,” says Chris.

Leena looks to Renae.

“He’s the one that I spoke to at the escort service who got in touch with Tremaine for us.”

“If you don’t mind my askin’”, I say, “How’d you get my name in the first place?”

“An old client of yours is cousins with a good friend of mine. He’s actually around here somewhere. Anyway, he knew our situation and that’s how I got your name. You came highly recommended so that’s why we insisted on having you. No offense to you Chris.”

“Oh,” says Renae. “So you’re an escort as well,” she says to Chris.

“Matter of fact I am. Might’ve been escortin’ you even.”

Next thing you know Rob comes out of nowhere talkin’ to Leena. He didn’t even notice me, but Leena tells him she wants to introduce him to someone which makes him look in my direction. When he saw it was me his expression changed real quick. Went from smilin’ to lookin’ like he saw a fuckin’ ghost. Renae notices my stare at Rob and his at me. No words were exchanged between the two of us but my body was being carried in his direction by my feet within seconds before throwin’ blows. Renae and Leena jumps out of the way screamin’ not knowin’ what was goin’ on.

Once some of the men in the room noticed it was a fight them along wit Chris breaks it up. Leena runs to Rob’s side as he’s feeling on his lips since they were bleedin’.


“Tremaine!” Yells Renae. “What is this all about? What… Rob… somebody,” she asks lookin’ clueless.

“I’M SUPPOSED TO BE SCARED? I AIN’T RUNNING,” Rob yells back. “And if SHE wants me to stay away from her I will, if not I WON’T! I love her, which is more than what I can say for you dude.”

“You love her? Did he just say dat shit to me,” I rhetorically say.

His response was the wrong answer and only made me try harder to break loose to fuck his clown ass up. It was then that I knew he had set me up. From then on it took a couple people in there to hold me back. He wasn’t backin’ down either, but had they let us go I would’ve knocked his head off. I was heated.

“Don’t try me man…  sucka ass muhfucker.”

“London doesn’t seem to think that,” he retorts.

Once he said dat I was practically draggin’ them dudes over to whip his ass. They just would not let go.

“Meet me outside den, dats all you gotta do.” Rob just stands there wit this smirk on his face as he wipes the blood now comin’ from his nose. “Dats all you gotta  do…” I kept repeatin’. I wanted to kill his ass and knock dat smile off his face. “GET DAFUCK OFF ME!” I yell outraged tryna release their hold.

“Yo man grab eem,” Chris commands to the other gentleman strugglin’ to contain me. “Let’s… take ‘em… outside.” They start takin’ me out of the solarium. Soon as we were in the hallway I told ‘em to let me go. I was good. The other fellas let go, but stood there watchin’ me and Chris walk, makin’ sure I didn’t turn back around. Renae comes callin’ me, but I was so mad I just kept walkin’.


I stopped walkin’ once I reached outside. I had to get away from dat dude. Chris kept on walkin’ to his car.

“Look Renae, I’m sorry for fightin’ and carryin’ on in ya house like dat at ya party…”

“I’m sorry too. I think I’m starting to get a clearer picture of things, but did you really have to handle it that way at that moment?”

“Look, again… I apologize. I never meant to show any kind of disrespect to you or in front of ya guest…”

“Hey! I believe you. I’m… I just never expected… hell it’s over with now. Apology accepted, and here.” She hands me the title and the keys. “You dropped this.”

“Why you still givin’ it to me?”

“Because I still want you to have it. I don’t know the full story with you, Rob and London, but I’ve been in love before. I know what it can make you do. I also know that no one is perfect. AND… you may not see it right now, but with emotions like that I believe there still is going to be a wedding one day.” She saw my lips about to respond to her prediction. “Don’t answer… just go home.”

I give Renae a hug and kiss her on the cheek. All I kept thinkin’ while huggin’ her was she is one incredible woman. “Hey! Don’t be a stranger now okay? Come see us sometime.”

“I will. Thanks again for the car. You won’t regret it.”

“Thank you for doing what you do so well, and keeping my secret.”

“Is it still a secret?”

“Not after tonight.”

I put my head down in shame.

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh no, it’s not because of you and the attention that the fight has caused. It’s because I made the announcement that Leena and I were seeing each other before you got here. Which was the whole reason for the party.”

“PHEW! I thought it was because of me…”

“No. I revealed who you were earlier so they knew you weren’t my new boo.”

“Well I’m really happy for you and Leena. You two are a lovin’ couple.”

“You know what Tremaine, I believe you and London were too. I’m sorry I never got a chance to meet her. You made her sound simply amazing. Perfectly, imperfect, but worth going the distance with. I hope that holds true and you two somehow find your way back to one another. I know I’m just an outsider looking in, but I could see it in your eyes when you spoke of her that she made you completely happy. It saddens me that this has happened with you guys.” She pats my chest. “Well… I’ve held you up long enough and I should be getting back myself. So go on and get out of here.”

I waived for Chris to go head and then got in my new car and drove home thinkin’ bout everything. But what stands out to me the most was how dat muhfucker set me up. Been plottin’ on London the whole time and I never suspected a thing. I wondered how he knew I was an escort before to temp me like dat. Who was the client that he was related to that told? I needed to make the connection, but didn’t know how.

Suddenly Leena pops in my head. She’s the key to all of this. I had to talk to her, but I knew it wasn’t happenin’ tonight. She was tendin’ to her good friend Rob. Yeah… I needed more info on his ass. But in the end it all came down to if I’d never wanted to make that money I’d probably still have my girl and none of this could’ve happened. I just gave him what he wanted and loss what I had.


Over the next few months London remained true to her words. She was determined to make sure she wasn’t forgotten. She called me it seemed constantly, leavin’ messages about how sorry she is about things. She just talks on my machine in hopes that I listened. She’s sent me care packages wit aftershave, cologne, soap, boxers, tees and socks, like she still needed to take care of me. As hard as it was to admit. I did miss her, but I knew that was to be expected. It still wasn’t enough to change my mind even after findin’ out the whole truth.

One Saturday evenin’ London was over her dad’s house visitin’ for a while. Summer break had just started leavin’ her days freed up. London and her dad were sittin’ out on his enclosed porch drinking some ice cold lemonade wit strawberries and lemons in it.

“So nothing positive from Trey yet?”

“No. He’s really angry with me. I’m not sure if I’ll get him to come around.”

“That’s a tough call baby, and I don’t want to give you any false hope. Sometimes a man’s pride just won’t get out of the way. Makes us make some bad decisions at times.”

“You know I hear he’s back escorting again. Went from doing it for Renae to back on his own. He’s even escorting that slut Nancy again that I can’t stand… I really hurt him daddy.”

London’s dad wraps her in his arms rubbin’ his hand down it. A tear trickles down her face.

“Don’t get so down on yourself…”

“But escorting again? What have I done? And if he can do that than how much did I really mean to him since he’s not giving it up,” she says wiping her face.

“You have to let him do what he needs to do to deal with you guys break-up. I know to you it doesn’t seem to make any sense, but in his mind it’s what he needs. It’s something that he trust and won’t hurt ‘em.”

“I never meant to hurt him dad. I don’t know why I was so curious about another man and let something happen with Rob. It was a horrible mistake! Why won’t he see that?”

“We all make mistakes pumpkin. That’s a part of life. But what’s also a part of life is moving on. You will get through this with or without Trey in your life.”

“But I don’t want him out of my life.” She stands up wiping her face again wit her arm. “I’m not giving up on us daddy. I will get him back.”

“Sweet heart, I know you’re hurting right now, but you have to also think logically too. This isn’t your call.”

“I don’t care. I’m going to fight for our relationship. Maybe if you would’ve done that and left your pride aside then you and mom would still be together, so don’t tell me about thinking logically. Logic means doing something that makes sense. Well daddy it makes sense for me to go after someone that I really love. Nothing else matters. Not even MY pride.”

“London,” her dad spouts appalled. “How could you even say such a thing to me?”

“BECAUSE THIS HURTS!” She snaps. “I can’t see my life without him and need your encouragement right now. Not being told what I already know.”

Her dad sadly watches London fall apart; him feeling helpless.

“I’m sorry baby.”

“No dad. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to take this out on you.” She sits back down beside him. He sweeps her in his arms once more to attempt to comfort her. “I just haven’t been the same ever since he’s been gone. Nothing that I’ve done or said has mattered to him. I’m at my wits ends. I can’t sleep anymore. I drive by his house just to see if he’s there with someone. I send him things so he’s knows that I’m thinking of him. I really miss him. I’m so sorry about what I did, but he won’t forgive me. He just won’t forgive me daddy.”

“I hate seeing you like this baby. I wish so bad that a kiss would make it all better.” Her dad starts to get teary eyed. “That I was able to take all your pain away this instant, but I have no control over it. Just like you have none over Tremaine’s. I know it’s a harsh reality, but it is the reality of it all.”

“Reality bites, and hard!”

Her dad starts laughin’. London chimes in a little too.

“That’s what I like to hear. My baby laughing.” He kisses her temple. “Now come on in this house with me and I’ll make us some dinner.”

“No thanks dad. I’m not real hungry, and besides, I need to stop at the supermarket.” London gives her dad a kiss then stands to her feet. “I love you daddy and I’m really sorry for what I said earlier.”

“I know that was nothing but your anger talking. All is forgiven, besides you know I’ll always love you no matter how upset you get with me.”

“Always by my side no matter what,” she says raisin’ her hand out to him with five fingers spread.

Her dad places his hand against hers and then they lock their fingers together.

“No matter what.”

She smiles then leaves.

London was at the grocery store in the frozen food aisle. I had just so happened to be there as well. Without even knowin’ it I ended up comin’ up the aisle that she was already in. She was lookin’ in the freezer so that held her attention. Soon as I see her I couldn’t deny the fact that she still takes my breath away. She looks incredible as always. I thought it was best if we didn’t see each other so I tried to quietly turn my cart around so she wouldn’t notice me. I just didn’t feel like talkin’, but it didn’t work. She sees me and calls my name.


I turn my body around in front of the cart makin’ sure to keep my hands on the handle. I feel this awkwardness upon me like I just got caught, so I fake like I’m surprised to see her.

“HEY! What’s up?”

She pushes her cart and walks towards me…