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The Male Escort (Series II – Part 15)

Friday, August 14th, 2015

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Part 15

Rob begged London to talk to him, so she said she would that next day. As much as she didn’t want anything to do wit ‘em she knew they had to work together. Plus she wanted to clear the air for her own sanity, so Rob was to come to her suite to talk. It didn’t take much for London to get rid of Mark. She told him she had a headache and was going to lie down for a bit. He decides to go see his lady friend from the previous night to kill some time. He told London he’d be back in about two hours to check on her. He had no clue what she really was goin’ to be doin’.

Rob arrives lookin’ nice and cool in all white, wearin’ a white beater wit a pair of white cargo shorts and sports slippers. He has on shades too, but takes them off when he’s greeted by London. She looks him over as he enters knowin’ what he’s tryna do. But it didn’t matter how enticin’ he may have looked, she didn’t want him and needed him to know it. London walks over to the sittin’ area that’s near the bed. Not too far from there were double doors opened to the view of the pool.

“Have a seat.” Her butler had already prepared somethin’ to drink for them, which was sittin’ on the table. “If you get thirsty please help yourself,” she says gesturin’ to the display.

“I will. Thanks.”

“So you really didn’t know that I was here,” she asks as she sits.

“I swear I had no idea. I mean how could I? We haven’t even spoken to one another, so how could I had known? I just came here really to sort things out between us, because I really hated how things ended last. I needed to get away to think and figure out how to get the woman that I love to stop hating me.”

“This all just seems a bit suspect Rob. I come here to get away and to put all my misery behind me, just for a moment, then you show up.”

“Maybe it’s a sign.”


“I’m serious. What are the chances London of the two of us staying here? Both deciding to come here at the exact same time.”

“I don’t know, but Rob it’s not a sign. It’s just a coincidence… nothing more. And I say this, because I don’t love you. My heart completely belongs to a man that doesn’t love me anymore. And just like I can’t make him love me again, you can’t make me love you.”

Rob puts his head down lookin’ towards the floor tryna stomach what he just heard. Her words cut to the core, but he pretends it doesn’t faze him and shakes it off. He looks at London.

“Do you feel that you can make him love you again? That it’s nothing you wouldn’t do to make up for the mistakes that you’ve made, and if you could get him to see that than you would?”

“That’s exactly how I feel, but…”

“London, so do I? I’m so sorry that I interfered to the point that you hate me now. I only did what I did because I’m so in love with you. I thought you weren’t happy and all I wanted to do was be the one to bring happiness to you. I got so caught up in what I wanted that I didn’t care about nobody else’s feelings, but my own. Now it’s cost me and I don’t know what to do to change it.”

“Rob, let’s be clear. We may feel the same, but there’s no way it can be compared. I’ve never had a relationship with you. Not the way I had with Tremaine. Tremaine and I had history together. We had love. A love that’s worth fighting for. What you and I have doesn’t even come close to that. We are only colleagues with a work history. Colleagues who had sex together. One time. Please don’t make more out of it, because I’m telling you that it’s not.”

“Why can’t I fix it? Why won’t you let me make it up to you?”

“Because what’s done is done. There is no going back to fix anything.”

“So you expect me to give up and not even try? Are you? Are you giving up on the man that doesn’t love you anymore?”

“Yes! Do I like it, no! But why keep fighting a losing battle when the only one that’s going to keep getting hurt is me. I don’t wanna hurt anymore Rob, and neither should you. I can’t give you what you want. I never will so…”

London thought about that after she said it. She finally understood. She realized that I couldn’t give her what she wanted and in that moment she was brought to tears. Rob rushes by her side as she covers her face. He wraps his arms around her lettin’ him be the shoulder that she cries on.

As painful as it was for him, it was an eye-opener to see how much she was in love wit me. London, on the other hand knew how strongly she felt about not givin’ Rob a chance, and concluded if my feelings were anything like hers then it really was over. She cried and cried and cried on Rob. The tears just wouldn’t stop.

“Aye… it’s alright…,” he says rocking her. “Everything is going to be alright…”

She uncovers her face and looks at him.

“Is it Rob? You can actually look at me and tell me everything is going to be alright? He won’t have nothing to do with me because he thinks of me now as a liar and a cheat. I had every intention of tellin’ him the truth, but no! You just had to keep calling me wanting to talk, then low and behold he hears the conversation and finds out… the wrong way!”


She pulls away from him.

“NO! It’s not going to be alright! You’ve done enough to make sure of that.”

“London, I’m sorry…”

She wipes her tears.

“So am I, but I really don’t want to hear your sorries Rob. Your apologies won’t bring Tremaine back. They won’t erase none of the damage that you’ve already cost me, so I guess we both will be living with regrets now won’t we?”

“You’re right… because there are a lot of things that I wish that I could do over again when it comes to you. Like you said, I can’t, and you’ll never know how sorry I am about that, but can I ask you something and you give me an honest answer?”


“Do you really hate me?”

London sighs heavily, then looks towards the ceilin’ rollin’ her eyes as she gathers her thoughts.

“No. I was angry and hurt when I said that to you. I don’t hate you Rob. I could never hate anyone. I just don’t like you very much.”

He laughs.

“I’m not liking myself too much right now.”

“It boggles my mind all the time how I just let my emotions get so caught up in you. I had a great thing going… no, it was more than great, and I ruined it.”

“London we all make mistakes.”

“But that was one that shouldn’t have been made. Not by me,” she says pointin’ to herself. “I thought I was better than this.”

“Nobody’s beyond making mistakes London. Even people with the best of intentions sometimes fall short. But don’t let this slip-up define you. It doesn’t make you any less of the smart, strong-minded, caring… exquisite woman that you are.

London starts to pour her some Rum punch. “You care for a drink?”

“You’re not ready to put me out?”

“Rob, I don’t have the energy to be upset with you anymore. I’m tired of being angry, so let’s just say we start all over.”

Rob’s face lights up and produces the hugest grin.

“I’d really like it if we could do that,” he says wit relief.

London hands him a drink. She holds her glass up.

“To starting over…”

“Before we toast…” he says holdin’ his raised glass. He sets it down on the table and asks London to sit wit him. They sit back down.

“What’s wrong?”

“You know how I said that Tremaine doesn’t deserve your loyalty?”


“I should’ve never said that. It’s me that really doesn’t deserve it. London, I knew you were here. I saw Clarissa, who told me you were going on vacation. I wanted to try to get you to change your mind about me, so I got on the first flight I could to come here… You really do have every right to hate me, but I just wanted you to know this, since you were willing to give me another chance.”

She silently stares at him expressionless. Rob didn’t know what to do, so he gets up grabbin’ his sunglasses.

“So you’re going to leave me hanging on the toast,” she says.

Rob’s eyes pop out his head in shock as he quickly grabs the glass again. He lovingly looks in her eyes.

“Never… I’d never leave you hanging.”

“You know you didn’t have to tell me this… I’d never known any different.”

“But I would’ve.” He walks to stand in front of her. “And for once I wanted to do the right thing, even if it’d cost me your friendship for good. What I’ve learned from you today London, is that what you possess to me is far more valuable than any lie that I could tell and have it taken away. I don’t want to lose you in any capacity…”

“Rob don’t…”

“No, don’t mistake my words to mean anything more than you being a friend to me again. That’s all I’m saying. And as hard as that’s going to be at first, I can be good about it.”

“You better be, because there’s not going to be a next time.”

Rob holds up his glass.

“To a new start amongst friends?”

London hits his glass.

“To a new start.”

“Can I have a hug,” he asks. London obliges. Suddenly huggin’ Rob made her think of me and she starts cryin’ again in their embrace. She immediately lets him go to dry her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize. I do understand…”

“Sorry about your shirt.”

“Aye… it’ll dry… so… are you going to be alright?”

“I’m sure in time I will. I just miss him.”

“I know the feeling.”

Then she hears a knock on her door. She sets her glass down to answer it. It was Mark who was all smiles at first until he could see she had been cryin’. He places his hands on her shoulders.

“Bae what’s wrong?”

Rob comes walkin’ up from the sittin’ area.

“I’m fine.”

Mark notices Rob and frowns at him. Then he looks back at London.

“Did he get you upset?”

“NO!” she says puttin’ a hand on Rob. Mark this is my co-worker Rob.”

They shake hands and speak. Mark being a lil hesitant.

“What’s he doing here anyway? I thought you had a headache.”

“I lied to you about that. We needed to talk and I just wanted privacy. I’m sorry.”

“So is everything alright,” he asks now lookin’ at Rob.

“Everything is cool man. No worries.”

“So why was she crying?”

“Missing the ex.”

London’s eyes are throwin’ daggers at Rob for tellin’, and Mark is lookin’ at London bewildered.

“I can’t leave you alone, can I?”

She turns her head back in his direction.

“You can so. Look! I’m fine, so can we get off of my ex?”

“You know he’s never been a good topic of discussion for me anyway,” says Mark. “But you can’t be crying over him while you here with me.”

“Oh really,” she says foldin’ her arms.

“That’s right. Here we are in paradise” he says lookin’ around, “ain’t no reason for tears unless… less something getting beat up in the bedroom,” he utters chucklin’. Rob smiles shakin’ his head.

London looks at Rob smilin’.

“He’s crazy… don’t mind him.”

“So what’s on the agenda London,” Mark asks rubbin’ his hands together.

“We got Waterskiing at 4:00 pm.”

He looks at his watch.

“Well, we got some time to kill before then.” He asks Rob about the drink in his hand. “What you sipping on potna?”

London responds.

“There’s Rum punch in the back Mark. Help yourself.”

He goes in the back to pour him a glass.

“So who’s he,” Rob asks in his absence.

“A dear friend of mine. It was his idea to take this trip, so here we are.”

“Aye London,” yells Mark. He walks back to where her and Rob are. “Let’s go for a swim. You up to it?”

“YEAH, I’m up to it,” she happily states. “You care to join us Rob?”

“Sure… I’ll uh… I’ll go change and come back.”


Rob leaves.

“Why you invite that dude girl? I’m tryna be with you alone,” Mark says rubbin’ his hands on her hips in circles. London pushes them away laughin’.

“Stop! Anyway where’s your new girlfriend?”

“She ain’t my girl! I was just being friendly.”

“Very… from what I could see.”

“I don’t have to be around another woman for the rest of this trip if you don’t want me to.”

“I don’t care about that. It’s your vacation too. I want you to have fun. You don’t have to only be with me.”

“I think I will though. I don’t want you crying about ya ex again.”

“I’ll be fine Mark.”

“It’s not the same as when I’m hanging with you anyway.”

She touches his face.

“Aw, you’re such a sweetie pie.”

“But dude can’t be wit us too now.”

“He’s not! I’m not going to be hanging with him. I only invited him today since he was here.”

London goes to get her drink.

“Nah, but how you run into him?”

“I saw him last night when I was coming in.”

“What’s his story?”

“Really Mark?”

“Yeah… that’s right. I think I deserve a true explanation, since you lied to me.”

They have a seat.

“We were on the outs for a while and since we have to work together I just wanted to clear things up with him. That’s all.”

“What he do?”

“You are so nosey.”

“What? Tell me.”

“No! It’s done and over with now.”

“Do I still need to fuck this dude up? Cause I’ll, I’ll get in ass if you need me to.”

“No gangsta. How do you know he did something? It could’ve been me.”

“Not my baby. I know better than that.”

She gets up.

“I’m getting in my swimsuit.”

Mark stands also.

“Hold up!” He says tappin’ her shoulder.

“You sure this dude is cool to still be around?”

“Yes,” she assures. “Now go get in your trunks.”

“That would’ve sounded so much sweeter if you’d said go get out ya trunks. Whoo! I would’ve moved so fast girl…”

She laughs and swats at ‘em.

“Get out of here.”

“Alright! I’ll be right back.”

London was feeling pretty good about things. Not so much our relationship, but she had hoped that wit enough time we could get to a place where it wouldn’t hurt to be around one another, or even talk to each other wit no pain. No matter what has happened wit us she wants to always remain cordial and not have this awkwardness between us like she’s experienced wit Rob. She wanted us two to be alright, and if nothing else that was going to be her goal.

Rob and Mark made it back and they spent part of that afternoon chillin’ poolside, and every so often in the water. London was gettin’ dunked by the both of ‘em, but she didn’t mind. She loved the water and would let me dunk her all the time. She was surprised at how she was able to have a good time with the two of them when both of them secretly bided for her affections. But the afternoon went smoothly and before long it was time for them to go Waterskiing. London said goodbye to Rob, which he made very easy. He told her to enjoy the rest of her vacation, he was going to be leavin’, and if he didn’t see her again this summer he’d see her the upcomin’ school year.

“You’re an amazing woman and a great friend. Tremaine really doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.” He kisses her cheek. “Goodbye London.”

Then goes out the door.


My head was all fucked up after talkin’ wit Leena. I didn’t even go home that night. I had to escort a lady to her grandparent’s anniversary party a few hours later. Once that was over I just came back to London’s. Never even thought about gettin’ the rest of my things. I stayed up thinkin’ bout her safety most of the night. It bothered me that I didn’t know if she was alone or there wit someone in case he’d gotten out of line. I wondered who’d protect her if she was alone. I had hoped so bad that she wasn’t.

I ain’t have Cynthia’s number to call her, but I did know where she lives. Drove by her place on my way back from the party, but couldn’t tell if she was home or not. Her car was there. But wit it being late and all the lights out I didn’t know if she was inside sleepin’, or just not there too like London. I kept it movin’ and went back to London’s. I was disgusted. I knew if Rob could go to these lengths to try to be wit her, he was definitely functionin’ wit a few screws loose. Especially after I warned him to stay away from her.

I felt so fuckin’ helpless because I couldn’t go there to make sure she would be ar’ight. No matter what I tried to do to ease my mind into stayin’ positive it never lasted… not wit dat muhfucker in the mix. I hate dat dude man. Just the thought of ‘em gets my blood boilin’. I want to whip his ass so bad. I can’t stand the thought of him being around her when I’m here… stuck. I had so many different scenarios runnin’ through my mind of the moment when she sees him. Would she be afraid… not care one way or the other… might even be happy to see dat muhfucker.

I know Leena mentioned London don’t want nothin’ to do wit ‘em. I just can’t help but to wonder how true dat really is. She slept wit ‘em… She actually liked this dude enough to sleep wit ‘em. That thought alone stays on my mind the most. Who’s to say she won’t let it happen again, especially being in a place like St. Lucia. That place is a trap for fuckin’ and romance. She might easily sleep wit ‘em now, especially after hearin’ about me and Heaven.

Leena don’t know that London said she done tryin’ wit me, so what’s there to hold her back from fuckin’ Rob again? I sit back up on the bed peerin’ out the window in her moon lit room. All the unknowns were just too much for me. I decide to go in the bathroom and take a hot shower to possibly try to sooth and relax me. Finally, I was able to sleep… well, my eyes may have rested, but my mind damn sho’ didn’t. I ended up dreamin’ bout her.

I woke up the next mornin’ still feelin’ restless and sluggish, but I knew I had to get this day started. I got myself together, straightened everything back up in London’s room then headed home. I left my things I initially came to get there on purpose. I was comin’ back exactly when I knew London was home. On the drive to my place I get a call from Chris. I decide to swing by there first. I needed a distraction, especially since I knew London would be comin’ back, if not today definitely tomorrow sometime. Chris was in his kitchen cookin’ up some food when I got there.

“YO T! Remember dat chick you was wit at the party some months back named Heaven?”

“Yeah, I saw her not too long ago. Bumped into her at the supermarket. What about her?”

“Oh so you know she pregnant den.”

“Yeah, I know. Nigga it ain’t mine,” I say hastily.

“I saw her and was surprised she remembered me. She asked me for ya number too, but I ain’t give it to her.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

“But you know after she asked the whole time I’m thinkin’ I know my boy hit it, but I hope she ain’t carryin’ his baby ‘cause she also mentioned how many months she is and once I did the math…”

“Man she ain’t carryin’ my fuckin’ seed. She did say it was mine playin’ n’shit. I told her don’t be doin’ dat bullshit. London just so happen to be there too, and heard her.”

“She was there too?”

“Yeah man. That conversation ain’t go over too well. But check diss out. Dat muhfucker Rob done went to St. Lucia to still holla at London.”

“London in St. Lucia?”

“Yeah… went a few days ago.”

“Nigga whatchu still sittin’ here for den?”

“I can’t go man. You think if I could I would still be sittin’ here?”

“Why can’t you? What’s stoppin’ you?”

“I got commitments that I can’t get out of. I wasn’t expectin’ this shit. I’m mad as hell that I’m sitting here right now.”

“Admit it T, you still want her. ‘Cause why would you even wanna waste ya time travelin’ for somebody you on’t want no more?”


A question I keep askin’ my damn self…