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The Male Escort (Series II – Part 17)

Monday, September 21st, 2015

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Part 17

Our bodies are sweaty yet his skin feels so warm. The thumping of his heartbeat is music to my ears. Their night time lullaby has finally returned. And even though this tune always manages to put me to sleep, tonight is one night I refuse to let it take me under. This is why I live, because loving him gives me life. Even though I had hoped for it I didn’t think this moment would get to happen again. But here he is, lying beside me, holding me snug, because he can’t let me go either.

I know he’s still in love with me, I feel it. Just like he has to know that I still am and will always be in love with him. As I look at his face, the face that I’ve missed I refuse to shut my eyes stopping them from watching him sleep. He looks so peaceful tonight, and I know he’s comfortable just by the way he has me in his arms. Arms I thought would never hold me again, but we’re connected whether he wants to believe it or not. 

So I won’t settle for us just being friends. I can’t. That’s not who we are. We’ve grown to become a lot more than that no matter what mistakes we’ve both made. If I’m woman enough to forgive him, he should be man enough to forgive me. There is no way that I’m going to give up on us now, so whenever he’s ready I’ll be willing and waiting for him with open arms.

“Mmm…” I moan from the sudden soft brush of her lips against my cheek. Right afterwards she kisses me on the lips. I turn over some pullin’ her body further into me.

“I miss this,” she whispers.

I kiss her forehead.

“I missed THIS,” I say givin’ her ass a quick squeeze. She eyes me.

“Is that all you’ve missed?”

“You want the truth?”

“Nothing but.”

“Ar’ight lemme think real quick…”

“Tremaine,” she whines while diggin’ her nails in me showin’ her disapproval.

“Nah I’m playin’, I’m playin’.” I get serious. “But, I miss all the times when I would get off work and come over here. You’d be in the kitchen already witcha music playin’ startin’ to make us some dinner. Then we’d sit down together to eat… I miss moments like dat witchu.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah… I miss seein’ you layin’ on ya side sleepin’ at night witcha butt all poked out.” She smiles bitin’ her lip. I stroke her cheek. “But you know what I miss most of all…”


“Just doin’ things for you… makin’ sure you knew you were special to me.”

“You never made me feel anything less than that Trey. You hear me? From the moment I met you. From you helping me get the deodorizer out of the machine… then vacuuming my car. Dinner at your house that you burned from you thinking of me. I’ve felt nothing but special since the beginning, because you did all those things for me when you hardly knew me.”

“Which reminds me. Who was you in St. Lucia wit, or did you go by yaself?”

“You’re asking me that right now after what I just said to you?”

“Yeah! I meant to ask you earlier when I first saw you, but it slipped my mind.”

“Well, I don’t wanna talk about my trip, I just want us to enjoy right now.”

“Ar’ight, we on’t gotta talk about it, but did you go by yaself?”


Just as I was about to ask her another question her phone buzzes. I glance over to see whose callin’ since it was on my side of the room. I see its Rob. I stretch my hand out so fast to answer, my body pushes London up off me.

“THE FUCK YOU WANT!” I yell as I sit up.

I think that’s apparent.

“What’s apparent is you don’t take instructions too well.”

Can you put London on the phone… she’s expecting to hear from me.

“Trey. Babe who is that?”

“Expect this muhfucka!” (click)

London looks at me startled, not realizin’ it was her phone in my hand. When she sees me move the phone away from my ear she realizes it’s hers that I had. Reluctant in her next line of questionin’ she asks, “Baby, who were you just talking to?” I sit here silent wit a sneer on my face from the mere fact of the phone call. “Trey… baby talk to me.” I put her phone down on the bed. She picks it up to see who called. I notice her expression is one of relief.

“Whatchu look like dat for?”

“Like what?”

“Like it could’ve been someone else?”

“I, I’m just as surprised to see that he called me as you are that’s all.”

“The look you had a moment ago didn’t seem like one of surprise at all.”

“Trey, I had no idea he was going to call… beleive me.”

I look at her cross.

“You still talkin’ to dat muhfucka?”


“Even after he set me up?”

“What,” she asks as she’s huggin’ the blanket. I start gettin’ out the bed because I’m feelin’ uneasy again when London abruptly lets the covers go to hang on my arm keepin’ me. “Wait Trey! Just hear me out.” I pause to hear her out. “I don’t know exactly what you’re referring to when you say that he set you up. So before you’re ready to get upset with me can you please tell me what you’re talking about?”

“Ya little golden boy knew I was an escort before due to one of my old clients being a relative of his. Since he’s close wit Leena and knew she was lookin’ for one he gave Renae my name.”

“But how would he had known that you would’ve taken it to set you up?”

I look at her stern.

“I did, didn’t I?”

I get up to gather my clothes. London gets off the bed and throws a T-shirt on before she comes by me.

“Trey please don’t be mad when I say this, but I don’t understand. How is that setting you up? You willingly took the job.”

By now I was gettin’ dressed.

“London, why aren’t we together no more?”

“Because I messed up.”

I lift my foot up to put my other sneak on as I respond to her.

“It ain’t only because you messed up! Dat muhfucka had it planned the whole time to get close to you the minute he could figure out how to get us to spend less time together. He found out about my past, saw an opportunity and boom… there’s ya set up. We just made it easy for ‘em.”

“Trey I didn’t know. Why would I think this was all a part of a plan that he had?” I get up from the bed to head out her room, London followin’ behind me. “Tremaine!”

I turn and face her.


“I am not still talking to him. I honestly don’t know why he felt the need to call me just now.”

“He said you was expectin’ it.”

“He lied to you. I wasn’t expecting to talk or see Rob again until school started.”

“So you admit it. Y’all do still talk.”


“Then what would give him the impression that he could still call you den?”

She lets out a heavy irritable sigh first.

“Okay… before you jump to anymore conclusions listen to me completely alright?” I look at her listenin’. “When we had our talk I wanted to squash things with Rob after I made it clear how I felt towards him. I just didn’t want to be angry anymore, so… I did tell him that we could start over. BUT! I just meant that I wouldn’t hold any harsh feelings toward him no more. That’s it! Not that we could be buddies and have regular conversations… please tell me you understand.”

I look at her carefully.

“Yeah, I understand. I understand that I can’t pick ya friends or who you decide to keep as ya friends, so I won’t. But if you still wanna talk to ‘em go head, but any friend of his is not a friend of mine.”

I walk in her spare bedroom to start gatherin’ up the things that I had been meanin’ to get. London’s two steps behind me angered.

“Why are you doing this Trey?”

“Doin’ what?”

“Now we’re not even friends?”

“I on’t know. I guess that’s up to you. I’m going to get my things like I planned.”

“Just wait a minute damnit!” I turn my head shocked. “Are you really going to say that to me? I could care less about Rob. And as far as plans go, you just made love to me, which goes to show that plans change.” She watches me wit folded arms and shakin’ her head as I continue to get my things wit no response. Once everything was gathered I start walkin’ down the steps. London’s right there once more. “So you’re just going to give him more power and let him ruin our night?”

“It’s just time for me to go.” I make it to the door standin’ in front of it wit my hands full. “Can you open it for me?”

She walks over and puts her hand on the knob pausin’.

“Why are you making this so hard for us? Babe, I know it’s going to be hard for you to trust me again. I totally get that. I thought I would never be able to trust you again too, but I did. And when I did you also let me down again. Baby I’m not trying to throw stones here, but I deserve your forgiveness and you know it.” She opens the door sulkin’. I slowly walk past her.

“Good night.” As I was puttin’ my things in the trunk London comes outside barefoot and in just that skimpy little T-shirt. I spot her the moment I shut it. Shit has me irritated. “Whatchu think you doin’ comin’ out here half naked n’shit?”

“Can you please just stay the night with me… please? Don’t leave like this Trey.”

I try to cover her body up wit mine by standin’ closely in front of her edgin’ her body and feet back towards her door.

“I never planned on stayin’ in the first place. And I told you already I gotta go.”

“But why?” I on’t say nothin’ as I peer down on her. “I don’t think you planned on leaving until Rob called.”

“That’s whatchu think?”

“Yes! But okay. You wanna leave, go ahead,” she says challengin’.

We’re back in front of her door.

“You should go head in the house, especially wit no drawz on.”

“I was hoping you were going to keep it that way all night.”

“Plans change… Go head in. I’ll talk to you later.”

She stands there starin’ at me for a few seconds.

“I really love you,” she says before stealin’ a kiss and quickly goin’ inside. I could tell she was on the brink of cryin’ from being upset. I was mad too, which was why I left. On the drive home I was annoyed wit myself fo’ lettin’ that situation get the best of me. Cause really, I did wanna stay. Makin’ love to her for the rest of the night would’ve been my pleasure. I was just so angry dat leavin’ was my first reaction. Once I get to the house I don’t even bother bringing the stuff I took from there in the house. I take a shower and just lie in the bed thinkin’. That’s all I seem to do lately. Then London calls me.


I’m sorry.

“For what?”

Everything. I should’ve… I just wish that I’d handled things a lot differently when it came to Rob. I would never choose his friendship over you. I honestly didn’t know that he set you up… really both of us, and now that I do, it changes everything. I’m not gonna keep you. I just wanted you to know that. Good night Trey. (click)

Another sleepless night wit a whole lot of shit on my mind.


London was awaken in the morning from a phone call from Regina. She told her she needed to talk to her and asked if she could come by. They had set up a time and before long Regina was at London’s door.

“Hey girlfriend!” Regina says givin’ London a hug.

“Hey.” Regina could sense that something was wrong wit London. She had an idea, but she didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. “Come in and have a seat,” she tells her.

They walk and get comfortable in her living room.

“Well you look like you had a rough night last night or is it that I disturbed your sleep?”

“No, isn’t you. I did sleep rather poorly if you wanna say I even had any sleep.”

“I’m really sorry about you and Trey.”

“Not as sorry as I am, but thanks.”

“If there’s anything that I can do for you, you know I’m here.”

“Why is he making this so difficult?” Out of nowhere her eyes were filled wit tears drippin’ down her face. “We were so close last night to getting things back on track. So close Regina, then he just shuts down on me.”

“I’m sorry London. You know he loves you right?”

“I do, but I think he loves being upset with me more, because he won’t forgive me.”

“I think if you guys made a bit of a breakthrough last night than it’s not that he can’t forgive you, I just think he’s having a harder time forgetting.”

“What more can I do?”

“I don’t know, but don’t give up on him. It’s harder for a man to get over heartbreak when they finally decide to invest their heart. It’s not impossible just hard, but he’ll come around. Trey’s problem is his ego. Once he stops holding on to the wrong thing he’ll grab a hold of the right one. And if you love him like you say you do you’ll give him the time he needs like he did for you.”

“Thanks Regina. Here we are talking about me and my problems when you came over here to talk to me about you.”

“It’s okay. I’m always here for you and Tremaine. I love you guys, which is why I would like to ask you if you would come to my wedding,” she says showing her ring finger.

“OH MY GOSH!” London gets up, sits beside Regina and hugs her. “CONGRATULATIONS!”

“Thanks girl.”

“I would love to be there. Wouldn’t miss it.”

“YES,” she says wit excitement from London’s answer.

“So when’s the big day?”

“It’s actually approaching fast. We’re getting married this October, on the 17th.”

“I’m so happy for you. So tell me, how’d Raymond pop the question?”

“You know him, mister romantic. He asked me on Valentine’s Day at dinner.” London gets quiet. “London. Are you okay?”

“I’m sorry. That just made me wonder how Tremaine would’ve proposed to me since he was thinking about doing it.”

“I know. I had a feeling you may have felt some type of way about hearing my news and coming to my wedding and if that’s going to be hard I completely understand.”

“NO! I’d love to come. I’m happy for you and Raymond, Regina, really. I take it Trey knows right?”

“Yes, he’s actually agreed to be Raymond’s best man.”

“OH! WOW! Well I can’t wait!” She takes her hand. “Did Raymond pick this ring out all by himself?”

“He sure did.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“I know right.”

“I think all the time about how that moment would’ve been for me. Trey really was planning on making it special, and I messed things up.”

“London, you can’t keep beating yourself up about that. We all have made mistakes.”

“I know. I just wish so badly that he’d forgive me already so we can move on with our lives, back together again.”

“Be strong. All hope is not lost. Last night was an indication of that okay,” she says rubbin’ down London’s arm. “Well, here’s your invitation.” She digs it out her purse. “And I’ll see you in a few months.” Regina stands up. “I better get going. I have a slew of things to do before my flight back home.”

London stands wit her.

“Hey Regina… if there’s anything that I can do as well to help with your wedding please ask.”

“Don’t be surprised when I call you and take you up on that offer,” she says wit laughter.

“Really… I mean it, and thanks again for the advice. It means a lot.”

Regina hugs her.

“I have a lot of faith in Trey. He’ll come around. You just wait and see. Everything is going to work out. Okay?”

“I’ll keep hope alive,” she says humorously.

London walks Regina out then comes back inside and places two calls. The first one to her girlfriend Cynthia.


Good morning! You’re up early.

“Listen I just wanted you to know that I’m going to go see Rob today.”

What?” Are you crazy?

“Maybe, but this isn’t up for debate. I just wanted you to know. I’ll call you later.”

She hangs up and calls Rob.

Good morning beautiful.

“We need to talk. Can I come over?”

You know you can see me anytime. Come in about two hours though. I’m in the middle of something.

“I’ll see you then.”


I had a sudden knock on my door. I thought it was London poppin’ up wantin’ to talk some more about last night. When I went to the door I got the shock of my life seein’ it was Heaven minus her belly.

“Whatchu doin’ here? And how’d you know where I live?”

“I followed you home the day I saw you in the supermarket.” She looks around outside. “Can I come in?”

“For what?”

“I need to talk to you about my baby girl… and her possibly being yours.”


I thought I had enough problems wit London. Now this shit…