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The Male Escort (Series II – Part 19)

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Part 19

“So how’s ya meal? As good as last time?”

London stirs her fork in her food. Her voice is monotone when she responds.

“Its fine.”

Rob notices her dreary attitude.

“London… look at me.” She tilts her head sharply wit her eyes glarin’. “I know you don’t want to be here. You didn’t want to come here the first time, but look at what happened. You made love to me. I know if you took the time to just search your heart it’d remind you of what you felt for me. That night wasn’t a mistake… don’t you see?”

“You’re making that very hard right now Rob.”

He puts her food on the table and grabs her by the hands, starin’ her in the eyes.

“I remember there was a time when you looked at me with desire. There was a spark there that you couldn’t even deny. Then the day we came here you finally stopped fighting it and opened yourself up to what you wanted. That’s all I want you to do again London. I thought if I got you here alone you’d see what you saw in me before. I’m a good man. I think you know that, and all I want is a good woman… a good woman like you.”

“So… you expect me to be okay with all of this because of your reasoning behind why you’re doing it?”

“YES! WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO DO WHEN IT COMES TO ME,” he yells. “BUT LET IT BE TREMAINE AND YOU’RE ALL FOR IT!” All that was going through London’s mind while he spoke was findin’ a way to escape. His yellin’ made it even more urgent. She thought how dare he compare himself to me when he will never be on the same level as me in her eyes. “I promise I’ll be so good to you. You wait and see,” he assures. She continues to stare at him tryin’ not to show that she loathes his very existence. “How about I pour us something smooth.” He gets up from the couch to pour them some wine at the bar. “This will really complement our meals,” he says.

London watches him pour the wine discreetly from the corners of her eyes. She wanted nothin’ more than to bash his head in wit that bottle. She was prayin’ he’d bring it over to the table wit the glasses. Then she starts eyein’ the room searchin’ for other items to use as weapons. If he was plannin’ on her havin’ sex wit him again he was gonna hafta fight her for it. Rob brings the glasses along wit the bottle over to the table just like she had hoped, but he sits it away from her reach.

“Here you go,” he says handin’ her a glass.


“Oh! So you are still talking to me.” She gives him a sly grin before she takes a sip. He leans into her and speaks before he sits down. “You’re smile is incredibly beautiful even when you’re not trying to be flattering. You know that?”

He sits beside her.

“No, I guess I didn’t.”

“Hey! You know what? We didn’t make a toast.” London doesn’t say anything, but raises her glass. “To everything new,” he says. “New beginnings, new relationships and brand new memories.”

London smiles as painful as it was to be friendly. She taps his glass.

“To everything new,” she states before she sips, because in her mind everything was about to be new starting wit her attitude.

He takes her plastic fork and feeds her a bite of her food right afterwards.

“After you eat I wanna bathe you.” He kisses her lips, London not engagin’. “Then I want both of us to get comfortable in our robes for a little foreplay.”

In her heart she wanted to spit in his face, but she knew she had to think wit her mind to get out safely. The actress in her emerges.

“Did you get one that fits you this time?”

Rob laughs so hard at the fond memory of before.

“No, unfortunately they only have them in one size. Besides, I won’t be wearing it for long anyway.”

London didn’t bother to comment on his assumptions.

“Where exactly are my clothes anyway?”

“Over there in the closet.”

“Actually, I think a hot bath after dinner sounds good.”


“Really. I mean, the more I think about it, the last time being here with you was something to remember.”

She has him blushin’.

“It was wasn’t it?”

“It was, so I figure why not make this time just as memorable.”

“Now you’re talking.”

London didn’t wanna press her luck sayin’ too much and gettin’ Rob suspicious about her attitude change. So she doesn’t say much more.

“I’ll be right back. She stands up and tries to test the cuff to see if it extends to the bathroom. She realizes it does and is surprised when Rob doesn’t say anything about her leavin’ his side. Once London enters the bathroom she sees why he wasn’t so concerned. He knew she wasn’t gonna be able to shut the door all the way to try anything slick due to dat chain. The door stayed cracked. She sits on top the toilet seat and lifts her leg over her knee to observe the cuff also watchin’ the door for his appearance. She was tryna find a way to get it off, which she found was only wit a key or possibly pickin’ the lock.

London remembers she has hair pins in her purse and hopes Rob brought it in wit him, and put it wit her clothes. She uses the bathroom quickly then washes her hands givin’ the mirror a glance. It’s time to turn up, she thinks. She goes to rejoin him before he has the chance to check on her.

“Everything okay,” he asks once she returns.


He pulls her hand sittin’ her down beside him. He looks perplexed.

“I know you don’t understand my actions… honestly, I don’t understand them when it comes to you either… I guess I just want you to love me the way that I love you and I’m trying to do everything in my power to get you to see that.” London stares at him without sayin’ one word. Only one thing was on her mind and that was gettin’ away. “I’m gonna go start our bath water. Be right back.”

When he leaves the room London walks to the closet to see if her purse was in there. Rob comes out the bathroom after some time while she’s searchin’ in the closet.

“What are you looking for?”

“I was just making sure my clothes were in here.”

“They’re in there. You don’t need them right now anyway… come with me… our waters just about ready.”

“Are you going to take this cuff off my leg before I get in?”

He smiles and wiggles his pointer finger from side to side.

“Ah, ah, ah! I may be foolish when it comes to you, but not that foolish. The cuff stays.” He grabs her in his arms; London leavin’ her arms danglin’ not wantin’ to be held. “You’ll be fine, trust me.”

London goes in the bathroom, Rob behind her. He takes her robe off and then he starts undressin’. London thinks, show time. She takes her top off slowly. She tells Rob to get in first so she can sit in front of him. He gets in, turns the water off and stands there waitin’ to help her inside. London inches her boy shorts off taking the one leg without the cuff on it out first. When she goes to take the other foot out she realizes she can’t due to the cuff being there. She brings it to Rob’s attention pretendin’ like she doesn’t know what he’ll probably say.

“My shorts are going to wet when I put my foot in the water from them hanging on this chain.”

“Just slide them back far enough so that they’re not near the part in the water.”

She was hopin’ he’d release it. London gathers the chain in her hand like a rope slidin’ her shorts down it slowly. Then she turns to Rob like she was about to give him her free hand to help her inside when instead she grabs the chain like a belt and smacks him wit it right in the nuts. Rob falls to his knees in the tub holdin’ himself screamin’ in excruciatin’ pain. London quickly pulls her bottoms up the chain and puts her feet back in ‘em. Then her shirt.

Rob was slowly climbin’ out the tub one leg on the edge about to slide on to the floor as London was gettin’ back dressed. She notices the desk wit the phone on it. She scurries over to see if the chain would reach. Rob was right. It wouldn’t. She needed to get to that phone. She sees that Rob has a belt in his pants. She quickly pulls it out and fishes with it for the phone. She throws it in hopes of it wrappin’ around the cord and knockin’ the phone down to use before Rob is back on his feet.

Eventually it works. As she was draggin’ the cord wit the belt hooked around it her ankle was being yanked. Rob was crawlin’ toward her pullin’ on the chain. She places down the belt strugglin’ to run to grab the wine bottle. Rob grabs her leg makin’ London fall. London kicks at him several times finally breakin’ free. As she gets up to get away her steps are interrupted by Rob grabbin’ once more on the chain makin’ her pause.

She makes it to the table and grabs the wine bottle even wit Rob slowly crawlin’ trailin’ her. He lunges his body at her grabbin’ a hold of her waist makin’ London fall forward on the table. She takes the bottle, turns, and busts him over the head wit it. Rob’s body drops on the floor. London is startled for a moment seein’ him lyin’ there so still. Blood starts tricklin’ down her hand when she realizes she’s cut herself from the shattered glass. She goes in the bathroom and throws what’s left of the bottle in the trash then quickly runs water over her bleedin’ hand.

She grabs a hand towel to put over it then runs out the bathroom pickin’ up the belt to tryta finish gettin’ the phone. She succeeds. She calls the front desk tellin’ them to call the police and an ambulance, and to get someone wit a key up to her room quick. Once she hangs up she decides to go get a towel and throw it over Rob’s swelled genitals, so his body isn’t completely exposed. Seconds later a worker in the lodge enters the room. They see the bloody towel over her hand.

“I’m the manager. The paramedics and police are on the way,” he says as he walks toward her. He sees the chain cuffed on London’s leg and Rob laid out naked wit the towel coverin’ him on the floor. “Oh my God! Are you alright?”

“Yes! I’m fine.”

“What happened?”

“He drugged me, brought me here against my will and tried to keep me here overnight. During my struggle to get away from him I busted him over the head with a wine bottle.”

The manager checks Rob to see if he has a pulse. He feels that he does, and is only unconscious. Finally the paramedics arrive along wit the police. Rob and London are taken to the nearest hospital. London’s parents were called and then her mumma called me. She didn’t give me a lot of details since they were unknown to her, but the minute she mentioned London and hospital I was there. I walk in the partitioned Emergency room only to see London sittin’ there wit her parents surroundin’ her. They all look at me. London a little more surprised wit pressed lips. I noticed her hand was all bandaged up.

“We’re gonna go out and give you two a chance to be alone. Okay honey,” said her pops. They each kiss London first then walk out the room. All that’s going through my mind is what da fuck done happened? Cause besides her hand being bandaged she looked fine, but the mood in the room was anything but. I stand beside the bed.

“You look surprised to see me.”

“I didn’t know they called you.”

“Do you gotta problem wit mah being here?”

“No. I’m just surprised considering how you don’t want anything to do with me.”

“So that means I’m not supposed to still care?”

“I don’t know what it means Trey,” she says rollin’ her eyes turnin’ her head away from me.

“I didn’t come here to get you upset and angry at me. I’m here because ya moms told me you were in the hospital. What happened,” I ask peekin’ in her direction.

Her head and eyes roll back to mine.

“Rob happened.”

Just the mention of his name gets under my skin. I was instantly annoyed.

“What he got to do wit this,” I curiously ask.

“I went over Robs earlier to talk to him about basically staying out of my life.”

“You went over there by yaself?”

“Yes, by myself.”

Now I was lookin’ away from her wit my head shakin’. I dig my hands in my pockets. I was skeptical about hearin’ the rest cause if this dude was somewhere in here too, I’d probably kill his ass.

“So what happened…” I ask givin’ her my attention again.

“As I was telling him how I felt he grabbed me, pushing me up against the wall in his house. He also starts putting his hands on me in places that I didn’t want him to touch…” I started pacin’ around the more she talked. I ain’t never wanna hurt somebody more in my life. “So he pulls me in his kitchen where I see a needle lying on the table and then he sticks me with it. The next thing I know I’m waking up back at the lodge that we were stranded in when we took the kids on that camping trip.”

“He took you there,” I ask riled up. “That’s why you up here?”

“He took me there, had an ankle cuff and chain on me, and had my wrists taped together by the time I woke up.”

I was so fuckin’ mad I ain’t know what to say for a minute. I had to walk away from her because I really wanted to hit somethin’. By the time I look back London has tears in her eyes. I sit on the bed beside her and hold her tightly in my arms lettin’ her cry on me. I had no idea what she had just been through. I never wanted to kill a man in my life, but him I wanted dat pleasure wit. Grant it I knew it wouldn’t take away the pain that he’s already caused, but he wouldn’t be able to cause no more I know dat much. I give her time to gather herself before I asked her to finish.

“So what else happened?”

I was hopin’ she wouldn’t tell me he raped her. Just hopin’ she wouldn’t say dat shit, but I was bracin’ myself for the worst. She continues tellin’ the story wit her head snuggled in my chest and holdin’ me tight.

“He wanted us to do everything like we did the first time we were there. He ordered the same meals. He got robes that we had worn like before down to us even being in that same room. After we ate he wanted us to take a bath together… something we didn’t do the last time we were there. Well, once he had no clothes on when he got in the tub I pretended like I was going to get in it with him, but instead I hit him in his balls with the chain.”

I pull her away from me for a moment to look at her in awe. It was so gratifyin’ to hear how she protected herself and not hear what I thought she might say. It made me happy. I smile, which was really a smile of relief. Then I bust out laughin’ n’shit from imaginin’ how that must’ve brought his ass to his knees. She starts laughin’ too.

“Man… the thought of that makes me wanna grip mah shit. I on’t think y’all women understand how just grazin’ ya’ shit can feel. But then to get hit in it… naked… wit a chain… I know dat son of a bitch was hurtin’ like a muhfucka, but I bet that’ll teach his ass not to fuck wit my baby no more.” I kiss her cheek. London smiles. “So what happened to ya hand?”

“Well he wasn’t quite done trying to stop me from possibly getting away. He was still coming after me after that. I went to grab the wine bottle from the table and hit him upside the head with it. The bottle broke and that’s how I cut myself.”

She couldn’t even imagine how I was feelin’ after hearin’ all this shit.

“So you waitin’ for the doctor to discharge you now?”

“Yes and no. They’re waiting for my blood work to come back to see what he drugged me with.”

“Baby I’m so sorry this happened to you. I wish you didn’t hafta go through this… damn… But I’m proud of you.”

More tears roll down her face.

“I was so scared…” I hold her again. Her hands palm my back. “I didn’t know what he was gonna do to me. If I was gonna come out of this unharmed… or even alive… no one was there to help me…”

I make her look at me.

“But you hung in there and you fought… you did it… nobody but you gotchu out of a horrible situation. Baby be proud and thankful… cause you didn’t let those circumstances get the best of you. You found a way to get out wit some cuts and bruises. Baby girl dat don’t happen for most.”

“I know. I guess it’s still hard to believe I’m here.”

“You a lot stronger than you given yaself credit fo’.”

“I guess I am.”

“Don’t worry doe… he gone pay fo’ dat shit. You told the police what happened right?”


We both get quiet for a second. I take her left hand in mine and kiss it.

“I love you London.”

“I know you do Trey, and I don’t expect this to change anything, because I wouldn’t want you back like this… An… actually… I’m okay with things being the way that they are right now.”

“Why you say dat?”

“Because being tied up makes you put a whole lot of things in perspective. I know now that I love you enough to really let you go. My love for you is genuine. It’s not an obsession like Rob had with me. Trey, I can let you go, because I want you to be happy, and feel that you can trust whomever you choose to be with. I now can accept that it won’t be me, and be okay with it for the sake of you.”


She might’ve been okay wit it, but I wasn’t. Hearin’ that only made me want her back even more, but also after hearin’ how selfless she was being by givin’ me what she thought I wanted… somethin’ I thought I wanted at first too I felt I owed her the same selfless act. So I decide to stick wit my initial thoughts of waitin’ till I find out if I’mma father or not before tryna move forward wit really… the love of my life…