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Tiya Frazer

At an early age, Atiya Frazer had an extraordinary imagination. Like most creative people, Atiya (Tiya) spends many opportunities daydreaming and as a child was told that her head stayed in the clouds. Her teachers and others around her often told her she could do great things with the imagination and creative skills she possessed. While writing was a hobby, she never had a desire to pursue those skills. Instead, she had a passion for shaping and growing the writing abilities of others.

Tiya became a Trey’s Angel in November 2010, where she came across “TreyGasms” (a weekly UStream broadcast dedicated to the musical genius Trey Songz). Upon involvement, she met Christina Faye who introduced her to the Unit (AJ, Shay, and Trish). It was not long before she made a genuine bond with these bright and talented women. They all spent countless hours brainstorming story ideas and discussing business goals for Celeb LuvGasms. Tiya’s insight and commitment to Celeb LuvGasms’ success was recognized immediately and the Unit knew they had to have her on their team.

Although you will not see stories written by Tiya on the site, her creativity is ever-present. She serves as the Creative Director for the writers, always giving her feedback and thought process to make each story exceed expectations. Tiya is an integral part of Celeb LuvGasms and her contributions have launched Celeb LuvGasms to a higher plateau.