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Lady A.J.

Lady AJ has been in love with writing since the tender age of 7 when she entered and won 2nd place in a statewide writing competition for elementary school students. Short stories, Poetry, and songwriting was soon to follow and has been growing every since. Fan fiction writing took off for AJ in the early 2000s on the Allen Iverson Live Fan Site.

Taking her love of writing and basketball superstar Allen Iverson she began to write a continuous drama series on the discussion board that lasted for nearly a year. Even after the site closed down, fan fiction writing stopped but AJ continued to entertain, writing performances and short stories throughout high school and into college.

Recently AJ joined the Trey Songz fan club “Trey’s Angels” to support one of her favorite R&B artists and connect with others who love and support him. After becoming a member there was a request on the discussion board for Fan Fiction starring Trey Songz, bringing AJ back to the fun she had writing about Allen Iverson and the connection she had with readers so she got to work and began writing “for the people” again. “Trey Songz is definitely my inspiration but the support I received from my Trey’s Angels family gave me the confidence and passion for writing I lost…Now sky is definitely the limit,” She says often of the Trey’s Angels fan club.

She has since created and published a Fan Fiction Compilation on Trey Songz and helped to create Celebrity LuvGasms in the hopes of continuing to connect not only with the fans of Trey Songz but other Celebs as well including Football Superstar Reggie Bush. “I have a job…but I want a Dream” is something Lady AJ says often about her writing. The dream of taking her love of the pen and pad to a new level and becoming a professional never left her as she still works and submits pieces of her work to various outlets.