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Shay Bae

Shay is an ambitious young woman with a love for writing. Since Elementary school her teachers have praised her about her knack for adding details to every writing task given to her. Even though she had the skill, writing began becoming a chore during her years in school and she put it on the back burner. That was until she decided to join the Trey’s Angels fan club dedicated to the fans of Trey Songz.

After joining in September of 2010, she began reading fan fiction stories posted by Lady AJ on the Angel discussion board. Shay fell in love with the talent that AJ possessed and decided to give writing another try. Even though she stopped writing for a long time, the gift never left. After posting her first story “All The Ifs” on the discussion board, the feedback was amazing.

Through her love of Trey Songz and love of writing, Shay teamed up with Lady AJ and Tricia to bring all their writing talents together. Creating a place where the readers can easily access their material was important to them. Now in the beginning stages, Shay feels like this is only the beginning for her and her Celeb LuvGasm sisters. 2011 is their year – from writing to branding – they are working on it all. “Don’t sleep on us, we’re going HARD and we’re NOT stopping,” reiterated Shay.