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As a child, television was very limited in her home. Instead, Tricia’s parents heavily encouraged reading throughout the day along with extracurricular activities at school. Her parents made reading fun by introducing “Highlights” magazines, which included a number of activities to keep a child engrossed. They also subscribed to numerous book sellers in order to keep a constant flow of new books coming into the house.

“I remember receiving catalogs at home and my mom allowing my brother and I to select the next books we’d like to read. She’d also sign us up to participate in the book sells at our respective schools. I used to be so excited whenever a book sell was coming up.”

Tricia realizes that her love for the written word stems from early childhood and the effort her parents made to keep a book in her hands. As an adult, you will often still find a book in her hands, but now accompanied by a pen and paper. Her passion for writing was recently recognized. She has always been aware of her abilities to write based on the positive feedback on her written work starting from her early elementary days. Tricia jokingly shared, “In school, even as an adult I would procrastinate when it came to my writing assignments. I just never found interest in the things I was writing about so I’d put them off to the very last minute. Nevertheless, I always scored very high and my teachers/instructors would repeatedly tell me that my writing was superb and I had a good eye for detail. With that being said, that only motivated me to continuously wait to the last minute because I knew I could pull it off.”

Once Tricia moved from the tedious and meticulous writing expected throughout her educational endeavors, she came across fan fiction. Tricia went on to say, “My passion for writing fan fictions pushes me to a new level that I didn’t know existed inside me. To sit up till 3 or 4 a.m. voluntarily writing satisfies my appetite in an indescribable way. It overrides sleep and sometimes even food. When I’m in the middle of a story and the wheels are turning, everything else becomes null and void. After my first 5 a.m. night, it was at that point that I knew that this was my true passion and exactly what I am made to do.”

When asked if she had any final thoughts about her writing she stated, “I hope the readers are able to grasp just a little bit of my passion as they read…while pleasure creeps up on them.”