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Lady A.J.Lady AJ has been in love with writing since the tender age of 7 when she entered and won 2nd place in a statewide writing competition for elementary school students.Read More
Shay BaeShay is an ambitious young woman with a love for writing. Since Elementary school her teachers have praised her about her knack for adding details to every writing task given to her.Read More
TriciaAs a child, television was very limited in her home. Instead, Tricia’s parents heavily encouraged reading throughout the day along with extracurricular activities at school. Her parents made reading fun by introducing “Highlight” magazines, which included a number of activities to keep a child engrossed.Read More
Tiya FrazerAt an early age, Atiya Frazer had an extraordinary imagination. Like most creative people, Atiya (Tiya) spends many opportunities daydreaming and as a child was told that her head stayed in the clouds.Read More

About Celeb LuvGasms

Celeb LuvGasms (CLG) was created in September 2010 by three women who had a passion for writing.  Lady AJ, Tricia, and Shay (#LuvGasmUnit) decided to pool their talents and creativity together and start a forum to house their creative expressions. The forum was a tremendous success that they decided to form a Partnership and take Celeb LuvGasms to the next level. In February 2011, they launched their official website with every intention on turning Celeb LuvGasms into an enterprise. In April 2011 they drafted Atiya Frazer into the LuvGasmUnit who was there from the beginning. Atiya is the Creative Director for Celeb LuvGasms.  In May 2011, they added a new writer to the Celeb LuvGasms' family - Syreeta Smith. Syreeta is a very talented and creative writer, and they are glad to have her a part of the team. In October 2013, CLG added another talented writer to the team - Lex who has added a new artist, August Alsina to the mix. This is only the beginning...

Celebrity LuvGasms' whole intent is to bring fantasies to life and make the readers feel just a tad bit closer to the scrumptious men and women seen on television, in the movies, hitting the stage, and on the field.

Step into their minds as they bring you stories of love, passion, and eroticism. From their imaginations to your eyes...ride along as they tempt you, seduce you, and have you begging for more. Their only request is that you leave feedback after you read a story. Tell them what you thought of the characters, the story line, and even how you wish the story would have unfolded. All feedback is good feedback.